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Top Tips for Hiring a Seychelles Wedding Planner

Just imagine your dream wedding on one the most photographed beaches in the world, Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue. The sand sparkles against a backdrop of towering granite boulders framed by the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. La Digue, preserves its unspoilt beauty, by shunning cars in favour of ox carts, protecting its abundance of indigenous plants, birds and of course its local hospitality and cuisine.

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Top Tips for Hiring a Seychelles Wedding Planner

  1. 1. A good weddingnplanner 8 Organizer can e a great inveshnentandlunng thenishoukibethefnst thing you do. Wedding Wedding Planners Organizers These top tips for hiring a wedding planner will get YOU STARTED Pick a personal wedding planner who understands your vision 'Ir'| "H‘1lH"Hlll‘ HH§H§H Choose the top wedding Elanner with local nowledge. Your Wedding Organizer Should be Well Connected With Pick Someone Who Understands your Vision No matter how impressed you are with your wedding planner's ortfolio, if they don't understand your vision an the type of wedding you and your partner want, they are just not right for you. Wedding Photographers . So pick a Weddin Planner who understands your Baker’ Caterer» Flonst» vision and rovi e ways to put your ideas into Ma1<€fU13 AIUSI. ractise rat er than trying to persuade you to follow Hairstylist their set plan. For Weddings 8 Honeymoons in Seychelles ax; Visit: www. mariyaz—kreole. com Contact Mariyaz_ Kreole, a personal and professional wedding planner in Seychelles. [nfographic Created by MAC Design Inc. } 200 Guests