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Emerging Alliance - Mine Master

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Mine Master is a mine management solution based on the the latest in long range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging technology that reliably tracks the location and movement of resources, including personnel, vehicles and goods, for open pit and underground mines/tunnels.

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Emerging Alliance - Mine Master

  1. 1. EMERGING ALLIANCEMine MasterSafety Monitor Optimize Analyze
  2. 2. Mine Master Miners globally are always looking for ways to enhance mine site safety, reduce costs, improve profitability and boost efficiency. Emerging Alliance - Mine Master systems helps you do all of it. Mine Master Systems provides open pit and underground mining customers worldwide with field-proven products that enhance productivity, safety, equipment availability and utilization.Mine Master is a mine management solution based on the the latest in long range RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging technology that reliably tracks the location and movement of resources, including personnel, vehicles and goods, for open pit and underground mines/tunnels. Mine Masters web- based software gives the ability to view up-to-date status of all locations, assets, Movements of resources personel/vehicles/goods and helps to assess their impact on any associated business processes from anywhere in the world. It is designed from the ground up to accept and process real-time data from RFID, sensors, GPS devices and other real- time data sources to help automate data collection & processing, it also has the capability to track multiple locations within same system.Mine Master consists of a number of configurable capability settings that allow you to set the system to your mine site needs.Mine Master optimizes the entire mine, saving clients around the world millions of dollars each year and helping them exceed production goals.
  3. 3. Safety Monitor Optimize Analyze
  4. 4. Safety Monitor Optimize Analyze l Area Management Restricted Mine Master limits employees from using unauthorized equipment as well as prevent access to unauthorized areas. Very often, serious injury can occur when employees, contractors, or visitors enter restricted areas withoutA safe mine is ultimately a proper authorization or equipment. Mine Master uses a Job role-based personnel Identification Tagging system which provides an innovativeculture in which people solution to personnel tracking and management.make the right decisionsbased on the rightinformation. Mine Master l Blast Zone Clearingsystems makes an drasticimprovement in mining Clearing an area for people & equipment prior to blasting can result insafety by allowing you to extensive wait time for personnel and equipment causing huge losses.know the precise location of Mine Master allows you to quickly locate and identify any kind of resourcespersonnel or resources in the evacuation zone, increasing safety and minimizing operationalduring an emergency, thus delays.greatly reducing respondentresponse time. Meanwhile italso helps to improve lPositioning Peopletraffic flow, Monitorrestricted areas, Monitor Real time accurate visibility of Employee location and Employees status is a paramount requirement in mining at all times, especially in emergencies.time spent underground. It Mine Master allows you to know the precise location of personnel during ancan also be used to quickly emergency, thus greatly reducing respondent response time.locate emergencyequipment such asrespirators, first aid kits and l Over Speed Managementfire suppression equipment. Over speeding not only endangers personnel but causes damage to equipment too. Most mines have safe speed limits, but find it very difficult to enforce them. Mine Master can generate Alerts about speeding equipment thus intimating the respective authorities immediately
  5. 5. Mining is all about heavyinvestments in Men, Machine &Methods, as a result it becomescrucial to maintain high level of Key Featuresmonitoring and transparencythroughout the mining process.Mine Master helps dispatchers, Mine Maps lmanagers, and other decision-makers to stay on top of their Location l Managementoperations right from excavationto dispatch. It lets them lTracking Asset & Managementimplement specific productionstrategies using an extensive set Contractor/Visitor l Logistics Trackingof mining data. Aux Equipment l ManagementUsing state-of-the-art fieldhardware and web based Resource l Time Trackingsoftware, Mine Master maximizesproduction and efficiency while Equipment/Operator l Performanceincreasing safety and control, itmanages hundreds of moving and Rules/Alerts/Alarms lfixed assets at their sites with theadded complication of frequently Shift Change/ l Breaks Managementchanging layout of mines. MineMaster not only tracks equipment Preventive l Maintenance& resources, but helps to betterallocate, control, and maintainequipment, saving considerabletime and money. Safety Monitor Optimize Analyze
  6. 6. Safety Monitor Optimize AnalyzeLoading - Hauling - Dumping Cycles are keyfor any mining process, in all these cycles,timing is everything. Excessive haul truck Key Featuresqueuing at loading and dumping areasresults in lower productivity and higher Haulage l Optimizationfuel consumption. Conversely, everyminute a shovel is not loading trucks is lQueuing Truck Managementwasted time and money, Mine Masterhelps you to streamline every step of the Shovel l Hang time Managementmining process, allowing your mine toutilize time and resources to the fullest. It Fueling l Issues Trackingoptimizes operations and maximizeproductivity. Shift Change l ManagementWhen steps in a mining process occur out Underutilized l Resourcesof order, operational delays can quicklypile up. The Mine Master helps you toproactively manage and scheduleequipment and personnel, allowing multi-stage operations to run efficiently.
  7. 7. All Mine has multiple sources of data withconflicts in data content, which leads toinaccurate reporting. Mine Masterdatabases are updated in real time, toprovide one central source for all yourreporting needs, thus avoiding conflicts. It Key Featuresbecomes a tedious task to validate postproduction data and data conflicts are Central l Source Reportingoften very difficult to diagnose. MineMaster provides capability to write rules Web based l reportingand generate alerts to continuouslydetect any anomaly in production data, all Rules/Alerts l Managementin real-time, warning control roomoperators and prompting for immediate Real-time l data Analysisresolution. l Analysis PayloadIt is essential to provide continuous &consistent feedback to operations so as Performance l Feedbacksto improve performance. Mine Masterprovides mining operators, supervisors,and management with the outcome oftheir operating practices and equipmentallocation decisions. Safety Monitor Optimize Analyze
  8. 8. EMERGING ALLIANCESafety Monitor Optimize Analyze Emerging Alliance - Mine Master For more complete information on Emerging Alliance products, Implementation services, and industry solutions, visit us on the web at www.emerging-alliance.com © 2012 Emerging Alliance. All rights reserved Materials and specifications used in this brochure are subject to change without notice. Featured products may include additional features. Please talk to our people for available options. Emerging Alliance their respective logos, colors as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Emerging Alliance and may not be used without permission.