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Greater Than Augmented Reality Concept Paper Accenture Consulting

  3. Listed below are different perspectives and Points of View (POVs) on AR: POV1: Reality existing beyond the natural human perception level and infeasible for unaided body capabilities, specific for a particular moment in time, and disclosed by additional, supporting equipment enabling to observe and process it. POV2: Tools, solutions, and technologies that increase human abilities of interaction with the surrounding world. POV3: Experience of a living organism (human, animal, plant) created to redesign how it interacts with the world and enhanced by technological solutions for different purposes (like increasing its capabilities, enabling it to deal with challenges or natural disasters, aiding communication, etc.) POV4: Interaction with permanent objects that introduces learners to a specific event or time period, providing information through handheld technology by layering the experience on top of the current geography. AUGMENTED REALITY: VARYING PERSPECTIVES Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. Links: Smart Glasses Change Augmented Future - Open Bionics × Deus Ex × Razer Sight - Potential Future of Augmented Reality Meta Glasses - Future of Computing 2025 The Future of ICT
  4. NON-TRIVIAL EXAMPLES OF AUGMENTED REALITY Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. Click the links below the icons to learn more: Visual Augmentation Audio Augmentation Kinesthetic Augmentation Working Environment Augmentation Transportation Augmentation Motivation Augmentation Safety and Health Augmentation Learning Augmentation BI Augmentation Presence Augmentation Relation Augmentation Smell Augmentation
  6. Let’s Meet Tom Tom is a highly skilled construction worker. He works as an operator in a company called InnovaConstruct, which specializes in building high-end industrial installations. As InnovaConstruct employs the best talent from across the world, Tom takes pride to be working in a truly international environment. Tom likes his work. Often, his work is dangerous. Usually, it requires high precision and dexterity. Sometimes, it takes a lot of strength and stamina. And always, it requires him to take deliberate decisions based on his experiences and expertise. That's why his job can hardly be delegated to robots!
  7. Today’s Task Today Tom, with his colleague Chhann from Cambodia, will have to build a section of a new solar energy plant located in the heart of the Sahara desert. They will have to work as a team to meet quality requirements and adhere to the daily schedule. The blueprint is already prepared – all they have to do is to make it operational.
  8. InnovaConstruct Armor At work, Tom uses InnovaConstruct Armor. This is a state-of-the-art, built-up exoskeleton that hosts the worker inside. The armor is powered by hydraulics and electricity and is fully integrated with human movements. It not only amplifies the strength of the worker by a factor of 50, but also builds a very convenient working environment inside, separated from the outside world. This is very important in such a dry and hot places like the Sahara. Although the armor looks very heavy and bulky, it allows Tom to move with precision Links: Example of exosceleton to be used in the army
  9. InnovaConstruct Helmet The InnovaConstruct Helmet that Tom uses forms the heart of his working environment. The connection to the corporate network provides Tom with all important data needed for his job. All blueprints and job performance support information are present in the helmet’s shield. The built-in microphone lets Tom perform voice interaction with the system and communicate with his co-workers. Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) headphones integrated with the helmet not only protect him from harmful noise but also provide all audio information needed on the job. Helmet integrates with the armor and builds closed working ecosystem separated from the external environment. Links: Heavy duty smart helmet by Daqri Augmented Reality glasses Active Noise Cancelling explained Road Noise Cancellation by Harman
  10. Preparation Tom arrives at work at 9 AM. In the Operators’ Depot, he quickly puts on his construction armor and his helmet. Tom performs a quick check of his equipment as per the checklist displayed on his Head-Mounted Display (HMD). As everything looks fine, he goes to work. Links: Head-Mounted Disply of F-35 pilot
  11. Commuting As the solar plant covers a vast area, Tom’s working site today is located about 4 km from the Operators’ Depot. Tom uses a solar charged, pilotless passenger drone that transports him to his place of work in less than 3 minutes. He uses the same drone to reach the Operators’ Depot during his lunch break. It also acts as his rescue transportation in case he runs into any problems. Links: Passenger drone
