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Benefits of Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure - HPE



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Benefits of Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure - HPE

  1. 1. Benefits of Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure
  2. 2. Meg Whitman President & Chief Executive Officer Two new independent publicly traded companies 2 HP Inc.  Personal Systems 59%  Printing 41%  Enterprise Group 48%  Enterprise Services 39%  Software 7%  Financial Services 6% Revenue Mix(1) Leadership Key Markets Financial Metrics(1) • Revenue: $58.4B • Operating Profit: $6.0B • Operating Margin: 10.2% • Servers • Storage • Networking • Services • Software • Cloud • Converged Systems • Notebooks • Desktops • Mobility • Graphics • Ink Printing • Laser Printing • Solutions • Revenue: $57.2B • Operating Profit: $5.4B • Operating Margin: 9.4% Dion Weisler President & Chief Executive Officer 1. Based on reported HP segment revenue and segment operating profit for the last twelve months from Q4 fiscal 2013 to Q3 fiscal 2014, totals do not include Corporate Investments segment or intercompany eliminations
  3. 3. Transformation Area: Transform to a hybrid infrastructure Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
  4. 4. Tomorrow belongs to the fast Today ValueIdea VALUE TIME Continuous value creation Tomorrow VALUE TIME 4
  5. 5. IT must become value creators and bridge traditional and new Contain costs Create outcomes Provide hardened systems & networks Manage & mitigate risk Efficiently host workloads & services Continuously create & deliver new services Store & manage data Software automates business systems Align service performance to business demand Provide real-time insight & understanding
  6. 6. Hewlett Packard Enterprise A new company to help you go further, faster 6 A true partnership where collaborative people, empowering technology and transformative ideas accelerate change. Accelerating innovation Accelerating transformation Accelerating value Accelerating possibilities
  7. 7. Transform to a hybrid infrastructure Enable workplace productivity Protect your digital enterprise Empower the data-driven organization
  8. 8. Enable workplace productivity Protect your digital enterprise Empower the data-driven organization Transform to a hybrid infrastructure Accelerate the delivery of apps and services to your enterprise with your right mix of traditional IT, private, and public cloud.
  9. 9. Your right mix is the key Define your right mix Power your right mix Optimize your right mix
  10. 10. Your right mix will vary by industry and change over time 10 Banking Healthcare Utilities 33% 23% 44% Public Private Traditional 39% 14% 47% Public Private Traditional 24% 49% Public Private Traditional 27% Source: HPE analysis based on McKinsey Cloud Survey and IDC Workload market shares. Traditional category includes virtualized IT. Private Cloud includes on-prem and VPC. Primary infrastructure usage by industry by 2018 % of respondents (weighted by TAM)
  11. 11. Your right mix will vary by industry and change over time 11 Rationalize app & data needs Identify business requirements Set infrastructure requirements Hybrid infrastructureTraditional IT Application development and modernization Customer expectations Competitive landscape Regulations Risks Business features and functionality User experience Data integrity & privacy Security Skill sets Technical dependencies Investment constraints Latency, elasticity, scale
  12. 12. Rebalance CAPEX & OPEX Accelerate development of new style of apps Extend life of legacy apps Improve performance & quality Increase efficiency, lower costs Unlock trapped resources to fuel your transformation Renovate the core Re-host or re-platform Replace with SaaS Retire
  13. 13. 24 Application Delivery Centers globally Leader in Applications Management supporting 1 million+ applications Network of 150,000 resellers and 2,500+ ServiceOne Enterprise partners 90+ training centers in 30+ countries How HPE can help you define your right mix Advisory Strategy Application Transformation Implementation Education Support Design 50,000+ application resources worldwide and more than 1,000 application services clients in 75 countries
  14. 14. Accelerating the fruits of business transformation Before, data often had to be entered manually into multiple systems. Now it can be entered once. The SAP applications automatically feed the data to the applications that require it. 1 entry point Close to 400 point applications had to be rationalized and targeted for upgrade or retirement, including building a new, cloud-based SAP infrastructure. 400 to 70 apps Only eight months to complete an 18 month project: build a new IT infrastructure from the ground up, securing Del Monte’s operational foundation after a divestiture 8 months
  15. 15. Define your right mix Power your right mix Optimize your right mix
  16. 16. Stable Workload optimized Packaged applications Dynamic Workload & workflow optimized Mobile, cloud native applications Continuous delivery & integrationUpdate my apps once or twice per year Powering your right mix requires balancing diverse demands 16
  17. 17. Build agile foundations for your most strategic workloads and requirements Modernize on-premise IT for agility and efficiency 17 - Renovate the core - Design for composability - Build & deploy to private cloud - Migrate from AWS Create platforms to empower your developers - Deploy Platform-as-a-Service - Provide Polyglot tools - Containerize your business Leverage managed cloud for speed and security - Access a hosted private cloud - Offload management and monitoring - Ensure end-to-end SLAs
  18. 18. On-premise Build / Consume Off-premise Consume How HPE can help you power your right mix Built on Open Standards and Open Source for Composable Infrastructure Fully-Integrated System Open Source IaaS Software Multi-Tenant, Hosted Private Cloud Dedicated, Fully-Managed Private Cloud Cloud Services through HPE Partners IaaS for AWS Compatibility Open Source PaaS Software
  19. 19. Define your right mix Power your right mix Optimize your right mix
  20. 20. Optimize your right mix to accelerate delivery across hybrid 20 Traditional Hybrid Transform delivery Orchestrate processes Automate tasks Focus on user experience Gain customer engagement and loyalty Leverage Big Data Realize continuous improvement Efficiency Agility Experience
  21. 21. Enabling continuous delivery and integration 21 Automation solutions Intelligently drive efficiency across the virtualized data center and across the application landscape Transform solutions Modernize customer experience for cloud native and traditional applications Orchestration solutions Increase speed of application delivery in a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud environment Data Center Automation Operations Automation IT Service Management Automation Cloud Orchestration Service Broker User Experience Management Solutions are delivered in a simple, consistent way to drive TTV. SaaS – Software Appliance – Remote Managed Service Application Lifecycle Mgmt Application Testing DevOps Network & Service Virtualization
  22. 22. The goal is to become a broker of services to the business
  23. 23. Why Hewlett Packard Enterprise as your strategic partner 23 Deep application & workload expertise +50,000 experts to strategize, build, migrate, transform apps across traditional, virtual, cloud native and mobile Real infrastructure innovation From Composable Infrastructure to The Machine, HPE creates industry-leading architectures for any workload End-to-end IT management From apps and infrastructure to data and security, HPE enables comprehensive operational excellence Your mix, your way Proven commitment to open standards and partnerships across all levels of your environment
  24. 24. Begin your transformation to a hybrid infrastructure today 24 How to get started? How do I accelerate the delivery of apps and services? How do I become a broker of services? How do I define my right mix across traditional, private and public cloud? How do I optimize for continued growth? Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure
  25. 25. 11:45 – 12:30 PM BREAKOUT SESSIONS CHECK POINT Breakout Room: Main Field “Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Threats” Bob Tahmaseb, CISSP, Security Engineer Manager HP, INC Breakout Room: Interview Room “Identifying Risk to Help Secure Printing Environments” Ethan Olson, Print Security Technical Consultant ECOPRINTQ – PAPERCUT Breakout Room: Delta 360 Club “Manage Your Print Environment; Cut Waste and Save Money” Charles Bernard, Channel Sales Manager LEIGHTON INTERACTIVE Breakout Room: Guest Locker Room “Increase Sales Leads from Your Website” Dan Soldner, President