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10 Top global PR Agency Facebook Pages

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With its highly engaging environment and 800 million-plus user base, Facebook represents unlimited opportunities for companies looking to establish brand presence and develop long-standing relationships with customers and fans. Many public relations and marketing professionals have found success in building communities around their brands (and their clients’ brands) and adapted their communication strategies to be more “Facebook-friendly.” In this week’s Pulse, see if you can glean some tips from these world PR agency leaders who also lead in connecting, contributing and communicating online. We think you’ll find plenty to learn from here, and even more to “like.”

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10 Top global PR Agency Facebook Pages

  1. 1. Friends in High Places 10 Top Global PRAgency Facebook Pages
  2. 2. Friends in High Places 10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook PagesWe started our worldwide hunt for the best agency Facebook pages with The HolmesReport Global Top 250 ranking of PR firms in hand as a trusted guidebook. From there,we scoured the social media sphere to analyze what these agency conglomerates andnetworks are doing to actively engage their online communities. And like the best tripsonline and off, we made several friends along the away.As you know, we’re not fans of the numbers game. So you won’t find many agencieswith massive numbers of “fans” here. Those featured that do have impressivefollowings actually made the cut because of how they’re using social media – whatthey’re sharing, who they mention, the quality of their content and the depth of theirengagement strategy. See if you can glean some tips from these world revenue leaderswho are also taking the lead in connecting, contributing and communicating online.We think you’ll find plenty to learn from here—and even more to “like.”
  3. 3. 1. MSL Group Paris & Beyond: Sharing Content As #5 in The Holmes Report ranking, MSL Group features network members worldwide and offers a full-service PR experience. Its website home page is a multimedia goldmine, with whitepapers, photos and videos to engage with and enjoy. It also features social sharing icons on all blog posts and each navigation tab offers a different SlideShare feature. The result: You want to stay on the site—and the Paris offices offer a particularly engaging library of digital content. Our favorite part about MSL Group’s Facebook page is its consistent content platform. The group shares its point of view often via its blog here. It frequently features other people. And the group has created an e-magazine to teach customers about Facebook. For its finesse in creating and sharing content, we give MSL a thumbs-up.Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  4. 4. 2. Edelman NYC & Beyond: Mastering Multimedia OK, we admit – this one has some big numbers. With a Facebook fan page that enjoys over 12K fans, Edelman is listed as #1 on The Holmes Report ranking. Put those digits together and you get the makings for a social media crush (we’re smitten). Edelman gets high marks for its open sharing. It allows other people outside the company to freely post to its Facebook wall (that’s increasingly rare, by the way). It actively engages with visitors—and even offers a widget that allows others to include Edelman content on their own web site. Edelman’s website is rich with social media share icons and its blog is multi-author. Add in the videos and webinars … and we confess we have found our social media BFF.Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  5. 5. 3. Grayling London & Beyond: Marrying Local to Global Ranked #13 on The Holmes Report listing, Grayling offers a Facebook fan page for every single one of its network locations. It’s true. We lost count at a dozen. Whether it’s in Ireland, Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden and beyond, you will find an interesting blend of local stories and audience-appropriate conversation on each fan page. Grayling’s divide-and-conquer local strategy for its Facebook fan pages bucks the trend. Most of the larger firms control their brands out from a central location, both online and off. Grayling instead features a local connection, in sharp alignment with its local-engagement revenue model. Via its localized fan pages, Grayling is clearly walking its talk. We like that.Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  6. 6. 4. Dentsu Public Relations Osaka & Beyond: Empowering Connections Dentsu Public Relations sits #20 worldwide with $80M in revenue. Yes, its social media numbers aren’t stunning (yet!)—but 50 years and counting ranks for something. Many firms that have "aged well" have not really embraced social media at all. Dentsu’s third-party resource sharing is what sets it apart on its Facebook page. Not only does the page provide links from other industry experts, but the information there is also highly relevant to its audience and shows a willingness to provide value without hogging the spotlight. The firm shows up across multiple social media channels, its members love sharing photographs, and they are generous in extending credit to others. We predict those numbers won’t stay small for long.Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  7. 7. 5. FSB CommunicationsRio de Janeiro & Beyond: Launching with Commitment FSB Communications is another top-ranked agency with a newly launched Facebook presence. As #24 on The Homes Report list with $50M in revenues, this agency is one to watch. Even though the firm just joined Facebook, it already has more fans than some other larger agencies. We appreciate the agency’s commitment. You can already see the beginnings of a great social media foundation in the content FSB includes on its page. It talks about philanthropy, strategy and mindset, and also addresses the firm’s Facebook approach. The entry where the firm announced that, going forward, all communication announcements would run through its Facebook page won us over. That’s commitment. That’s what it takes. Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  8. 8. 6. ICF International Fairfax & Beyond: Spotlighting Philanthropy ICF is an anomaly on this list. While its services as an agency include strategic marketing and communications, the company also deals in IT solutions, customer satisfaction, benchmarking and far, far more. That said, we love that ICF’s social media icons are featured front and center on its home page. We also love that the firm is active across multiple social media channels. We love that its “Contact Us” pages feature its social media presence. And we appreciate that an agency that ranks 34th in the world is going the distance with social. It’s tough to point out any one thing that is impressive on the company’s Facebook page. It’s all quite compelling—from the photos and videos, to the active visitor engagement to the philanthropic focus and community engagement. ICF is doing so many things right, it deserves a big gold star (and its numbers aren’t so bad, either).Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  9. 9. 7. Scholz & Friends Berlin & Beyond: Sparking with Snark The modern personality and verve belying this company’s social media focus is inspiring. Its Facebook fan page numbers are pretty decent, but more than that … we like the firm’s unconventional willingness to be a little silly and fun. Being #40 in the world according to The Holmes Report ranking doesn’t hurt either. Overall, we have to give the agency very good marks. Scholz and Friends’ Facebook page exhibits snark, vibrancy and modern relevance. The company even allowed a visitor post to run on its page that included “blue language.” Limited or no censorship (i.e., lots of transparency), humor, attitude and a demonstration of values by telling engaging client stories is a huge social media win. For style and guts, we give Scholz’s a huge thumbs up!Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  10. 10. 8. Llorente & Cuenca Barcelona & Beyond: Grabbing with Graphics We have to give Llorente & Cuenca props. We don’t like how its social media icons are a little hard to find, but we feel that being #51 on The Holmes Report list earns them some slack here. With that caveat aside, the firm shows up on multiple social media channels. For starters, check out its SlideShare presence. And its Facebook fan page features some decent numbers. We love how nearly every one of the company’s status updates includes graphics. It’s a lively, beautiful page that makes you want to get to know the firm better and helps you feel like you already do. Add the third- party resource link sharing into the mix and you’ve got a winner. Viva la L&C!Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  11. 11. 9. Professional Public Relations Sydney & Beyond: Connecting with Questions We admit that the fun and sparkle of Professional Public Relations of Australia’s website caught our attention. They are #62 on the world list, so the firm is far more than just a pretty face. PPR’s fun attitude on its Facebook page is refreshing. Our favorite thing, and what makes the company especially worth mentioning, is its consistent use of call to action. Its Facebook page lists contests, regularly asks for opinions, and is replete with engaging questions and polls. The use of its social media platform as a connector that encourages interaction is so much better than the billboard “blast-n-brag” pages we passed up for inclusion here. Kudos to PPR!Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  12. 12. 10. Weber Shandwick NYC & Beyond: Inspiring Brand Advocates A ranking of #2 on The Holmes Report global listing gets your foot in the door. What you do with that opportunity is what keeps you there. We really like Weber Shandwick’s Facebook page. This one even gets the numbers, with closet to 3,900 likes at last count. For the finale, this one has it all: Multimedia videos and photos, third-party resource links, gratitude expression, frequent featuring of others, multi-author posting, allowance of non- company generated wall postings, philanthropy and community involvement, and fun, fun, fun. All our bells were ringing and we think yours will be, too. Like many others, Weber Shandwicks agency site doesnt have its social media icons prominently displayed, but maybe they’re just shy…Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  13. 13. Bonus: National Public RelationsMontreal & Beyond: Taking Home Team Advantage Sometimes we enjoy showing our natural loyalties instead of simply featuring a variety of choices for you. With Canada being the Marketwire+Sysomos home base (and home of many who enjoy reading and sharing these Pulses), we wanted to give a bonus nod to National, a subsidiary of Res Publica, which also owns Cohn & Wolfe/Canada. Res Publica/National certainly has earned its place among the bigs, coming in at #27 on The Holmes Report ranking. Its Facebook page also deserves a big agency mention. The firm’s vast collection of photos, especially fun ones with balloons and smiles, is endearing. Its mentions of appreciation and recognition to employees, partners and clients are on the mark. Its social media icons are displayed on its homepage and its numbers are growing, so consider this our Maple Leaf indulgence!Friends in High Places -10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook Pages
  14. 14. Friends in High Places 10 Top Global PR Agency Facebook PagesThe Big Players Get the Attention they Deserve...The reason we research and publish these lists is to bring you some freshperspectives. We don’t want to rehash the same things everyone else does. Becauseof this, we don’t always focus in on the larger, heavily covered and more traditionalPR firms and their holding companies. Hopefully, this collection of worldwidemega-firms gives them some of the face time they deserve – while also giving therest of us a savvy sampling of social media best practices.The companies featured here are winners – both in revenue levels, incrediblenetwork reach and … Facebook finesse. We couldn’t get to all of those that deservea mention, so let us know which firms you’d add. Everyone deserves due credit andtheir 15 minutes of fame!
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