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Cross Cultural - Axe video analysis.pdf

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Cross Cultural - Axe video analysis.pdf

  1. 1. IGS4 – November 2014 Marine Gravereau Mathilde Popesco Maite Sue
  2. 2. A N A LY S I S WAR STEREOTYPES Asian •Big army •Big population •Demonstration of power (with no attack) Arabic •Acts in small groups (few Generals on his side) •Expensive and New Tech bomb •Not directly on the battle field American •Warmongers – War Outside the territory •Young and brave •Advanced technology Russian •Army battling against civilians •Big tanks
  3. 3. CULTURAL STEREOTYPES Asian •Contained emotions •Pride – Keeping face •Big population •Typical hat •Child labor Arabic •Has a lot of money (petrol) -> very wealthy situation •Lives in luxury •Is being served American •Shows clearly his emotions •USA melting pot Russian •Communist buildings •Blond man called Michael A N A LY S I S
  4. 4. GENDER STEREOTYPES Asian •Stays still & not showing much emotion •Stands next to the man •waits for the man to be with her to show her emotions •Only men around •Powerful feeling Arabic •Sits on sidelines with a veil American •Shows his emotions •Has to be Brave Russian •Red high heels •Stands against the tank and asserts her position •Doesn't wait and goes directly toward her man (what she wants) A N A LY S I S
  5. 5. THANK YOU