  12. Communication At work, Tom needs to communicate with his co- workers, supervisors, as well as the AI-enabled central system of InnovaConstruct. On today’s shift, he is working with Chhann. Even though Chhann doesn’t know English very well, Tom uses his native language (English) in his interactions with Chhann, and is perfectly understood. How's that possible? All that Tom says to Chhann is translated on the fly into Cambodian with audio augmentation. Thanks to this technology, workmates can converse with perfect clarity and understanding, no matter what country they are from. Such an augmentation also lets Tom communicate with his supervisors from across the world. Links: Skype real-time translator Real-time translator 2
  13. Performing Tasks InnovaConstruct Armor gives Tom really supernatural powers! It amplifies Tom's strength by a factor of 50, which means that Tom can lift 500 kg solar panels as easily as lifting 10 kg without the armor. The armor lets Tom work efficiently and without fatigue for the whole shift. The helmet also helps Tom perform tasks in precise alignment with the blueprint. Accurate GPS localization, visual recognition, along with contextual performance support information displayed on the shield enable Tom to precisely connect all necessary instrumentation and perform his job with spot-on accuracy. Links: Ekso Bionics Zero G tool Lockheed Martin's Fortis tool SentiSight Visual Recognition Technology with SDK Visual Recognition for visually impaired by Horus Technology
  14. Recording Information Tom’s helmet records, in the secured cloud, all that Tom sees during his work. Recording consists of both external and augmented views of his head-mounted display, as well as technical parameters of his equipment. This technology enables his company's AI systems to improve working procedures and skills of all InnovaConstruct operators across the world. Links: How We Teach Computers to Understand Pictures Google Deep Mind Explained
  15. Access to Information All necessary information is displayed in the transparent shield of Tom’s helmet. Such a view lets Tom simultaneously observe his working environment, as well as all required information related to it. Information is displayed contextually – in relation to the place in which Tom operates, the direction of his movement, and the direction of his sight. When Tom needs additional data, all he has to do is demand it with voice commands, which are interpreted by the system and provided on the shield of the helmet. Links: BMW Augmented Reality tool Lowe’s Holoroom
  16. Help and Motivation Tom has constant access to his health data (dehydration, fatigue, blood pressure), which is displayed on the shield of his helmet. The most important technical data (battery power, malfunctions, network connectivity) is also displayed. Tom's helmet also plays an important role in motivating him to follow the quality and quantity regimen for the day. It gamifies current tasks, providing various augmented visual and audio stimuli. This helps Tom to focus on his job and have fun while doing it. Links: Sight – a futurist short film
  17. Break – Phone Call Tom spends his break in the Operators’ Depot. After lunch, he speaks to his wife. They meet via HoloPhone, which displays holograms of both interlocutors. With HoloPhone, they can not only talk, but also feel each other's presence. As Tom is highly remunerated, InnovaConstruct can provide such a high-end machine to let Tom stay close to his family, even at work. Links: Musion Showreel hologram technology Virtual Honeymoon
  18. Health and Safety Tom's armor and helmet augment his safety at the workplace in the following ways: • They protect him from the sun, heat, and dust, thanks to the air conditioning inside. • They protect him from injuries with their heavy- duty, sturdy construction. • They protect him from noise, thanks to the effective active noise canceling system embedded in the headphones. • They protect him from overload with the strength amplification system. • They protect his eyes by adapting the transparency of the shield to the working environment (for example, while welding or working in the sun).
  19. Training Tom's assignment in the Sahara has almost come to an end. On his next one, he will be setting up kinetic wave power stations in the North Sea. Tom is excited about his new assignment, and is looking forward to developing new skills to support him on his new job. He uses the last two hours of today's shift to build these skills. His gear goes into training mode. Training scenarios in virtual reality let Tom practice new tasks and build his proficiency. Feedback provided by the system helps him understand complex procedures and build new muscle memory abilities. Links: Microsoft Hololens used in education Kinetic wave power station Volvo XC90 Experience
  20. End of Shift Tom concludes his shift at 6 PM. He feels happy and satisfied with his performance as he completed 107% of his daily job with high quality. That's an amazing number! Although he is far from his family, he feels good – appreciated by his company, supported by his loved ones and peers, and satisfied at being a valuable part of a global organization. The North Sea is calling, and he's ready!
