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Its For Just present a Uses Of Business After learn you Must be Present this topic any level

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  1. 1. NAME HUSNAIN SAFDAR CLASS BBA{1sT Semester} ROLL# {BBHM-F16-018} Superior University Ravi Campus
  2. 2. USES OF PRESENTAION POWERPOINT  * External Business Presentation  * Internal Business presentation  * Powerpoint As Graphic Tools  * Non-Profit Business Environment
  3. 3. *External Business Presentation The first group includes many of the common business situation where your company is presenting to someone outside your company. The venue is usually a boardroom/conference room or a web meeting . The audience is usually relatively small
  4. 4. Internal Business Presentation  Many Organization use powerpoint for nearly every internal meeting thousands of such presentation are given daily.
  5. 5. Non-Business Enviornments Powerpoint presentation are used in school law courts and Religious institution,Motivational presentation are given for a variety of organization
  6. 6. Quotation  “Education is Most Powerfull Weapon Which You can use to change The World”   Thankyou So MucH