The importance of computer room raised floor systems

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Why Everyone Ought to Consider Implementing Computer Room Flooring

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The importance of computer room raised floor systems

  1. 1. The Importance of Computer Room Raised Floor Systems Ever since the late seventies, when technology with regard to computers really began to make some monumental strides forward, computer room raised floor systems have been a staple to this industry. Such specially designed computer rooms host these raised floors for a number of viable reasons. The most important purposes of these specially designed and implemented computer rooms will be digressed in the important points included within this article. To Ensure Adequate Ventilation Ventilation is imperative to the uninterrupted operation of any computer server array. Servers generate a ton of heat, heat that can easily destroy the delicate and heat sensitive internal components of computers. Without proper ventilation, no server cluster would ever last that long. A few hours would be all that was needed to permanently fry the fragile inner components of the computers. With computer room raised floor systems, the air flow is regulated both beneath the floor, in the middle, and above the floor. Additionally, some of these rooms even feature special piping that carries cold water past the server towers to provide even more cooling (more on this to come). Provide Wiring Ducts Wiring and cable laying is a complicated aspect when you have, say, 100 computers hosted in a room at any given time. This can present serious complications when you factor that plenty of cabling will be required to synch each computer and connect it to the network, much less provide power to it. Special cabling outlets are created in computer room raised floor systems, and they provide a palpable means by which the cable can be routed and tethered for the most optimal efficiency in design, access and cable maintenance. Apply Water Cooling Water cooling, as mentioned above, is commonly used to prevent overheating. Since water, in its normal form, would destroy sensitive electronics and short circuit them, instead pipes are run into the computer room raised floor systems that typically run alongside of the server towers. These pipes filter very cold water that acts as an additional protection against heat. Controlled Atmosphere Most computer room raised floor systems will also feature a climate controlled room. It’s not uncommon for these rooms to have sealed doors and ceilings, either. Special air conditioning units are also often used to ensure that the room’s internal temperature is not subjected to the cooling of other areas of the building.
  2. 2. Allow Easy Maintenance Access A key emphasis on the design of these rooms is to ensure easy access for maintenance. When you consider how complicated it could be to access dozens of server towers at once, ease of maneuverability is essential to maintaining vast server arrays. Prevent Power and Static Surges From the power outlets to the wiring, and all electronic components within, the key goal of these rooms is to also prevent power and static surges. Special tiles are used that dispel static electricity, which can be created merely by walking across a room. Power surge protectors are also incorporated to prevent damage to computer components from unforeseeable surges in the power supply.