  22. Let’s Meet Justine Meet 24-year-old Justine. She is the Team Lead at the state-of-the-art, innovation-driven Shared Services Center (SSC) office in Warsaw, Poland. She supervises a team of 15 people and works on business process improvements in parallel. Justine is spontaneous and tech savvy, and loves new innovations. One of her priorities is to manage her workday schedule well, so that she can spend quality time with her loved ones. She is constantly looking for ways to help her achieve this work-life balance. The Expandia Augmented & Virtual Reality (AVR) Glasses are just what Justine needs! This Reality Expander Device helps her juggle work and personal life, and be successful in both these areas. Links: Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms
  23. Working Out At 6 AM, Justine starts her day with a full body workout to stay fit and energized. As soon as she steps onto the treadmill, her Expandia glasses go into VR mode to project a beautiful seaside path, her favorite out-of-town spot for jogging. The spherical end-to-end screens of the glasses enable a natural eye-angle wide projection to ensure the most realistic level of interaction. Later, she connects with her personal trainer, and voila! The glasses bring the gym to her! They create a real sense of presence by projecting the gym room, where her trainer introduces new training apparatus. The glasses give her a 360-degree view on how to use the new equipment for the best muscle workout. Exercising has become so much more effective ever since Justine started using her AVR glasses. She can now achieve the same results in half the time. Links: Augmented Reality Goggles for snow Sports Google Glass for Fitness Sensoria Running System for Smart Glasses
  24. Preparing a Meal It’s 7 AM…time for breakfast! Today, Justine will learn how the tasty mango can be healthy too. Her glasses start AR mode and bring up a mango’s nutritional value and best breakfast recipes. All her kitchen appliances are linked to the glasses by the Internet- of-Things’ network. This helps her to easily locate all the ingredients necessary by following the on-screen directions. (Yes, the glasses have built-in digital signature and optical shape recognition feature). With everything handy, the cooking program on the glasses starts the training on how to prepare a delicious salmon-mango salad. Thanks to the amazing capabilities of her AVR glasses, Justine has learned many new, exciting culinary skills, thus saving precious time and money. Links: Augmented Reality Cooking Simulator A Cooking Support System by Spatial Augmented Reality
  25. Conferencing While on the Move While traveling to work, Justine’s glasses automatically bring up daily news and updates posted by her friends, all in a hands-free mode. Her calendar reminds her of a short live lecture session streamed from India on the best practices in supervising Shared Services teams, scheduled at 8 AM CET. Justine joins the conference and is connected with a participant’s telepresence pod physically located in the lecture room which displays her account’s avatar. This pod is equipped with speakers, microphone, and 360-degree camera to strengthen the immersive experience of natural full-duplex communication. With the AVR glasses, it’s so much easier to tangibly participate in conferences taking place thousands of kilometers away! People connecting across the globe can now interact better, benefit more, and have a smooth conference experience just like being there. Links: Microsoft Calendar and Outlook to HoloLens Holoportation: Virtual 3D Teleportation in Real-Time Augmented Reality Bus Shelter
  26. At the Daily Work Huddle At 9 AM, Justine arrives at the office and her AVR glasses start the encrypted connection with the corporate network. Before she’s reached her desk, Justine gets a quick look at her calendar and mailbox through her glasses, so that she can start planning her business day immediately. At 9:30 AM, the daily huddle starts, where the team will discuss the dashboard, planned activities, and ongoing issues. All the team members have similar AVR devices. Both the surface of the meeting room table and the space above it are used to project relevant data with the use of Augmented Reality. This brings the team work and collaboration to the next level when people may work with individual data projected on the table surface and send it to the group-owned view projected above to observe the immediate change to consolidated team data. Links: 3D Augmented Reality Presentation in a Sandbox Augmented Reality Weather
