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Agile Stand up meeting

One of the Scrum's ceremonies is Stand up meeting or called Scrum daily. During this meeting everyone on the team has to answer the three famous questions: What did you do?
What will you do today? and Do you have any impediments to keep working?

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Agile Stand up meeting

  2. 2. The Goal of Stand-ups Communication An explicit reinforcement of the commitment by each team member to accomplish a goal A method of cross-checking progress with team mates
  3. 3. Definition The stand-up meeting is conducted daily. All team members attend and participate. Each team member presents three topics A facilitator (in Scrum, this is the Scrum Master) teaches the team about the stand-up
  4. 4. Questions What did yesterday? What will do today? Are there any impediments in your way?
  5. 5. Working with remote teams? Skype Hang out Virtual boards
  6. 6. Best Practices Be responsable for your work Concisely present an accurate view of your work. Pay attention to other team members and note items that you’ll need to cover in follow-up discussions
  7. 7. Mario Lucero – Agile Coach Email: agilecoach@mariolucero.cl Twitter: metlucero Blog: http:://www.mariolucero.cl