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La femme sans peur - Woman Without Fear (JP Touzeau)

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Trinity Silverman has wasted too much of her life worrying. She’s successful, she’s financially secure, and she’s beautiful. It appears that she has everything a person could want, but despite all this, Trinity just can’t seem to get rid of her constant, nagging anxiety.
That is, until the day she meets a renowned researcher doing groundbreaking work for a powerful pharmaceutical company. He’s willing to give her a vial of pills—for a price—that he guarantees will eradicate all her fears and doubts. Trinity thinks she’s found what she’s always been looking for: the key to unwavering self-confidence. But when her newfound poise spurs her to take uncharacteristic action, she gets caught up in more danger than she can handle.
Author JP Touzeau
J. P. Touzeau is a French bestselling author who writes stories about ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances peppered with mystery, love, and a dash of philosophy. Unapologetically devoted to naps, J. P. shares his time between France and Japan with his more-than-forgiving wife and their ninja-like baby boy.
J. P. loves to hear from readers (except during nap time), so please visit his website at jptouzeau.com.

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La femme sans peur - Woman Without Fear (JP Touzeau)

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