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Publishers as Marketing Agencies: The Content Marketing Effect

As publishers see continued erosion of ad revenue and readership, advertisers are shifting their dollars to digital, hiring writers and building their own audiences. In short, brands are becoming publishers, and investing resources in content marketing that were once earmarked for traditional media.

However, opportunities are arising for publishers to evolve, and to become key players in the modern marketing agency ecosystem. The can leverage their built in audiences, talent, and ability to scale content production to create new revenue streams, and highly evolved business models.

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Publishers as Marketing Agencies: The Content Marketing Effect

  1. 1. Publishers  as  Agencies The  Content  Marke-ng  Effect Jan.  26,  2013 Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer Founder  &  CEO,  PR  20/20   Author  of  The  Marke)ng  Agency  Blueprint
  2. 2. Agenda• An  Evolving  Industry  and  Ecosystem• Rise  of  Hybrid  Professionals• Publishers  as  Agencies• Q  &  A @PaulRoetzer
  3. 3. “It’s  not  about  who  we   are,  but  what  we,  as  markePngs  agencies,  have   the  poten4al  to  be.” @PaulRoetzer
  4. 4. An  Evolving  Industry
  5. 5. 8  million  viewers  live  on  YouTube 50  million  views  in  four  daysphoto credit: cattias.photos
  6. 6. 1  million+  visitors  per  month 449,000+  Facebook  likes 266,000+  TwiTer  followers 60,000+  leads  per  month
  7. 7. 120,000+  views  (published  1/10/13)
  8. 8. Brands  are  publishers,  but  .  .  .
  9. 9. There  is  a  talent  gap.Many  lack  the  ability  to  tell  engaging  stories. They  are  not  structured  to  scale  content. It’s  difficult  to  break  through  the  noise. Building  reach  (and  influence)  is  hard.
  10. 10. “Agencies  that  provide  strong,  mul4-­‐media  content  services  are  a  rare  and  valuable  asset   in  the  new  ecosystem.”   —  The  Marke)ng  Agency  Blueprint
  11. 11. Publishers? @PaulRoetzer
  12. 12. 1)  Change  Velocity• Technology  innovaPon• Consumer  behavior• Business  soware• Online  applicaPons• CommunicaPon  paTerns• MarkePng  philosophies• Management  systems @PaulRoetzer
  13. 13. Forrester  forecasts  interac4ve  marke4ng     spending  will  reach  $77  billion  by  2016. @PaulRoetzer
  14. 14. 2)  SelecPve  ConsumpPon• Basic  principle  behind  inbound  marke4ng• Consumers  tuning  out  tradiPonal  markePng• Brands  lose  control,  but  gain  loyalty• Shiing  budgets  to  digital• Brands  become  storytellers• The  era  of  integrated  services @PaulRoetzer
  15. 15. @PaulRoetzer
  16. 16. @PaulRoetzer
  17. 17. 33%  of  budget  spent  on  content  marke4ng
  18. 18. 45%  plan  to  increase  spending  in  2013 @PaulRoetzer
  19. 19. @PaulRoetzer
  20. 20. 3)  Success  Factors
  21. 21. “CMOs  today  are  under  increasing  pressure  to  provide   quan4fiable  evidence  of  how  their  markePng  expenditure  is  helping  the  organizaPon  achieve  its  goals.  They  also  have  to  hire  people  with  the  right  mix  of  financial,  technical  and  digital  skills  and  become  savvier  in  such  areas  themselves.”  —  IBM  Global  Chief  MarkePng  Officer  Study,  2011
  22. 22. Marke4ng  ROI  tops  the  measurement  list. Source:  IBM  Global  Chief  Marke)ng  Officer  Study,  2011 @PaulRoetzer
  23. 23. @PaulRoetzer
  24. 24. 71%  of  clients  cited  accountability  as  the  main  area  of  frustraPon   with  agencies,  as  CEOs  and  board  levels  demand  greater   markePng  ROI  effecPveness.   —  Source:  Avidan  Strategies  Report,  via  MediaPost
