Atlassian User Group NYC 092718 Event

28 Sep 2018

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Atlassian User Group NYC 092718 Event

  1. MARLON PALHA | CO-LEADER AUG NYC | SEPTEMBER 2018 Atlassian Summit 2018: Recap
  2. Agenda Community Updates Product Updates Recommended Talks Input from others
  4. Community Updates
  5. 68 21 AUG Leaders & Community Champions Countries
  6. Online Groups Launching • Available under • Community spaces for members to connect outside of in-person events • Ask questions, share presentations, engage with broader audience
  7. Online Groups Launching • Looking for moderators/admins/writers • Interested? Contact us
  8. Agenda Product Updates Community Updates Recommended Talks Input from others
  9. • OpsGenie and Jira Ops • Jira and Confluence Cloud user limit up to 5k • Jira Server Native Mobile App (coming soon) • Price increases • Jira Server (and DC) 8.0 - coming in late 2018 • Confluence Server will have improved search • Server Updates • Cloud Updates • Data Center Updates My main takeaways
  10. OpsGenie and Jira Ops
  11. MONITORING TOOLS ALERTS Routing rules Escalations On Call
  12. Jira Ops • Incident Command Center to handle: • Alert and escalate to others • Real-time chat • Incident communication • Customer service • Postmortem and tracking post-incident tasks
  13. Jira Ops • Cloud only • Free until early 2019 • Atlassian incident handbook • See 2 min product demo
  14. Atlassian Cloud Jira and Confluence user limit up to 5,000 now (EAP)
  15. Jira Server Native Mobile App (coming soon)
  16. Sign up to get notified Available soon for Android and iOS! https:// software/jira/mobile-app/ server
  17. Price increases!
  18. Price increases • Effective Oct 12, 2018 • Server - 25% <= 500; 15% > 500 • Cloud - 10% > 100 • Data Center - upgrade credit eliminated for Jira at 500 • Several renewal options at current prices
  19. Price increases • pricing-change • future-pricing
  20. Jira 8.0 coming
  21. Jira 8.0 • Coming late 2018 • More stable and faster esp. boards • Custom email notification settings • Batch email notifications • Shared filters and dashboards (multiple editors)
  22. Confluence Server Search revamp
  24. Server updates
  25. Server updates • JSD - automated approvals; customize portals (soon) • Jira - custom fields optimizer; shared filters/dashboards; customize email notifications (soon) • Bitbucket - new diagnostic tool for system health • Crowd - Delegate management of groups (soon)
  26. Cloud updates
  27. Cloud updates • Performance increase - Jira 25%; Confluence 20% • Data Centers - new locations (Ireland &Sydney) • Access - Okta & MS AD (now incl. Trello) • Security/Privacy - GDPR, Soc 2 Type II, ISO (3 types) • Confluence - Slack integration; new editor • Bitbucket - rebuilding pull requests for code reviews • JSD - redesigned focusing on knowledge, mobile • Jira - Bento UI; agility templates for user projects
  28. Bento UI
  29. Bento UI
  30. Confluence Editor
  31. Confluence Editor
  32. Data Center updates
  33. Data Center updates • Project archiving - remove projects in 2 clicks • Performance increase - Jira up to 25% after archiving; Confluence 30% decrease in server operations time • Data Center Approved Apps - worked with vendors to ensure stability and performance • Confluence - read-only mode • Bitbucket Data Center migration tool - import from multiple Server to one DC (soon)
  34. Agenda Input from Others Community Updates Recommended Talks Product Updates
  35. • OpsGenie and Jira Ops • Jira and Confluence Cloud user limit up to 5k • Jira Server Native Mobile App (coming soon) • Price increases • Jira Server (and DC) 8.0 - coming in late 2018 • Confluence Server will have improved search • Server Updates • Cloud Updates • Data Center Updates My main takeaways
  36. Agenda Recommended Talks Community Updates Product Updates Input from others
  37. • Dream Teams - Shane Snow • Ship It Live - Dom Price • The User’s Community - Fabian Lopez • Goal setting with OKRs - Otto Ruettinger • Why you’re failing your remote workers - Vincent Kok • Anatomy of Distributed Team - Marat Kiniabulatov • 7 secrets for leading a team remotely - Josh Devenny • Bridging cross functional teams - Ben Mackie • How Open Work is Changing Team Talks I enjoyed • SotU’s Server/Data Center/Cloud
  39. Improve your IT Service Management with Atlassian Software NYC Atlassian User Group
  40. Steven Meadows Atlassian Technical Consultant 2
  41. 3
  42. Objectives Introduce some of the core concepts of IT Service Management and Atlassian’s approach. Help you better deal with incidents and service requests using the Atlassian stack. Explore some add-ons that can extend your ITSM solution. 4
  43. Agenda Atlassian Approach to IT Service Management Incident Management Service Management Extending Jira Service Desk 5
  44. Atlassian Approach to ITSM IT Team Tasks Problem Service Request Incident Change Comms Collaboration Knowledge Docs Service 6
  45. Adapt to evolving ITSM needs Service Desk Service Request Incident Problem Change Application support team project 2 Developers Workplace support team project 1 Users 7
  46. Lean approach to adopting ITIL ITIL Certified Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Service Request Management 8
  47. Agenda Atlassian Approach to IT Service Management Incident Management Service Management Extending Jira Service Desk 9
  48. Incident management email conferencing CRMdata storage payroll purchasing IT SERVICES website Alert StatusPage Jira Service Desk Hipchat Jira Software Confluence 10
