Layered Diamond Necklace

Layered Diamond Necklace from the latest Collection of Mangatraineeraj – A House of Premium Jewellery.

Layered Diamond Necklace


Polki Necklace with emeralds par
Polki Necklace with emeraldsPolki Necklace with emeralds
Polki Necklace with emeraldsMangatraiNeeraj2
5 vues1 diapositive
Nakshi Bangles par
Nakshi Bangles Nakshi Bangles
Nakshi Bangles MangatraiNeeraj2
2 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Choker for bride par
Kundan Choker for brideKundan Choker for bride
Kundan Choker for brideMangatraiNeeraj2
4 vues1 diapositive
Royal Collection par
Royal CollectionRoyal Collection
Royal CollectionMangatraiNeeraj2
10 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Nakshi Necklace par
Kundan Nakshi NecklaceKundan Nakshi Necklace
Kundan Nakshi NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
8 vues1 diapositive
Diamond Necklace par
Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace
Diamond Necklace MangatraiNeeraj2
4 vues1 diapositive

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Floral Diamond Necklace par
Floral Diamond NecklaceFloral Diamond Necklace
Floral Diamond NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
3 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Bridal Necklace par
Kundan Bridal NecklaceKundan Bridal Necklace
Kundan Bridal NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
8 vues1 diapositive
Simple Diamond Necklace par
Simple Diamond NecklaceSimple Diamond Necklace
Simple Diamond NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
4 vues1 diapositive
Bridal Polki Necklace par
Bridal Polki NecklaceBridal Polki Necklace
Bridal Polki NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
5 vues1 diapositive
Victorian Necklace par
Victorian NecklaceVictorian Necklace
Victorian NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
8 vues1 diapositive
Bridal Temple Choker par
Bridal Temple ChokerBridal Temple Choker
Bridal Temple ChokerMangatraiNeeraj2
6 vues1 diapositive

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