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Marigo Raftopoulos for Gamification World Congress, Barcelona 2015

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This is the presentation I made at the Gamification World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. It is titled: Win Conditions for Enterprise Gamification, and is based on my extensive PhD research on enterprise gamification.

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Marigo Raftopoulos for Gamification World Congress, Barcelona 2015

  1. 1. Win Conditions for Enterprise Gamification
 Marigo Raftopoulos CEO Strategic Innovation Lab Doctoral Researcher, RMIT University Gamification World Congress 2015, Barcelona #GWC15
  2. 2. What are the building blocks for successful enterprise gamification? 1.3 million minutes of research in 20 minutes J
  3. 3. Research
 Independent, peer reviewed research: Science + Experience 300+ Projects Audited 25 Global Survey 11.5m Affected Users
  4. 4. Gamification Anatomy
 All the moving parts MUST work together Front End   Motivational   Affordances   Back End   Information   Systems   Back End   Management   Reporting   Front End   User Interface &   Experience   Organisation   Strategy   Value   Creation  
  5. 5. Definition
 Gamification has become an umbrella term, and it’s evolving A set of design patterns, technologies and capabilities that enable an organisation to meet its value creation objectives.
  6. 6. What is Gamification?
 It is what it does. It’s evolving. It’s growing. They’re intertwined. An Experience A Designerly Way A System A Product A Way of Thinking A Process
  7. 7. Making Gamification Work
 Design Methodology. Design Taxonomy. Capability Development. Collaborative, Agile Design Design Elements & Patterns Aligning & Integrating
  8. 8. Spotlight on Capability 
 Lessons learned from industry leaders and innovators 21 Keys (200+ data points Top 4 for each node today J Three nodes: Design, Technology, Management
  9. 9. Technology
 The weakest link in the chain Platform Capability Vendor capability System Integration Data Analytics “Barriers were primarily with technology. I do not believe vendor solutions are mature enough yet.”
  10. 10. Design
 Everyone overestimates their design capability Strategic Design Design Skills Literacy Customer Focus Selective Gamefulness “There was little structure and focus in the design process, we ended up with a meaningless use of game mechanics.”
  11. 11. Management
 The most critical element in bringing it together Strategic Focus Stakeholder Engagement Establish a Process Measurement & Metrics “I would have spent more time at the beginning looking at more game thinking elements and fewer game mechanics.”
  12. 12. Multi-dimension is key
 Critical gamification design & technology elements Do  I  want   to  play?   Net Benefits User Support Engagement Utility & Usability Information Quality System Quality
  13. 13. Your Next Steps
 How to be a great designer (or an astute buyer) Design Skills Integrate Everything Technological Foundations Game Design Thinking Business Strategy
  14. 14. Advice for Innovation
 Gamification has limited potential to drive innovation         Ø  It is not a game (it’s a message) Ø  Imbedded values system (default to status quo) Ø  System conform (systemic problems) Ø  Create new systems (Reimagine) Ø  Be bold and courageous!
  15. 15. That’s 1.3m minutes in 20! 
 Thank you! 
  16. 16. Strategic Gamification Design
 If you want to design like a pro, this program is for you Strategic Gamification Design for Leaders Program Contact: marigo@strategicinnovationlab.com