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Restoration Pro 24 Water Mitigation

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How to handle a water mitigation situation. Hiring the right company for the job.

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Restoration Pro 24 Water Mitigation

  1. 1. Water and Fire Mitigation Services
  2. 2. Water Mitigation - Assess the damage. Get On Top Of It This is one of the most devastating events to occur in a home or office. Our certified water mitigation specialist will assess the damage quickly and get to work right away. When your home or office floods it is imperative to get the cleanup process started right away. Standing water causes more damage the longer it sits.
  3. 3. Water Mitigation - A certified contractor. Certified Specialist. As an IICRC contractor we can assure you that the job will be done right. Every one of our customers receives a Dry Home Certificate when the job is complete.
  4. 4. Water Mitigation - Satisfaction Guarantee We Have You Covered Our company is built on integrity. You can rest assured that if you hire Restoration Pro 24 your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will put it in writing.