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  2. Introduction Science has gone into each part of present day life. It is the clamor of medicines, vehicles, plants, production line which awakens individuals the nourishment we eat, the garments we wear, the books and paper we read, the games we play. Pretty much wherever you will discover the impact of science in regular day to day existence.
  3. Overview Science is entirely founded on facts and experiments, it does not change through time; the fundamentals never change. You can see how science is used in almost every part of our lives. Every new technology was founded on scientific principles. Science and technology are mutually beneficial. Science investigates natural occurrences based on facts and develops new technology to make our lives easier.
  4. Uses of Science across multiple fields and industries Application of Science In Medicine: The medical field is entirely based on the use of science. Medicinal chemistry is responsible for all of the medications. Science has also provided tools in the medical field. Science invented machines including stretchers, ECG machines, MRI machines, and even injections.
  5. Application of Science In Agriculture: Science has made a significant contribution in the area of agriculture. Even for planting seeds in fields, machines are available nowadays. Science has created the tractor, thresher, drip irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation system and farming irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation, stronger and more resistant herbicides, more efficient fertilisers, and newly created seeds, all contributed to crop more efficient development.
  6. Application of Science In Transportation: Transportation science and technology advances are crucial in providing communities with a higher quality of life while reducing stress on our current infrastructure. All vehicles are scientific inventions. Science has shrunk the planet into a manageable size. In just a few hours, you can travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Science has created bicycles, scooters, vehicles, planes, and other innovations.
  7. Application of Science In Communication: The world has shrunk dramatically as a result of science. In a fraction of a second, you can talk to anyone, anywhere. Telephones, cell phones, and other scientific inventions are all examples. All of these communication media are also available at a very minimal cost. As a result, everything is within reach of the average person. Over time, communication methods have progressed from simple text messages and voice conversations to more effective video calls and chat channels with extra communication features.
  8. Application of Science In Construction: All of our structures are built on the foundation of science. The construction of structures is done using science-based technology. Science has given us machines like motor graders, bulldozers, and backhoe loaders that are employed in construction. Construction is frequently connected with huge constructions such as houses, trains, and power plants in engineering terms.
  9. Conclusion Observing the magic and importance of science, we can say that it has a vast use in all fields of human life. It is of great importance to make our life easier. It gives an answer to all curiosities related to life. It gives wings to our imagination by its facts and theories.
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