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10 ways social media monitoring builds brands and drives sales

  1. Unstructured & dispersed data
  2. Multiple languages
  3. High signal-to-noise ratio and SPAM
  4. Choose how and who to interact with
  5. Influencer identification
  6. Feedback/customer insight
  7. Sentiment analysis
  8. Competitive/industry insight
  9. Lead generation
  10. Customer service
  11. Public relations
  12. Activity audit/ROI measurement
  13. Vertical
  14. Diggs
  15. Delicious bookmarks
  16. Posting frequency
  17. Number of comments
  20. Reach
  21. Number of tweets
  22. RSS feed circulation

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Created without the use of IP address which is not accurate with social media due to the number of hosted platformsUncover markets and opportunities that may not have been apparentWhen you are looking to reach out to influencers or to tap into new markets you need an accurate way to identify geography
  2. Also important to understand where mentions of your brands are occurring on the social web and understand how this compares to the competitive set. Are there opportunities to dominate a vertical? What can we learn from why the MacBook for example has such a large percentage of its mentions coming from Forums… which forums are these?
  3. We also have clients that have discovered conversation themes that they were not aware existed. Here we have a buzz graph….
  4. Another way to analyze what people are saying about your brand is extract all entities (names of people, companies, industry terms etc) and to group these words into each classification. At a glance we can uncover all of the industry terms people are using when they are discussing the new Nissan Leaf
  5. As Mark referenced, a critical function of social media monitoring is crisis management
  6. During the lead up to the Dry Max rash complaints the conversation there was a significant amount of volume around the topic happening within forums and social media. These conversations were happening for a month before a tipping point was reached at which time it spilled over into mainstream media
  7. Another area Sysomos helps its clients in crisis management as well as listening is through the management of brands FacebookFanpages. We have seen a number of brand crisis situations where the main hub where a conversation blows up is on a fanpage.
  8. With the volume and speed in which content can be created its important to have that 30,000 foot view to understand the scope of a potential issue