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Netflix community

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Project for UXDi Course at General Assembly

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Netflix community

  1. 1. NETFLIX COMMUNITY Anna, Maria & Tamar
  2. 2. GOALS Find a way to help people discover movies through like-minded folks
  3. 3. PERSONAS
  4. 4. TASK ANALYSIS takeaway low level user needs are universal; superuser needs more functionality
  5. 5. SCENARIOS I want to find a movie to watch. Ellen gets home from a stressful day at work and wants to unwind with a good movie. She has chinese takeout on the way and has already opened a bottle of wine. She wants the shortest possible path between her and a movie, but is drawing a blank for what to watch. Ellen has spent the day with histrionic account executives and has been making decisions for other people all day. This decision feels overwhelming. Follow playlists Browse playlists she follows Choose a movie
  6. 6. SCENARIOS I want to create my own playlist. Sarah loves movies and is an aspiring screenwriter herself. She recently watched Moonrise Kingdom and wants a way to easily access movies and TV shows that include her favorite actor, Jason Schwartzman. comment on a playlist find playlists based on specific criteria see what similar users are doing
  7. 7. SCENARIOS I want to review a playlist and share it with a friend. Adam loves his movies and inaccurate, and wants his friends to watch great movies too. He finds Netflix recommendations silly and wants to curate his own lists and share them with others. Create playlist share his playlist on social network Manage playlists he’s created Recommend movie/playlist to specific Netflix user
  9. 9. USABILITY TESTING takeaways resolution The function box is in an intuitive place “Recommend” label is unclear Playlist preview is unclear “Similar playlist” is unclear Following playlist x user is confusing x Change to “Recommend this” Add hover informational box to playlist Change it to “Playlist similar to (Playlist’s name) After following a user, give option of auto follow all of his playlists
  11. 11. VISUAL