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UserVoice Integration - Agile CRM

The integration of UserVoice, a leading tool for customer support, with Agile CRM enables users to build better products & services using user-friendly feedback.

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UserVoice Integration - Agile CRM

  1. 1. CRM Integration
  2. 2. UserVoice CRM Integration Build better using constructive customer feedback
  3. 3. UserVoice + Agile • Save and manage feedback from individual contacts under various departments • Manage feedback and other information under individual contacts’ page • Plan and post polls on new features to understand customer’s view • Improved customer experience provided based on saved feedback
  4. 4. Sync Information • Follow their groups, social interactions and tweets. • Understand contact’s personality, interests and opinions.
  5. 5. https://www.agilecrm.com/pricing Sign Up For Our Product Today
  6. 6. Easy Maintenance • Track other contact information on the same page. • Manage customer feedback on contact’s page directly.
  7. 7. User Vote • Use these polls or votes to understand customer requirements. • Conduct polls or votes on new features and ideas.
  8. 8. Better Experience • Assists in providing improved customer experience. • View saved data whenever required or use it for future reference.
  9. 9. Add UserVoice to Agile CRM NOW Click here for UserVoice Setup: https://www.agilecrm.com/uservoice- integration