  27. Performing Transactions and Handling Issues During the course of the day, the AVR glasses act as ‘assistant’ and ‘watcher’ for team members. The glasses can track human behaviors and effectiveness of operations and processes. They measure skill gaps, help perform RCAs, and provide performance support to users. If the user got stuck while performing a system transaction, the AVR glasses proactively activate the performance support mode. It includes the next possible steps, way to populate pending fields, necessary source data location, or additional support, including chatting with an SME chatbot. To make all this happen, the AVR glasses scan the user’s workstation monitor in real time to warn the user as soon as possible and prevent any error or system incident. This ensures the lowest interruption rate, the best business results, and client satisfaction. Links: K-Glass Innovation Augmented Reality TCP/IP Networking Simulation
  28. Training and Upskilling at Work Today’s post-lunch time is planned for skills improvement and trainings. Team members can test and learn the process changes, improvements, or their newly assigned duties while still working on tickets, causing no impact on business results and SLAs. This is due to the unique features of the AVR glasses, such as the AR simulation TryMe mode, which scans the workstation monitor using a built-in camera and places an AR extra layer on it. It gives a listing of documentation changes, brings up the best tips and tricks, and provides precise instructions to follow during the training while tracking execution to prevent user errors, data corruption, and system incidents. This mode is also ideal for new joiners who can rapidly learn and practice operations in the system on real data from day one, in a safe and cost-effective environment. Links: Augmented Reality BreadBoard Circuit Building Guide Wave Simulation in Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Education Arloon
  29. Coaching Session Justine has one more meeting planned at 4:30 PM – a coaching session to help her work on the improvements to assigned business processes. To bring the System Process Improvement coaching experience to a higher level of immersion, Justine and her coach use the AVR glasses that merge both views into one common. Although they are located in a conference room, the glasses project a convenient venue with audio-visual stimuli. This helps foster innovation and collaboration in an ideal coaching environment. During the session, they work on a real process documentation records which are afterwards transferred to readable and compatible files ready for processing and utilization in the system. Links: Office of the Future - Augmented Reality in Meetings
  30. After Work On her way back home, Justine remotely checks her grocery stock. Her AVR glasses scan the status of the IoT enabled appliances in her kitchen and tell her if any shopping is needed. After she approves the shopping list, the order is placed at a local store. Everything will be delivered the same evening by an automatic shopping delivery drone. At home, Justine docks her AVR glasses to recharge. Later, she freshens up, gets dressed, and heads out for a date…and this time, she doesn’t carry the glasses. Links: Intelligent refrigerator - Smart Home on a Touch
  32. Let’s Meet Dalva Say hello to Dalva. She is a Brazilian coach and entrepreneur, who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Her native language is Portuguese. The year is 2036. Dalva works as a Performance Coach contracted by various companies. Currently, she is coaching engineers and project administrators for ReuseiT, a company that produces sustainable building materials. ReuseiT employs specialists from around the world and has its plants in Africa and Asia (bamboo plants). Dalva’s typical workday is 6 hours. She values work- life balance very highly. She is passionate about dancing and upcycling (turning discarded objects into products of value). Links: Sustainable building material manufacturing Upcycling art
  33. Getting Ready for Work It’s 8:30 AM, and Dalva is ready to start work. To decide if she should go to the ReuseiT office today or work from home, she connects with her virtual assistant Siri to check her calendar. Dalva uses her watch to initiate the conversation with Siri. All her planned activities are being displayed on the kitchen table. Dalva decides to go to the office. Siri immediately connects with the public transportation system and sends a self-driven car to drive Dalva to the office. The car is made of recyclable material and powered by solar energy. Links: Siri iPad Virtual Assistant Tesla self-driving car powered by sun
  34. At the Office Dalva arrives at the office. Today, the projection wall presents a beautiful waterfall. She admires it while sitting at one of the bike-desks. Dalva is fitness conscious and is participating in her company’s fitness program. The bike-desk unlocks with a voice command and activates a gamification program which counts kilometers cycled. Dalva competes against her own goals and doubles her cycling efforts. After she finishes the exercise and tracks it with the Fitbit, she is all energized to get started with the first tasks of the day in her role as a coach. Dalva reaches into a pocket below the desk for a wearable keyboard and switches to the non-tiring pedaling mode. Her bike-desk has enough room to fit the displayed computer screen on it. It’s time to start work. Links: Wearable Keyboard Video-wall