  49. Incident response priorities Respond effectively Recover fast and define accountability Communicate clearly Be open and minimize distractions Collaborate effectively Solve issues faster with team Improve continuously Learn and stay objective Incident 11
  50. Incident MTTR Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) websitewebsite Mean Time to Diagnose (MTTD) 70% of time 70% time consumed in this phaseIdentify & Communicate Investigate & Diagnosis Resolve & Recover Closure Alert ? ? ? ! Incident 12
  51. Identify & communicate service outage Identify & Communicate IncidentWebsite Service Outage Alerts Incident 13
  52. StatusPage Builds trust Cuts support costs Always up 14
  53. | Private Incident 15
  54. | Private Incident 16
  55. Automation Rules Automation of repetitive tasks to save time and streamline IT support Classify urgent issues to increase IT team awareness Incident 17
  56. Runbook KB articles are automatically associated with the incident, so agents can quickly start troubleshooting Easy access to knowledge base articles for Agents Incident 18
  57. IT documentation Manage and collaborate around critical IT documentation Define Runbook incident troubleshooting guides to help IT staff quickly respond to major outages KB articles for users and IT staff Incident 19
  58. Investigate & Diagnose SLA Investigating incidentsIncident What changed? Recent release? HipChat Incident Room Incident 20
  59. Powerful SLAs for proactive support Ensures important issues are sorted to the top queue Keeps support focused on what matters Incident 21
  60. ChatOps Places tools in the middle of conversation Leverages team knowledge Collaborate in real-time Lower incident MTTR Incident 22
  61. Incident swarming Incident ChatOps 23
  62. Incident 24
  63. Incident Change Requests Resolve & Recover Closure Actions! Confluence PIR Software backlog Resolving incidentsIncident 25
  64. Incident resolution Easily resolve incidents while capturing important information for future reporting Link the incident to software bugs or change requests Use automation rules to keep linked issues updated Incident 26
  65. of incident reviews are forgotten 70% Incident 27
  66. Post incident reviews Capture critical insights to document what went wrong and shared lessons learned Standardize the PIR process to improve service quality Incidet Incident 28
  67. Incident Management Atlassian places IT teams on the fastest path to incident resolution Lower incident MTTR Provide IT teams with the tools they need to minimize service outage time Communicate clearly Improve customer communication during service disruptions Improve collaboration Breakdown barriers and solve incidents faster with connected teams Share and learn Learn from major incidents and share those insights with IT and Dev teams to improve service quality Incident 29
  68. Agenda Atlassian Approach to IT Service Management Incident Management Service Management Extending Jira Service Desk 30
  69. Service request management password reset new MacBook Pro account setup how can I? email help! email alias change VPN assistance where do I find? website down! 31
  70. Service request priorities Think ‘customer first’ Focus on what customers need the most from service request catalogue Focus on popular requests Build from there based on usage and feedback Integrated knowledge Give users easy access to knowledge base articles Service Request 32
  71. Access entire service desk from a single search portal Easily find popular service desks or recent requests Central portal for service desk Service Request 33
  72. Create the request for yourself or on behalf of another user Easily include approvals Simple to understand and complete Customer portal Service Request 34
  73. Service request fulfillment: IT agents get work done faster Collaborate with team members Access KB articles to share with customers or assist agents Service request details and SLAs Service Request 35
  74. Service request catalog administration Measure the effectiveness of KB articles Easily create and manage a service catalog with JIRA Service Desk Request Types Implement automation rules to improve service request response Configure SLAs that keep IT teams focused on delivering top quality self- service Service Request 36
  75. Simple self-service Make it easy to ask for help and find answers Answers are a search away Find answers while deflecting support tickets to reduce the IT teams workload Streamline request fulfillment Give IT teams the tools they need to fulfill requests Service catalog made easy Easily manage and deliver value to your entire organization Service Request Management Atlassian enables IT teams to deliver amazing service ? Search Service Request 37
  76. Building the new shape of ITSM 38
  77. Agenda Atlassian Approach to IT Service Management Incident Management Service Management Extending Jira Service Desk 39
  78. • Synchronize parent and sub-tasks • Comment on related issues on resolve • Add sub-tasks on issue creation • Auto-assign issues • Re-open issue on customer comment • Automate creation from monitoring • Monthly recurring tasks • Automatically respond to known errors • Send SMS for high priority issues • Identify SLA breaches and react Automation for Jira 41
  79. 42
  80. Extension for Jira Service Desk 43
  81. Jira Ops? 44
  82. Thank you! Questions? 45
  83. Resources (ITSM videos and tutorials by Atlassian) service-desk?hosting=server&tab=overview (Extension for Jira Service Desk) jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overview (Automation for Jira) (Jira Ops) 46