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Juan carlos abidca 2 de junio 2014

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Exercises using international and national press about Juan Carlos' abdication

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Juan carlos abidca 2 de junio 2014

  1. 1. WORKING ON INTERNATIONAL NEWS HEADLINES ABOUT JUAN CARLOS AND FELIPE I.- TELEGRAPH http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/spain/10869397/King-Juan-Carlos-to- abdicate-Spanish-throne.html "76-year-old monarch says it's time for a younger generation to take over as he announces plan to step down amid health woes and financial scandals." EXERCISE #1: Link the words on the left with the right meaning on the right Woe entre To take over problema To step down tomar el mando amid dimitir, dejar el cargo II.- BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27662351 "As it happened: Spanish King Juan Carlos I to abdicate Key Points  King of Spain Juan Carlos is abdicating  Crown Prince Felipe is to take over the throne  A constitutional amendment will be proposed to allow the abdication to happen  The 76-year-old has had health problems in recent years  His popularity has fallen following corruption scandals and gaffes" EXERCISE #2: Link the words on the left with the right meaning on the right Key points enmienda throne permitir amendment proponer to propose trono to allow puntos clave
  2. 2. III.- WASHINGTON POST http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/06/02/deeply-unpopular- spanish-king-to-abdicate-throne-in-favor-of-son/ Here we are going to work on part of an article from the Washington post. I have made some changes so you will find it easier to read and make the exercises. Exercise#3: Fill the gaps with the right word: himself/ in favor of/ standing/ coup. "Spanish king to abdicate throne _________ son." King Juan Carlos of Spain will abdicate and pass the crown to his son, Crown Prince Felipe. Juan Carlos, once a popular hero for resisting a military ____________, was losing ground both in his health and in his ____________ in Spain. The announcement came Monday morning from Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and later from Juan Carlos _________. Exercise#4:translate the following paragraph: The king said he is abdicating to make way for his son to become the nation’s next monarch so that a “new generation” can take over. Political analysts believe that the conservative People’s Party wanted to put the more popular Felipe on the throne to try to combat increasingly anti- monarchist sentiment, after small leftist and anti-establishment parties did surprisingly well in last month’s European Parliament election..... Exercise#5: These are the meaning of some words: vencer, sucesor, sacado de una, marcha, crisis, personificar. Now, you have to find out which are the words with that meaning in the following paragraph. Spain’s leader Francisco Franco with his future successor as Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon, as they watch a military parade in Madrid in 1973 . (AP) He arrived like something out of a Disney movie and came to embody the hope of an entire nation. But even his popularity could not surmount (defeat) Spain’s crippling (incapacitating) economic slump (depression, crisis), which has left 4.7 million Spaniards unemployed.
  3. 3. IV.- NATIONAL PRESS: PÚBLICO http://www.publico.es/politica/524600/los-memes-mas-ingeniosos-sobre-la-abdicacion-del- rey/slideshow#2 EXERCISE #6: watch the picture on the right. How many faces are shown? Write down their names. Then make a sentence for each one using one of these words in each sentence: dictator, King, Prince. TV: http://www.canalsur.es/noticias/espa%C3%B1a/importante-clamor-popular-a-favor-de-la- republica/402544.html HIMNO DE RIEGO CANTADO POR UN HOMBRE Y UNA MUJER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fujQeuir3aM OTHER NEWS: http://www.elmundo.es/espana/2014/06/02/538c34ccca47410b2b8b456c.html http://endirecto.lavanguardia.com/politica/20140602/54409537530/rey-juan-carlos.html http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/2155479/0/minuto-a-minuto/rey-juan-carlos/abdica/ http://es.euronews.com/2014/06/02/abdica-el-rey-de-espana-juan-carlos-i-/ http://www.abc.es/espana/rey-juan-carlos-i-abdica/20140602/abci-alminuto-rey-juan-carlos-i- abdica-felipe-vi-201406020942.html http://politica.elpais.com/politica/2014/06/02/actualidad/1401695328_504276.html http://elpais.com/tag/abdicacion_juan_carlos_i/a/ CONCENTRACIONES REPUBLICANAS 2, junio 2014 http://www.laverdad.es/nacional/politica/201406/02/miles-personas-reclaman-republica- 20140602195848-rc.html La abdicación se resolverá a través de una Ley Orgánica.