  35. Preparing for Coaching Dalva puts on her VR headset and talks to Siri. She wants to make sure that she is in sync with the wearable devices of her clients. The intent is to capture their emotional activity to evaluate their stress level, interests, and motivational drivers based on data from their work-related trackable patterns. She also wants to obtain any other information she is authorized to, including favorite words used when they communicate, work agenda, and progress against their goals. She also wants to actually see, if invited, their client’s real-time environment. She asks Siri to verify all the permissions and connections and quickly checks what she will need as a preparation for each session. Dalva displays key information about each session and the client in a separate window before her. Her first session of the day, a face-to-face session with Paulo, is scheduled to start soon. Links: Smart Glasses
  36. Coaching Session with Paulo Dalva meets Paulo, who is an engineer from Brazil. Paulo’s problem is related with the development of a new product. Dalva needs to unlock his creativity, so Paulo can bring more innovation to the product’s portfolio. To start with, Dalva asks Paulo to choose the surrounding landscape on the walls. They find themselves at the beach. She had already researched on what Paulo’s favorite music is. To make sure Paulo is relaxed, she plays it now in the background. Using the voice modulator app, Dalva synchronizes her voice to Paulo’s brainwaves to make him feel at ease. She asks coaching questions using Paulo’s favorite words. She also checks, with the prompts on the go, which verbal expressions can positively challenge him, and analyzes Paulo’s reactions with the iMotions app. Links: Live monitoring of visual attention, emotional responses and cognitive processes Voice Changer
  37. Coaching Session with Paulo (Contd.) Dalva and Paulo agree that the block is being caused by high expectations. Dalva creates a game with Paulo. Paulo projects a symbol of his high expectations (a big fire) and then fights it with some positive and enabling sentences for dousing the fire, like: I am capable of inventing a new product. When the fire disappears and the beach returns, 30 minutes of the session are dedicated to exploring different ideas, which Paulo immediately projects and verifies for their customer utility and business value. Ideas are harvested by the Intelligent Thought Catcher. While relaxing comfortably in a massage chair, Paulo gets his brain’s creative parts activated by signals sent from Dalva’s VR glasses. The Intelligent Note Taker records everything, so Siri can prepare a report and send it afterwards to both Paulo and Dalva. Links: Thought Catcher Massage chair scanning the spine
  38. Coaching Session with Laelia Dalva decides to have her next coaching session from a comfortable office sofa. Using her translation headset in VR glasses, she connects with Laelia, who is a Project Manager living in South Africa. The headset will translate from Afrikaans to English for Dalva and also from English to Afrikaans for Laelia. Dalva works with Laelia on effective communication skills, so Laelia can negotiate better contracts with external vendors of ReuseiT in South Africa. They analyze recordings from real conversations and work through different scenarios. Laelia practices by role-playing the conversations with the AI, adapted for the specific vendors. With the help of Dalva’s questions and comments, she becomes more aware of the things that matter in negotiations. The Intelligent Note Taker records everything for reporting purposes. Links: Wearable Translator on the go
  39. Team Coaching Session with the Sales Representatives Dalva’s next session is a team coaching with the sales team of five. The sales representatives all speak different languages and work in different global locations, selling interior building materials for the medical industry. The meeting takes place in a virtual room, with real people holograms projected in VR reality. Dalva facilitates the meeting. Siri helps to prompt effective questions and spot conflicts as they arise. The team accesses different client data and brainstorms possible scenarios for increasing sales by 10% by the end of the financial year. They go through the client list and scan their facilities in order to offer the best designs and verify if there is still a real business demand for the products of ReuseiT.
  40. Coaching Session with Eduardo: Overshadowing The last session for today is with Eduardo. Dalva’s role is to be an invisible observer to overshadow his conversation with his team. She connects to Eduardo’s VR glasses and participates in the meeting. With the Intelligent Note Taker, Dalva records some scenes to gather material for the next session with Eduardo, in which they will explore different ways of handling this conversation, and where Dalva will model Eduardo’s behavior with questions and alternative scenarios.
