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Splunk user group - automating Splunk with Ansible

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A talk I gave at the London Splunk User Group in July of 2014. A brief overview of why choose Ansible over the other options, then some live demos of configuring certain bits of Splunk with Ansible. Intended to be a taster of what's possible. All the Ansible playbooks are shared on Github, the link to which is in the presentation.

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Splunk user group - automating Splunk with Ansible

  1. 1. Automating Splunk Configuration Mark Phillips
  2. 2. Topics • Which tool? • Demo: Configuration storage • Demo: Enabling forwarding • Demo: Installing and managing forwarders • Demo: Maintaining apps
  3. 3. About Me • Linux tinkerer since 1992 • Automating stuff since 1993 • “Done time” in small organisations through to Investment Banks • I’m lazy
  4. 4. –Albert Einstein “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”
  5. 5. Infrastructure as code
  6. 6. Ansible • Agent less • SSH for transport • Common language - YAML • Easy to learn quickly
  7. 7. Learn More • Slides from DevOps Cardif (Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible) • Blog post I wrote last year • Splunk's recent blog on Splunk + Ansible • Get started with Ansible
  8. 8. El Reg: "Are your servers PETS or CATTLE?"
  9. 9. (The Splunk GUI is fine for managing a small estate)
  10. 10. (But as you get larger, really you need more help: automation)
  11. 11. Demos Github repo used to build the demos: http://github.com/phips/splunkbox/tree/jldemo
  12. 12. Ansible Tower http://www.ansible.com/tower
  13. 13. Mark Phillips mark@vntx.cc @vntxuk Blog: probably.co.uk