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  2. PDP 2022 1. What is a personal development plan? 2. Getting Started – The Wheel of Life 3. Using a SWOT analysis 4. How to carry out a SWOT analysis 5. How do I write a personal development plan? 6. What happens once I have completed my personal development plan? 7. Summary PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN
  3. PDP 2022 What is a personal development plan? To achieve success and happiness in your education, career and personal life, you should continuously improve your knowledge, skills and experience. This is known as personal development, which is a continuous lifelong process. A personal development plan, which is also known as a PDP, is an action plan that you can use to identify: Your individual goals and what you want to achieve. Your strengths and weaknesses. The areas you need to improve and develop to meet your goals. What you need to do to achieve your goals. Anything that could hinder your progress.
  4. PDP 2022 What is a person al develo pment plannin g Cycle?
  5. PDP 2022 Personal development is beneficial for you as an individual and also for businesses and society as a whole. If you are making the most of your abilities and skills, this will positively impact your life and others around you. Learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing, as it gives you a sense of purpose and boosts your confidence. A simple and effective way of keeping track of your personal development is by completing a personal development plan. If you don’t have a plan, it will make it difficult for you to focus, and you are unlikely to meet your goals – whatever these may be. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. What Are The Benefits of a PDP?
  6. PDP 2022 The benefits of a PDP are: It provides you with clear goals. It helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It improves your employability. It improves your performance. It increases your motivation. It helps track your progress. It improves your sense of purpose. It enhances your mental wellbeing and reduces stress. Overall, a PDP gives you the best possible chance for success and maximises your potential. Employers will sometimes use PDPs as part of their appraisal process, which is known as a Performance Development Review (PDR). What Are The Benefits of a PDP?
  7. Where am I now? Identifying strengths Identifying weaknesses Identifying existing skills/qualifications What are the features of a Personal Development Plan
  8. What are the features of a Personal Development Plan Where do I want to go? Identifying future required skills/qualifications Identifying long term aims
  9. What are the features of a Personal Development Plan How am I going to get there? Setting short-term goals Setting timeline
  10. Benefits and risks What are the benefits of completing a Personal Development Plan? What are the risks of completing a Personal Development Plan?
  11. The benefits There are both benefits for the individual and employer: • Individual: The plan can be a motivating factor • Become focused on self-improvement and understand the long-term implications of efforts • Employer’s point of view: The plans encourage employees to be proactive about their career planning
  12. The risks • Businesses will be constantly assessing whether raising expectations of the opportunities that may be presented to employees could cause more damage than not offering a PDP programme at all.
  13. PDP 2022 It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you find yourself now. It is never too late to start your personal development plan. Most people have completed one at some point during their education or careers. If you haven’t, there is nothing to worry about, and there is no time like the present to start planning. What Are The Benefits of a PDP?
  14. PDP 2022 Getting Started – The Wheel of Life Tool
  15. WHEEL OF LIFE Improve your life-worksatisfaction
  16. GETTING STARTED Everyjourney needs a starting point. Nowyou can identify yours, createa compelling vision, set some goals and moveinto action! Ready tobegin?
  18. HOW IT WORKS Thewheel represents 8 aspects of your life competing for your time and attention. Theoutside circlerepresents the most satisfied you can be/the BEST. The centre of the wheel represents totally dissatisfied orunsatisfactory. Take a look at the wheel of life and get a feel forit. Then checkout the sample.
  20. STEP ONE Assess your satisfaction level in each of the 8 aspects of the Wheel of Life: Financial Mental/Intellectual Friends & Family Personal Development/Recreation Work/Career Physical Wellbeing/Health Emotional/Relationships Environment/Community
  21. STEP BY STEP To complete theassessment,review the questions for eachaspect on the following slides and follow thesesimple instructions: Accepting 10, attheoutsidecircle (as themost satisfied/peak performance possible) and0 atthe centreof thewheel (totallydissatisfied/unsatisfactory) determine your level of satisfaction in eachof the8 aspects on your Wheel of Life and markiton the corresponding spoke.
  22. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Financial • Howhealthy are yourfinances? • Are you managing your spending? • Howlong could your cash reserves support you?
  23. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Mental/Intellectual: • Do you feel stimulated intellectually? • Is your brain challenged? • Howeffectively do you manage your attitude? • Do you practice the power of positive thinking?
  24. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Friends & Family: • Do you make space and time for friends and family in your life? • Howdo you feel about the time you spend together?
  25. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Personal Development & Recreation • How doyouhavefun? • Whatnourishes/re-energizesyou? • Are youmakingtime forSelf care? • How awareareyouofwhatreally matterstoyou? • How doyousupportyourneed forself expression? • Doyouhaveasense ofpurpose,directionormission?