  41. End of the Business Day: Reporting At the end of the business day, Dalva asks Siri to compile data from all the coaching sessions and send the reports to her. They work together to finalize smart versions of the reports – some of them include inspirational moments from the sessions and will be delivered in video format, while others will highlight the breakthrough moments. Data is visualized in a client-friendly manner so that it can be easily understood by each client. The reports are personalized as per each client’s preferred experiences. For example, Paulo’s report smells of the sea to evoke memories of a secure and creative environment. Dalva makes sure that her coaching is a unique experience that unlocks new perspectives and possibilities for her clients. Links: Smell evoking device Reporting
  42. After-Work Activities: Supervision Dalva wants to end the day on a good note. She schedules a training mode session with Carlos, an AI Supervision Data Script. While Dalva is on her way home, Siri connects with the Supervision AI, which has analyzed data from Dalva’s coaching sessions, including client feedback and neural analysis of clients’ reactions, and prepared a compilation of moments that could potentially be improved. Once home, Dalva jumps into the swimming pool. She places her watch within speaking distance in order to talk to Carlos. While relaxing in the pool and talking to the Supervision Coaching AI, Dalva replays the scenes that will improve her coaching capabilities. For the evening, Dalva has planned a dance class. With Patrick Swayze’s robo-hologram dancing to ‘The Time of My Life’, Dalva practices her moves. Links: Dancing with the hologram
  44. Let’s Meet Tracy Tracy is a tourist. She plans to go abroad and discover new places and cultures. With the help of Augmented Reality, Tracy brushes up her knowledge of new geographies while experiencing the wonders of the latest technology. While doing her research, Tracy discovers how useful this new technology can be, as it helps her gather a large amount of information in quick and interesting ways. She gets to interact with the real world through electronic devices and participate in an authentic learning activity at the same time.
  45. Interactive AR: Choosing a Hotel While planning her itinerary, the first thing on Tracy’s mind is finding a good hotel that meets her standards and needs. Tracy has an idea! She decides to take virtual tours of her chosen hotel selections and check out the amenities like restaurants, spa, pool, gym, and the like. Links: Casa Madrona Augmented Reality
  46. Interactive AR: Choosing a Hotel (Contd.) Taking the virtual hotel tours has made selecting the right hotel a lot easier for Tracy. She could actually see the corridors, interiors, furnishings, and all other amenities on her virtual screen. It was like being right there in the room! She decides to request for a double room within her budget at the hotel reception. Links: Barcelona Hotel Augmented Reality Tour
  47. Interactive AR: Trip Planner Tracy arrives at her destination late at night, and decides to check into the hotel. Although she is very tired, she can’t wait to try out the new app that the hotel has recently introduced with the help of a third- party company. This new app is a cool wearable device that acts as a complete trip planner. It recommends the best nearby restaurants, suggests which museums and monuments to visit, and best of all, tells her all the historical facts related to the city. The app is the best storyteller and guide that Tracy could have asked for! Thanks to it, she has a host of facts related to the city’s architecture at her fingertips, along with the most interesting stories associated with it. What a fun way to learn and remember! Links: Florence Travel Guide Tripwolf Trip Planner Tripwolf Travel Guide
  48. Interactive AR: Inside the Hotel Room The built-in television clock wakes Tracy up early the next day. She gets out of bed, walks to the television screen, turns off the alarm clock, and starts to communicate with the television glass. She checks out the traffic and switches on the early morning news. Then she goes to the bathroom and runs the water. While doing this, she suddenly remembers that she had chalked out her sightseeing itinerary the day before. She quickly grabs her mobile phone, connects to the bathroom mirror, and displays on it her schedule for the day. She touches the mirror to make changes wherever needed in the schedule. Links: A Day Made of Glass…
  49. Interactive AR: Breakfast? Tracy is starting to feel hungry and wonders out loud what’s for breakfast. In an instant, the wide TV screen displays the menu, together with the meal timings. After a few minutes, a voice from the TV asks Tracy if she wants to see lunch and dinner options as well, along with their timings. As Tracy had a whole day’s sightseeing planned, she wasn’t very interested in lunch and dinner. She hesitantly refused and, to her surprise, the application closed down. Still a bit astonished, she went down for breakfast.
