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Spotlight on Manon

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Spotlight on Manon

  1. 1. “Let’s Talk Science Outreach gives me a chance to get children and teens involved and interested in STEM. I’m studying Soil and Water Resource Management at McGill, and if I hadn’t sought out this path on my own by doing science fair projects, I never would have learned about watersheds. I want to give other students the opportunity to learn more in the STEM fields outsidetheclassroom.” Manon Legendre Undergraduate-Student,-Faculty-of-Agriculture-and-Environmental-Sciences- Volunteer-Spotlight So-far-this-year,-Manon has: G SharedHherHloveHforHelectrostaticsHwithHtheHPointeHClaireHValoisH GirlHGuides,HbyHbendingHwaterHwithHaHcombHandHcreatingHaH magical'levitating'orb G DesignedHaHsoilHtestingHactivityHthatHwillHbeHusedHinHourHannualH tripHtoHtheHFirstHNationsHcommunityHofHKawawachikamach andH inHschoolsHacrossHMontreal G JoinedHourHKitHAssemblyHCommitteeHtoHcreateHinteractiveH presentationsHthatHwillHaccompanyHallHofHourHhandsGon/mindsG onHinGclassHactivities