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Moderní management Windows 10

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Prezentace VMware z konference Virtualization Forum 2018
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, 25.10.2018

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Moderní management Windows 10

  1. 1. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. Moderní management Windows 10 Michal Minařík EUC System Engineer mminarik@vmware.com @minarik_cz
  2. 2. The Way We Work Is Changing at a Dramatic Pace Yet Windows remains central to how work gets done.
  3. 3. Where we work + how we work has changed And will continue to change 44% of millennials think their workspace isn’t smart enough Work after business hours Do some business from home Would quit a job with poor technology Say technology influences the job they take 60% 2/3 42% 82%
  4. 4. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 4 Total Cost of Ownership of the PC The PC isn’t the most expensive part of your device fleet Management and Support 80%20% Initial PC Purchase Price
  5. 5. Modern PC Management is Key to Workforce and IT Transformation TRADITIONAL MODERN DEPLOYMENT PATCHING SECURITY CONFIGURATION APP MANAGEMENT 62% CHEAPER High-touch On-network only Poor compliance Resource intensive Slow response Out-of-box; day one productivity Over-the-air, across any network Cloud-powered; always up-to-date Cloud-scale with zero CapEx Real-time with intelligent insights
  6. 6. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 6 Easing the Journey to Modern Management with Workspace ONE Flexible paths to meet where you are on your Windows 10 Modern Management journey COMPLEMENT Selectively move specific devices to modern management TRANSITION Move high-pain tasks to modern management using VMware Airlift co- management TRANSFORM Full migration to modern management to maximize benefits
  7. 7. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 7 Consistent Onboarding Experience Simplified IT processes To support heterogeneity 
 in employee profiles and devices platforms A cloud-first model for better control and flexibility, while providing users a consistent 
 and productive experience Manage the full device lifecycle across smartphones, desktops, rugged and even IoT Easy employee onboarding 
 with over-the-air provisioning of devices using push technologies and self-service capabilities 7 https://youtu.be/9R8gYChNOiE https://youtu.be/voePjQmfZFw https://youtu.be/1UPgoNa8h7E https://youtu.be/bENKdTo32x0
  8. 8. Streamlined Factory Provisioning with Dell Deployment Services Cloud Configuration + Workspace ONE Agent configured in factory. Workspace ONE configures device at first power on. Factory Distributor Integrator IT End User Secure, pre-configured Dell hardware straight from the factory to the user LEGACY PC DEPLOYMENT MODERN PC DEPLOYMENT Custom Factory Image + Workspace ONE Apps and settings configured in factory. Ideal for heavier app footprint. Dell ProDeploy and ProSupport provide complete services across configuration, logistics, integration, migration, asset resale and recycle.
  9. 9. Demo: Zero touch onboarding https://youtu.be/1vG_8kGc-qI
  10. 10. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 10 Cloud-Based Modern Management with Dell and VMware Configure and Update Settings Across the PC Stack DELL CLIENT COMMAND SUITE Firmware / BIOS and Driver Management VMWARE WORKSPACE ONE PLATFORM Modern Management of OS Update, Patch and Company Policy APP ACCESS Identity / App Management DELL DATA GUARDIAN File-Level Encryption
  11. 11. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 11 Demo: Modern management to firmware level https://youtu.be/r4-iAN0Iy18
  12. 12. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 12 Frictionless Access to Any App Reduce Help Desk Calls by 47% and Save Hundreds of Dollars Per User in VPN Costs • One place for all business apps with single-sign on and self service install • Streamlined user experience across all devices • Per app VPN tunnel with traffic filtering to better protect corporate data
  13. 13. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 13 https://youtu.be/AeTQaGYrHHw
  14. 14. Workspace ONE Intelligence & Trust Network Integrated Insights: Get complete visibility into your digital workspace and enable data driven decisions across your entire environment. App Analytics: Optimize app development and deployments across the organization to quickly resolve issues, reduce escalations and increase user experience. Powerful Automation: Automate processes to increase security hygiene across your environment, meet compliance requirements and increase employee productivity. Workspace ONE Intelligence Aggregate Correlate Insights Automate INGESTION DECISIONS APTELIGENT IDM HORIZON REPORTS DASHBOARDS NOTIFICATIONS ACTIONS UEM TRUST
 PARTNERS Insights and automation for the modern digital workspace
  15. 15. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 15 Demo: CVE Integration with Windows OS Updates https://youtu.be/CNYDdSwwxQo
  16. 16. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. 16 Demo: Keylogger attack and remediation https://youtu.be/q5eECBFT-yc
  17. 17. Confidential │ ©2018 VMware, Inc. Thank You! Michal Minařík mminarik@vmware.com