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We are one africa loves her sisters

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We are one africa loves her sisters

  1. 1. Addressing negative perceptions on homosexuality,HIV & gender based violence
  2. 2. Goal and ObjectivesGoalTo change negative perceptions of homosexuality and HIVand AIDS in the church through educational programmeson gender based violence, GBV, HIV prevention and theexperience of lesbians and gay men in NyangaObjectives- To train 65 church members on HIV prevention, GBV, theexperiences of lesbians and gay men and as facilitators forfuture church training- To develop a curriculum and training guidelines to be usedwithin the church context- To implement the educational programme within thechurch to educate and promote change of perceptions
  3. 3. BackgroundEstimated 4.9 million LGBTI people in South Africa(LBM, 2012)Lesbians and gay men have unique HIV preventionneeds that are not always addressed in mainstreammessagingNegative public attitudes toward homosexuality gohand in hand with broader patter of discrimination,violence and hatred (Human Rights Watch, 2001)Rising levels of violence and murder against LGBTI inNyanga
  4. 4. Project DescriptionPhase I – training of 15 church membersHIV Prevention, GBV, LGBTI & facilitation skillsPhase II – training of 50 church membersLead by facilitators on HIV Prevention, GBV & LGBTIexperiences & role of the church• Location – Nyanga,Cape Town• Target Audience –Members of theAnglican Church
  5. 5. Implementation PlanDevelop curriculum for church contextMeet with church leaders & stakeholdersRecruit 15 church membersConduct Phase I TrainingRecruit 50 church membersConduct Phase II Training
  6. 6. Monitoring & EvaluationPre & Post Evaluation FormsAttendance RegistersQuestionnairesDaily Feedback & Evaluation Forms
  7. 7. Expected OutcomesIncreased knowledgeIncreased acceptance among church membersIncreased conversation between churches and LGBTIcommunityDecreased violence against LGBTI in Nyangacommunity
  8. 8. ChallengesBuy-In from church membersRetention of participantsRollout to church
  9. 9. Vision & Sustainability65 members will take messaging and lessons learnt toremainder of churchChurch will make project part of annual churchprogrammeProgramme will be rolled out to other Anglicanchurches in NyangaFull rollout to surrounding communities