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Agile CRM Chrome Extension

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Agile CRM Chrome Extension helps you keep tabs on tasks, deals, contacts and leads. And, it turns your web-based email into a powerful sales and marketing tool.

With our Chrome plugin, you can access tasks, leads & deals directly from the browser. And, it lets you add new contacts to your CRM account from any LinkedIn, Facebook or Gmail contact page, keep tabs on upcoming tasks and search for any contacts in the CRM. Also, you can add pre-set email templates to your mails for easy composing. Agile comes up wide range of emails templates that cater to specific business needs. Finally, you can track emails and links sent to your customers and receive real-time notifications on email opens/ link clicks.

Add Agile Chrome Extension to your Chrome web browser and enhance your web experience by multiple times!!

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Agile CRM Chrome Extension

  1. 1. Agile CRM Chrome Extension
  2. 2. Third-party plugins CRAM Social Suite More... What is Agile CRM?
  3. 3. Chrome Extension Features ● Email & Link Tracking ● View Tasks ● Add Leads, Tasks & Deals ● Fetch Contacts from websites ● Email Templates ● Search Contacts
  4. 4. Email & Link Tracking Receive real-time notifications when your contacts open your mails or click your links View Tasks Stay notified of the upcoming tasks; take notes of details & priority
  5. 5. Add Leads, Tasks & Deals Add Leads, Tasks & Deals to the CRM from any web page Fetch Contacts Automatically add contact details to the CRM from Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook and other websites using the ‘Fetch’ button in the Extension
  6. 6. Email Templates Add preset email templates to your emails while composing them. Check the ‘Track Mail’ box to enable email tracking Search Contacts Instantly search for contacts in the CRM from any web page
  7. 7. Chrome Extension https://www.agilecrm.com/chrome-extension Thank You