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Sap hr-hcm|sap hr trainings

SAP HR is one of the latest drives in SAP domain for managing human resource activities. Global Online Trainings offers best quality online SAP HR course where participants will be able to learn and appreciate elementary SAP HR concepts and language related to Payroll, Personnel Time Management, Organizational Management, ESS, reporting, MSS, authorizations, info types, transactions, and different types of tables.
In today’s competitive environment SAP HR professionals are widely in demand as professionals like streamlining and managing HR activity is a countable factor in managing small, large, and medium business organizations. Not only Global Online Trainings incorporates the latest industry trend in their tutorials, the concern takes best care for industry grooming. Training cost is reasonable, and here tutors are real industry experts in HR management.

SAP HR Introduction
Various Modules in HR/HCM
Brief Discussion on Functional parts of SAP HR HR ABAP and its importance
Difference between ABAP and HR ABAP
SAP HR Introduction
Various Modules in HR/HCM
Brief Discussion on Functional parts of SAP HR HR ABAP and its importance
Difference between ABAP and HR ABAP
Overview of Organizational Management
Object Types and Object Relationships (Top-Down & Bottom-Up) Evaluation Paths & Data retrieval
Creation of Organization structure
Simple Maintenance Mode
Expert Mode
Organizational Staffing
Standard Info types in Organizational Management
Creation of Custom Info type
Integration between PA & OM
Transaction Codes for Organizational Management
Reporting- Using Standard Function Modules and LDB
Master Data Configuration- Staffing and Reporting
Overview of Time Management- Time Management Life Cycle
Time Recording – Positive and Negative Time Recording system
Work schedules
Break Schedules
Daily Work Schedules
Period Work Schedules Standard Info type in Time Management Info type
Info type 0007- Planned Working Time
Info type 2006- Absence Quota
Info type 0041- Date Specifications Absence/ Attendance Quotas
Schemas and Different types of Schemas in Time Management Standard PCR’s in Time
Time Evaluation Run Procedures Reporting in Time Management
Overview of Payroll
Payroll Driver programs for Different Countries
Payroll area
For-Period, In-Period
Payroll Runs
Active Payroll run
Retro Active Payroll run
Off cycle Payroll run Cluster tables in Payroll
Info types related to Payroll data Overview of Wage Types Procedure to read Payroll data Schemas in Payroll
PCR’s in Payroll
Reporting using Standard Function modules Interface program to upload Basic pay data
Overview of Benefits
Benefit Providers and Benefit Area
Benefit Plans and Plan Types
Info types related to Be