  26. Work/Career: • Howsatisfied are you with your work orcareer? • Do you enjoy your work? • Do you look forward it? • What personal/lifestyle needs is your career/work fulfilling? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
  27. PhysicalWellbeing& Health: • Howdo youfeel aboutyour physical health and wellbeing? • Howdo you feel about the physical shape you’re in –weight, stamina, fitness? • Do you pay attention to your diet, sleep habits, basic lifestyle choices? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
  28. Emotional/Intimate Relationships: • Do you feel emotionally grounded, centered? • How effectively do you manage stress? • How satisfied are you in your relationship(s)? • Is it as enjoyable and rewarding as you want? • Do you share enough time together? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
  29. Community: • How do you define community? • Do you contribute to your community? • Do you participate in community events/activities? • Do you volunteer in areas that are important and satisfying to you? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF
  30. STEP TWO Join the dots from one spoke to the next. Nowreflect: Whatwouldarideonthis wheelfeellike?
  31. DOES BALANCE BOOST ENERGY? It’s simple. Thebigger, rounder and more balancedyour wheel, the less energyit takes for you to moveit – so, you have moreenergy available to invest in other things. Now,torecoupsomeofthatlostenergy…
  32. STEP THREE Consider… Howlong has it taken to get yourself into your currentsituation? Which aspect of your WheelofLife, if improved, would have the greatest positive impact onyour overall experience?
  33. STEP FOUR Relax and create the space todream a little. If the priority aspect of your life already was at 10, what three things would be happening? 1. 2. 3.
  34. STEP FIVE Consider…. What small action steps can you take toward improved performance and/or heightened level of satisfaction?
  35. Commit to yourself by when you will do at least oneof these actions. Create a way to hold yourself accountable. STEP SIX
  36. What short-term goal can you set for yourself? Take a moment to reflect. Write it down and keep it in front of you untilachieved. STEP SEVEN
  37. Celebrate each and every win you achieve. STEP EIGHT
  38. GETTINGTRACTION Date your Wheel of Life and keepa log of the actions taken to reflect on your progress. Look for ways to improveyour process.
  39. A life coachis a confidential thought partnerwhohelps you: • Preparefor success • Make the changes you want to see • Get closer to where you want tobe • Accelerate your progress. WHY PARTNER WITH A COACH?
  40. We canhelp you:  Improve your Life-Work Balance  Improve relationships, performance and productivity  Design and lead change  Reinvent yourself  Realize a dream  Become an authentic and mindful leader  Achieveyour goals THE JOURNEY CONTINUES
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  43. PDP 2022  What to do This Training will help you learn what a personal development plan is and how a SWOT analysis can help you identify things that could help or hinder your progress. It will also give you tips on how to write a personal development plan and what to do after you have completed it.
  44. PDP 2022 How to carry out a SWOT analysis 1.1. Introduction:
  45. PDP 2022  What to do
  46. PDP 2022 How do I write a personal development plan? 1.1. Introduction:
  47. PDP 2022
  48. PDP 2022  What to do
  49. PDP 2022 What happens once I have completed my personal development plan? 1.1. Introduction:
  50. PDP 2022 Once you have completed your PDP, it doesn’t end there. You need to follow your plan and track whether you are achieving your outcomes or not. If you are not achieving your goals in your specified timeframe, you should identify the reasons why, rectify and update your plan. If you are successful in achieving your goals, you can tick them off and add new ones to your list. Remember, personal development is a lifelong process.
  51. PDP 2022 You may find that things do not go according to plan, but you should not worry or let this put you off. Your PDP is not set in stone. It is a flexible guide that you can adapt as and when the need arises. Ask yourself whether you are making the correct choices to get to where you want to be. It is important to remember that a PDP is not a one-off exercise. It is a continuous process of development, and it should be a working document. You should regularly review and update your PDP to make the most of your personal development.
  52. PDP 2022  What to do
  53. PDP 2022
  54. PDP 2022
  55. PDP 2022 Summary Personal development (whether it is for education, career or personal reasons) is important, as it helps you achieve your desires and fulfil your potential. If you are achieving what you want in life, it will improve your mental wellbeing and overall happiness, which will have a far-reaching positive impact. PDPs are a necessary exercise that help organisation and professionals achieve what they want. If they are just used , as a tick in the box when annual appraisals come around they are not effective. To prevent this, employers must look at PDPs as an investment, as employee personal development will benefit their business. Employees should also use it as a good opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and experience .
  56. PDP 2022 Summary If you complete your PDP properly and use it in planning and achieving your goals, you are more likely to succeed in your career and life in general. If you don’t have a plan, you are likely to procrastinate and flounder. Remember what Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.
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