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Elnen Mariano Resume

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Elnen Mariano Resume

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Elnen Mariano Resume

  1. 1. +54911 5259 0061 marianomelnen@gmail.com www.marianoelnen.com www.linkedin.com/in/melnen www.behance.net/melnen Relocating to Berlin (Sommer 2019) Citizenship: Italian www Skills Wireframing / Prototyping User Testing Responsive Design User Flows Branding Animation and Interaction Music Production Diploma Sound Design and Music Production Diploma Escuela Sonica 2010 - 2012 UI Design Certificate 500 plus hours of training with industry-leading mentors. Developed 4 real world projects including a Multiplattform Native Mobile App called “Give Away” and an E-Commerce iOS App “Verve” among others. CareerFoundry 2018 - 2019 Education Extras May - August 2018 Scholarship Prämienstipendium from Goethe Institut Sound Design / Music Producer Mariano Elnen 2013 - 2019 Negotiated contracts with label managers including release dates and royalty revenues, ensuring a fair and convenient deal. Scheduled projects according to users’ needs and goals resulting in a fast workflow. Collaborated with performers and producers achieving great quality from every musical source Foreign Trade Assistant Prepared customs documentation and ensured that shipments meet all applicable laws to facilitate the import and export of goods Assisted clients in trade procedure compliance, applying local government reporting policies and regulations. Implemented an internal billing and archive system, improving daily work tasks Cecilia Repetto 2014 - 2019 Experience Entrepreneurial UI Designer focused on creating simple yet powerful and engaging user-centered designs for mobile and desktop. Driven by my knowledge in Sound Design and “leave my mark” attitude, I quickly adapt to changing requirements in order to satisfy user needs. User Interface Designer MARIANO ELNEN Ableton Live MS Office Balsamiq Invision Flinto Photoshop Sketch Software Spanish English German Languages Hobbies Table Tennis