Two layer polki haram

Magnificent Two Layer Polki Haram in Floral Design from the latest Collection of Mangatraineeraj – A House of Premium Jewellery.

Two layer polki haram


Elegant Diamond Necklace Design for bride par
Elegant Diamond Necklace Design for brideElegant Diamond Necklace Design for bride
Elegant Diamond Necklace Design for brideMangatraiNeeraj2
2 vues1 diapositive
Diamond Jhumkas Designs par
Diamond Jhumkas DesignsDiamond Jhumkas Designs
Diamond Jhumkas DesignsMangatraiNeeraj2
3 vues1 diapositive
Polki Necklace with emeralds par
Polki Necklace with emeraldsPolki Necklace with emeralds
Polki Necklace with emeraldsMangatraiNeeraj2
5 vues1 diapositive
Nakshi Bangles par
Nakshi Bangles Nakshi Bangles
Nakshi Bangles MangatraiNeeraj2
2 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Choker for bride par
Kundan Choker for brideKundan Choker for bride
Kundan Choker for brideMangatraiNeeraj2
4 vues1 diapositive
Royal Collection par
Royal CollectionRoyal Collection
Royal CollectionMangatraiNeeraj2
10 vues1 diapositive

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Kundan Guttapusalu Haram par
Kundan Guttapusalu Haram Kundan Guttapusalu Haram
Kundan Guttapusalu Haram MangatraiNeeraj2
10 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Nakshi Jhumkas par
Kundan Nakshi JhumkasKundan Nakshi Jhumkas
Kundan Nakshi JhumkasMangatraiNeeraj2
3 vues1 diapositive
Floral Diamond Necklace par
Floral Diamond NecklaceFloral Diamond Necklace
Floral Diamond NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
3 vues1 diapositive
Kundan Bridal Necklace par
Kundan Bridal NecklaceKundan Bridal Necklace
Kundan Bridal NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
8 vues1 diapositive
Simple Diamond Necklace par
Simple Diamond NecklaceSimple Diamond Necklace
Simple Diamond NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
4 vues1 diapositive
Bridal Polki Necklace par
Bridal Polki NecklaceBridal Polki Necklace
Bridal Polki NecklaceMangatraiNeeraj2
5 vues1 diapositive

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