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The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry Update 2017

An In-depth Industry Study on the Incumbent Players and Types of Products Offered

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The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry Update 2017

  1. 1. The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry Update 2017 Brought to you by: Engalco-Research
  2. 2. ABSTRACT An In-depth Industry Study on the Incumbent Players and Types of Products Offered This very substantial update on the January 2016 first issue includes silicon- based RF chip-sets (SiGe BiCMOS, RF CMOS, etc.) as well as compound semiconductor-based. Total addressable markets are included (separately for diodes, transistors & MMICs/RFICs) for year 2016 and year 2022.
  3. 3. Background and Methodology This report has effectively emerged from background research relating to many facets of the global RF/microwave semiconductors industry. The author has generated substantial material relating to companies offering RF diodes and transistors (i.e. discrete devices) as well as monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) – including radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Operating frequencies for the types of products considered range from around 300 MHz to over 110 GHz. Detailed contacting has been maintained with key executives within the industry — international manufacturers as well as distributor companies. Research always starts with obtaining details of all identifiable end-user contracts and developments, i.e. a mainly top-down approach is followed. The probable emergence of disruptive technologies and changes affecting end-user sectors is also taken into account. The term “invasion” is generally used for on-coming MMIC product developments that promise to have significant impact on the industry. All aspects are studied and reported upon in depth.
  4. 4. Length Publisher Published Date 69 Pages Engalco February 8, 2017 Table of Contents Executive Summary Section A: Product Design, Players & Sales Networks Section B: Discrete RF/Microwave Semiconductors Section C: MMICs/RFICs Technologies, Industry Structure and Dynamics Select Tables Table ES-1 Notably Influential Companies Table ES-2 Identified Manufacturers of Diodes and/or Transistors Table A-1 RF/Microwave Semiconductor Device Players by Product Category Table A-2 Firms Excluded Here (but were included in the earlier report) Table A-3 Notably Influential Companies Table A-4 Companies Having Annual Revenues Around or Exceeding US$1BN Table A-5 Companies Having Annual Revenues in the Hundreds of US$M League Learn more about this report
  5. 5. ABOUT THE PUBLISHER Since 1994 Engalco has researched, completed and released several industry and market studies. A further group of such studies were released during 2002. In 2003 Engalco published a new study for the defense and space sectors. The firm has been responsible for many electronics-industry consultancy contracts, with companies such as Hitachi, and KMI. Engalco has developed business plans for high-technology operations, including EMC testing facilities for one specific client. Board-level support has been provided for a UK- headquartered technology concern, focusing on acquisition strategy for US technology companies. View more reports from this publisher Other Titles from this Publisher The CS MMICs Report Amplifiers, Oscillators and Integrated Microwave Assemblies
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