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Sap hr-hcm|sap hr trainings

  1. 1. Email: info@globalonlinetrainings.com IND: +91-40-6050-1418 Skype: Global.Onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586-242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077 www.globalonlinetrainings.com SAP HCM/HR Demo Session At Global Online Trainings
  2. 2. What is sap hcm?? •SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution offers a complete and integrated set of tools to help you effectively manage your people. • You can hire the best talent, align employee goals with business objectives, cultivate employee skills, and measure and reward performance. •At the same time, you can automate all core HR processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support compliance. • And when you want to outsource HR processes or run an internal shared service centre, the solution supports these deployment models in ways that reduce risk and cost. •For more informatical look please got thought the below image
  3. 3. 1.Organisational Management •Data Required to Customizing Org. Management •- Organization Structure of the Company •- Employee Hierarchy / Reporting in the Company 2.Personnel Administration •Data Required to Customizing Personnel Administration • Personnel Areas • Personnel Sub-areas • Employee Groups • Employee Sub-groups • Assignment to specific Company Code 3.Recruitment •Data Required for Customizing Recruitment •Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Time Management •Recruitment procedure in the Company Prerequisite for sap hcm /hr
  4. 4. 4.Time Management Data Required for Customizing Time Management • Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Time Schedules • Leave Management • Time Management Process & Procedure in the Company 5.Payroll Data Required for Customizing Payroll • Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Time Management • Payroll procedure in the Company • Taxes and Statutory compliances 6.Travel Management Data Required for Customizing Travel Management • Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Time Management • Travel Mngt. Procedure in the Company
  5. 5. 7.Performance Appraisal Data Required for Customizing Performance Appraisal •Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Appraisal Procedure in the Company 8.Training and Event Management Data Required for Customizing TEM •Org. Management •Personnel Administration •Time Management •TEM Process / Procedure in the Company 9.CATS Data Required to Customizing CATS •Org. Management •Personnel Administration •Time Management
  6. 6. 10.ESS / MSS •Data Required to Customizing ESS / MSS • Net weaver Enterprise portal • Org. Management • Personnel Administration • Time Management • Payroll •Netweaver Enterprise portal 7.0.1, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 Technical Configurations • ESS Architecture based on Netweaver version • Web Dynpro Abap /Java Applications • SLD (System Landscape Directory)Configuration for ESS / MSS Landscape • Connection to SAP Backend system through SSO (single sign-on) Configuration • Configuration of ESS/MSS Business Packages • Configuration of Adobe Document Services • Configuration of Internet Graphics Server • Broswer support Internet Explorer & Mozilla only • Create RFC destination IGS (Internet Graphic Server)
  7. 7. SAP HCM Online Training Course contentCourse syllabus : Topic 1:Overview of SAP and SAP HR • Structures in SAP HR • Enterprise structure • Personal structure • Organizational structure Topic 2:PERSONAL ADMINISTRATION • Maintaining master data • Functional used in master data • Maintaining info types • Orientation of features and configuration • Creation of info groups • Configuration personal actions • Maintain info type menus • Defaulting the user parameters • Simulated scenario • Additional actions • Overview of dynamic actions • Screen modifications • Creation of customer • Specific info types(HR-ABAP)
  8. 8. Topic 3:Recruitment • Maintaining applicant data • Configuration of applicant structure • Maintaining applicant status • Configuring advertising media and instruments • Concept of applicant activities • Maintain applicant class •Simulated scenario Topic 4:PAY ROLL • Configuration of payroll • Area and control record • Payroll organization • Generation of payroll periods • Pay scale structure configuration • wage type configuration • indirect valuation concepts • payroll status • payroll clusters • payroll process overview • posting process overview
  9. 9. Topic 5:PAYROLL INDIA • Indian specific configuration • Professional tax • Housing • Company car • Labour welfare fund • Provident fund • ESI Topic 6:PAYROLL USA • US tax configuration • Residence tax areas • Work tax areas • Tax authorities • Tax levels • Tax modifiers •Tax reporter overview • HR/FI integration • Creation of symbolic accounts • Assignment of symbolic accounts to wage types and GL AC/s
  10. 10. Topic 7:PAYROLL • Processing classes • Culminations Topic 8:PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT • Configuration of appraisals • One simulated scenario • Creating profiles • Creating qualification catalogue • Running profile match up Topic 9:TRAINING AND EVENT MANAGEMENT • Configuring business event catalogue • Working on business event groups • Configuration of business event types and business events • Assigning resources • Carrying out day to day activities pre booking Topic 10:ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT • Overview of organizational objects • Relationships • Organizing and staffing
  11. 11. •Info type maintenance •Simple maintenance • Organizational structure • Reporting structure Topic 11:TIME MANAGEMENT • Configuration of holiday calendars • Configuration work schedules • Daily work schedule • Periodic work schedule and work schedule rules • Generating work schedule • Configuration of absence • Absence quotas •Counting rules, rounding rules and deduction rules • Base entitlement rules and selection rules Topic 12:ASAP METHODOLOGY • Methodology to be adopted in a live scenario • Overview about live scenario •procedure
  12. 12. Topic 13 :BENEFITS • Configuration of benefit area • Benefit providers setting • Plan categories • Plan status • Benefit parameters group configuration • Benefit plans configuration health plan, insurance • Plan, saving plan, Flexible spending account • Configuration of cost Variants and cost rules • Configuration of coverage variants and coverage • Rules • Adjustment reason • First program grouping • Second program grouping • Benefits integration with payrolls • Introduction to ESS and MSS Topic 14:INTEGRATION OF CONTROLLONG WITH HR • Cost elements ( Primary and secondary) • Cost centres • Posting salary accounts with cast centres and cost elements • Reports cost department wise
  13. 13. Topic 15 :INTERACTION OF HR with FINANCE • Global Settings • G/L Accounts for HR • Posting of G/L Accounts • Report wise salary accounts • Integrating FI Applications with payroll accounts. For more info Contact us @ info@globalonlinetrainings.com IND: +91-0406050- 1418 Skype: Global.Onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586- 242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077