  50. Interactive AR: Weather Forecasts To enjoy her travel in comfort and peace of mind, what’s the one thing that Tracy needs? Weather forecasts, of course! The forecast needs to be simple and portable, so it should be available from Tracy’s mobile device. What she needed was accurate, real-time weather forecasting that will help her visualize the weather data with the help of a unique and innovative Augmented Reality interface. She wanted to see 3D weather effects on her mobile screen – clouds, thunder, rain, snow, fog…as real as it gets! Links: Shangoo: Augmented Weather Forecasts AmazingWeather 2.0 ABC7 Chckago News App WLS-TV Weather Technology An AR Weather System Virtual Sets and AR – Weather Captivate the imagination of your audience by giving a forecast that is angaging and exciting A Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality Outdoor Weather AR – Blizzard
  51. Reliable, Real-time Navigation While sightseeing the other day, Tracy had access to real-time navigation with the help of digital elements on her map. Tracy wanted to have the directions simplified, so her map had digital arrows added, marking the directions in different colors and showing digital, interactive destination points. Tracy’s digital map not only provided her reliable, real-time navigation, but also made it colorful and fun! She could explore all she wanted without any fear of getting lost in a strange city. Links: Rio de Janeiro Tourist Guide
  52. Easy Access to Mobile Photos and Archives As Tracy has always been fond of history, today she decides to visit the History Museum first. She wants to learn and absorb new facts easily and with pleasure. She spends some time enjoying the wonders of the History Museum. Once done, she steps out from the museum and onto the street outside. What did this street look like in ancient times, Tracy wonders. She holds up her smartphone to view this current-day city street. The app shows her the same locale as it looked in a specific time period in the, along with historical facts about the place. Having satisfied her curiosity for history, Tracy now wants to visit a more modern museum. The Science Museum is next on her agenda. Links: ARIS – Description and Demo WWF – Coca-Cola Arctic Home Campaign
  53. Translation On the Go Tracy was a tourist in a fascinating but strange new country. Among the many things that were foreign to her was the language of this new place. She didn’t understand it at all! Tracy decides to use the translation app on her mobile device to scan printed materials such as signs, directions, or menus, and have them translated into her native language. This makes her feel a lot more comfortable as she explores her new surroundings with more confidence and enjoyment. Links: Google Translate vs. „La Bamba” Can Your Phone Translate Sings On The Fly? Speak Every Language with Real-Time Translation! Real Time AR Translator Wearable Translator Glasses unveiled in Japan
  54. Access to Interactive Dining and Entertainment Choices All this hectic sightseeing, walking around, and assimilating new facts has made Tracy tired and hungry! She decides to take a break to relax and enjoy a good meal. A friend who had visited this city earlier had told Tracy about this nice, fancy restaurant which she is sure to like. She types in the name of the restaurant into her smartphone. When the restaurant pops up, Tracy takes an AR tour of the restaurant’s premises. Looking at all that delicious-looking food has made Tracy so hungry that she quickly goes through their virtual menu, so that she can order lunch before she’s even entered the restaurant! Links: Digital Restaurant Menu – iMenuCard
  55. Interactive AR: Ordering a Meal Since Tracy already knows what the restaurant has on offer, she sits down at the table she is shown to, and starts communicating with the glass table to open the menu. She places her fingers on the glass table and starts to look through the menu. She moves from starters to mains to beverages. Finally, she chooses the dishes she wants. From the interactive menu, Tracy checks the portions and overall look of the dishes, and is very happy with what she sees. Eventually, she places her finger to the left of the screen to inform the waiter that she’s ready to place her order. Links: Corning Gorilla Glass 5: Taking Tough to New Heights A Digital Journey Inside Corning Gorilla Glass
  56. Interactive AR: Back to the Hotel Room After her big lunch, Tracy heads back to the hotel to rest for a while. Once in her room, she lies on the bed and turns on the TV. To her surprise, yet another new AR app pops up! Since this was her first visit to the city, the hotel app was telling her the most popular tourist spots to visit, the best sightseeing attractions, and the best places to eat at for the whole duration of her stay. Tracy’s hotel had her entire itinerary planned out to the last detail. Thanks to this AR app, she was about to enjoy one of the best holiday experiences of her life! Links: Hotels now! – Augmented Reality at HRS

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Goal of this Initiative: To build visibility of TD&L Innovation Center as a provider of creative, breakthrough ideas which will influence people development among workforce in the near future.