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On Creating Your Leadership Presence

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On Creating Your Leadership Presence

  1. 1. Creating Your Leadership Presence Marita Gomez
  2. 2. • Do people pay attention to you when you talk? • Do they see you as trustworthy? • Do they look at you in the eye, turn their heads toward you when you speak? If they don’t…you have a “presence” problem.
  3. 3. Our goal today • Define ”leadership presence” • The confidence effect • Steps to create a leadership presence • Suggestions to elevate your leadership presence in today’s world
  4. 4. My source of inspiration
  5. 5. Defining Leadership Presence
  6. 6. “The ability to consistently and clearly articulate your value proposition while influencing and connecting with others.” —— Amy Jen Su; Muriel Maignan Wilkins Own the Room
  7. 7. Some people have natural presence.They’re born with it. History tells us these individuals have the ability to….
  8. 8. Alter biases…
  9. 9. Shape perceptions…
  10. 10. Change behavior…
  11. 11. Light up a room
  12. 12. Why is presence so critical?
  13. 13. Having presence can help us change these unfair data points • Only 24 percent of CEOs in the US are women • Women earn 74.5 percent less than male counterparts • Short men are less likely to lead a Fortune 500 than tall men • Attractive people are more likely to be hired faster, promoted more often, and earn 10-12% more than the rest of us • Men more likely to get hired 5 times faster than women The world is unfair…
  14. 14. In job interviews… Studies have shown that those who exude leadership presence are more likely to be: • Invited back for an interview • Seen as credible • Can be trusted to do the job • Promoted
  15. 15. Steps to creating your leadership presence o Facial Expressions o Body Language o Voice and Tone
  16. 16. The link between presence and power • Certain words like “power” and “confidence” are often linked with leadership presence • When we’re present, we’re confident enough to express our true feelings and opinions o Our speech, facial expressions, postures and movements reinforce our confidence and power
  17. 17. Three ways ”presence” reveals itself • How do we know who has presence? o How we appear to others o What we don’t say o How we say and how we sound
  18. 18. Our facial expressions say a lot about who we authentically are.With a quick glance, we can tell if the person is …
  19. 19. Likeable…
  20. 20. Approachable…
  21. 21. Uninterested
  22. 22. How body language shapes perception • How we act with others reveal a great deal about what type of person we are: o Arrogant, aloof = unsociable, not a team player, untrustworthy o Likeable, approachable = trustworthy, team player, credible o Uncertain, afraid = weak, not leader quality
  23. 23. Uses open gestures
  24. 24. Lift the chin, pull chest forward
  25. 25. Stands with feet slightly apartStrike a “power” pose
  26. 26. Confident people use their fingers to express their powerful selves…
  27. 27. Steepling
  28. 28. Lean in Lean in to show interest and engagement…
  29. 29. Where you sit at a table projects a certain perception of you as either a leader, collaborator or follower…
  30. 30. Sits in the middle or end of the table
  31. 31. Collaborator Team Player Collaborator Team Player Collaborator Team Player Power Position Collaborator Team Player Power Position Follower Not interested in being here
  32. 32. Be visible
  33. 33. Voice communicates power • Your voice expresses who you are and what you believe. • Powerful people: o Vary their pitch volume and rhythm o Speak a little louder o Sound more confident
  34. 34. Building your Leadership Presence o Prepare o Practice o Be authentic o Be active, be visible
  35. 35. Prepare and Practice • Building a skills set requires: o Preparation o Probing – Listen and ask questions o Execution o Practice
  36. 36. Leadership presence is about who you are as a person and how you appear in front of others. If you weren’t born with it, you can still attain it by … learning and applying it.