  25. 25. Rise  of  Hybrid  Professionals
  26. 26. “The  marketers,  the  publishers,  the  ad  tech  companies,  the  agencies,  data  management  companies  —  they’re  all   going  for  the  same  type  of  employee.”  —  John  Ebbert,  managing  editor  of  AdExchanger.com,  as   quoted  in  the  New  York  Times
  27. 27. The  CMO’s  Expanding  Role
  28. 28. “Most  CMOs  are  underprepared  to  manage  the  impact  of   key  changes  in  the  markePng  arena.” Source:  IBM  Global  Chief  Marke)ng  Officer  Study,  2011 @PaulRoetzer
  29. 29. The  future  of  markePng  belongs  to  the  generalists,   the  hybrids. @PaulRoetzer
  30. 30. Hybrid  Professional  Traits• Analyst• CreaPve• Intrinsically  moPvated• Listener• Social  web  savvy• Strategic• Tech  savvy• Team  player• Writer @PaulRoetzer
  31. 31. Content  Marke4ng• Build  editorial  strategies.  • Develop  and  acPvate   distribu4on  plans.• Create  effecPve  copywri4ng  that   is  buyer-­‐persona  focused,   opPmized,  technically  sound  and   results  driven.• Tell  your  brand  story.• Integrate  content  into  social,   search,  PR,  lead  nurturing  and   customer  loyalty  strategies. @PaulRoetzer
  32. 32.  80%  of  chief  markePng  officers  think  integrated  services  will   increase  in  importance  over  the  next  five  years,  according  to   a  study  by  The  Horn  Group  and  Kelton  Research.  
  33. 33. However,  in  the  same  study,  60%  of  CMOs  indicated  that  they   are  unable  to  find  an  integrated  firm  to  meet  those  needs.
  34. 34. Publishers  as  Agencies
  35. 35. Opportunities
  36. 36. Create  and  distribute  content,  in  and  out  of  network. Produce  sponsored  content  (aka  naPve  adverPsing). Tap  exisPng  adver4sing  partnerships. Offer  integrated  services.  Content  isn’t  enough. Grow  your  own  reach  and  influence.
  37. 37. “Publishers  are  masterful  content  creators,  and   they  are  able  to  charge  a  premium  for  the   services  they  offer  by  leveraging  their  market   research,  exisPng  distribu4on  pla[orms,  and   even  the  talent  from  their  editorial  teams.” —  Andrew  Davis,  author,  Brandscaping @PaulRoetzer
  38. 38. The  opportunity  for  media  companies  is  to  create  content  that’s  compelling  for  users  on  behalf  of  adver4sers.  That  doesn’t  mean  it  has  to  be  naPve,  but  the  skills  in  telling  stories  are  quite  valuable  to   marketers  as  they  build  audience  themselves. —  Paul  Rossi,  managing  director,  The  Economist
  39. 39. “The  agency  model  is  absolutely  under  fire  from  every  direcPon,   and  if  you  look  at  most  great  publishers  out  there,  including   BuzzFeed,  they’re  very  much  an  agency-­‐solu4ons  company  cloaked  in  a  media  model.  If  I  were  a  publisher  right  now,  I’d  be   doing  the  same  thing."—  John  McCarus,  SVP  and  pracPce  lead  of  brand  content,  Digitas  
  40. 40. Na4ve  Adver4sing @PaulRoetzer
  41. 41. @PaulRoetzer
  42. 42. Obstacles
  43. 43. CompePPon  for  talent  will  be  intense. IntegraPon  of  services  isn’t  easy. Change  velocity  requires  nimble  business  models. Maintaining  editorial  integrity  and  content  quality. Brands  are  building  their  own  reach.
  44. 44. @PaulRoetzer
  45. 45. “The  insight  I  had  seven  years  ago  is  that  inside  every  great  brand  is  an  idea  and  that  idea  used  to   be  solely  translated  to  commercials  or  print  ads.   We  take  that  idea  and  turn  that  into  content.” —  Spencer  Baim,  Virtue  
  46. 46. Publishers? @PaulRoetzer
  47. 47. Thank  You Paul  Roetzer paul@pr2020.com www.PR2020.com  www.MarkePngAgencyInsider.com @PaulRoetzer