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General Duty Assistant ( Nursing Care Assistant )

Nursing Care Assistant for healthcare centers for qualified assistants to the under-staffed and over-worked nurses in all
health care settings.

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General Duty Assistant ( Nursing Care Assistant )

  1. 1. General Duty Assistant Training Program By
  2. 2. NEED OF GDA IN CURRENT SCENARIO • Increased need in the healthcare centres for qualified assistants to the under-staffed and over-worked nurses in all health care settings. • In order to attend the daily living and personal hygiene requirements of patients in order to make patients more at ease. • To maintain the clinical facility • To create an atmosphere conducive to the treatment and comfort of patients.
  3. 3. WHAT IS GDA? • GDA stands for General Duty Assistant. • GDA, is also known as ‘Nursing Care Assistant’, ‘Nursing Assistant’, ‘Nursing Aides’, ‘Beside Assistants’ or ‘Orderlies’ when working in a hospital environment. • It is the profile that basically requires individual to work in collaboration with doctors and nurses.
  4. 4. ROLE OF GDA • Taking patients' temperature, blood pressure and pulse • Changing surgical dressings/bandages • Assist patients in and out of bed • Bathe, dress, undress and otherwise assist with patients' hygiene needs • Feeding patients and helping them exercise • Help maintain a clean, comfortable environment • Change linens and sheets • When working in a home based environment, they also provide additional routine housekeeping services including purchasing food, and preparing and serving special diets to patients.
  5. 5. Work in Process Final Assessment & Handing out interim certificates to participants who cleared Internal Examination Approaching a community via NGO partner Screening & recruitment of candidates Commencement of course work including special sessions on life skills, maternal health & gender sensitization Hospital exposure Internal Examination and Revision Session Certification ceremony Counselling session for parents & care givers to ensure continued participation
  6. 6. TRAINING CURRICULUM Grooming session With emphasis on personality development, preparation for work life, finance handling and developing entrepreneurial skills Life-skills Education Specific sessions on Self-awareness, Decision-making, Communication & Maternal Health Specific sessions on diet for the family, nutrition in pregnancy & lactation, menstrual hygiene & family planning Gender Sensitization Coursework including soft skills & communication
  7. 7. JSDC’S ROLE FOR GDA INITIATIVE • Setting up community laboratory • Mobilizing the batch • Tie-up with hospitals for training and placements • Recruitment and orientation session • Technical training as General Duty Attendant/ Patient Care Assistant • Special Life Skill, behaviour training and grooming sessions • Parental/family counselling for prevention of dropouts • Overall monitoring • Internal Examination-prep for final assessment • Assessment and Certification
  8. 8. THANK YOU