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  1. CALENDAR CARTOGRAPHY ARK PRODUCTS IN GLASS MDIA Contents V1 Calendars and Tasks V2 Gates and Bridge V3 Virtual Integrity
  2. SYNERGY WILL ADD TO THIS PROCESS Combining the product and the Infrastructure will assimilate a new world economy… 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 2 x1000 In billions Compiled & Configured See Slide 24 After Events are Compiled see next
  3. EVENTS We are working to attribute the 50-year Glass Path of Scientific Assets and Product Investment to a competitive task driven matrix of events based on diacritical marks of the progression of each time bucket of the Portfolio 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 3 From Glass Cars and New Ark Products The assignment of start and end dates changes the position of milestone attribution
  4. BUSINESS MODEL RESEARCH Our research is based on mentorship by the Morning Star and dedicated prayerlife as Glass in Ark Mode of Production is based on God’s Methods ABSTRACT We believe people need more advanced products specifically dedicated to advanced production techniques DESIGN Industrial Physics are necessary for the future of intelligent design. There are many binary versions of glass in the science journals now. 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 4 Concept Planning creates the View to develop Prototype and Intellectual Property Investment
  5. CALENDAR OVERVIEW 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 5 Theoretical Dates
  6. ARK BASED SOLUTION CLOSE THE GAP Binary Systems can not build dimensionally, and it is necessary for us to acquire new methods of building and new science and technology to advance COST SAVINGS The entire glass process will replace the necessity of government taxation, jurisdictions, elected officials and usury methods of banking TARGET AUDIENCE All peoples are necessary to the glass process and of all ages and backgrounds EASE IN USE The necessary tools will be mentored by the Morning Star to make glass production manageable and less cumbersome than it first appears as novice beginners 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 6
  7. VRD VRD or Variable Rate Demand is a foil-based method of data distribution for deriving an integral composition 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 7 The Numbers become more integral due to longer string- based relations
  8. FURY . Statistical results on VRD mix compared to Product Load 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 8 Critical Path = T Stat on an annual basis Thru put difference 115836 -115100 = 736 -707.5 = 28.5 load T&M 552.95-552.68 =.27 incumbent See Production Overview Arrows are relational not exact R=95.3 /7= See Slide 10,11 771.8 Slide 22
  9. PRODUCTION OVERVIEW LOAD TESTED The Product Load and the Production have demonstrated integral strength PRODUCT GROWTH The Forward Financial is agreed based on production growth 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 9 From “Glass Cars” Carriage Burden
  10. PRODUCT EVENTS 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 10 y = 15232x + 4137.3 R² = 0.0647 - 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 500,000 - 500,000.0000 1,000,000.0000 1,500,000.0000 2,000,000.0000 2,500,000.0000 3,000,000.0000 6L M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits 6L M4 Thread and… 6L M2 Wave and Lens 18L M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits 18L M4 Thread and… 18L M2 Wave and Lens 6L M3 Forms and Secants 18L M3 Forms and Secants Branch M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits Branch M4 Thread and… SA M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits Branch M3 Forms and Secants SD M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits SD M4 Thread and… SD M2 Wave and Lens SA M2 Wave and Lens SA M4 Thread and… SD M3 Forms and Secants Finish M1 Wall, Pipes, Plaits Finish M2 Wave and Lens Finish M3 Forms and Secants Finish M4 Thread and… Finish P-Conversion Plait… SA M3 Forms and Secants Branch M2 Wave and Lens Transition Gain Events Timeline Production TIME EVENTS Clock Margin Linear (Clock Margin) See Timeline Next See Slide 8
  11. INFRASTRUCTURE TIMELINE 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 11 V-A Value-Added GEC Ark Glass System @end date
  12. TIMELINE OF PRODUCT 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 12 ∆ α ω Glass Cars Architectural Builds Remote Development Solid State Engineering Complex Builds Wireless Energy Product Media 3D Ark Media
  13. PRODUCTION PORTFOLIO 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 13 Rev Conv X 1000 No Volume Assertions R=95.3 Un-matched Progression
  14. OUR TASK V2 GATES AND BRIDGES V3 VIRTUAL INTEGRITY • Discussion about Virtual Integrity, Intellectual Properties and Variable Rate Demand in an Agile Task-Related Kanban Production • Review of a Final Forward FMV Statement, Prepare a Formal Statement (Next Paper) 9/21/2022 • Establish Production Portfolio Task List for Overview of the Kanban Requirement • Specify volume of models and various configured arrangements and aggregate • Look for Bridge and Gate Requirements • Consider Portal and Window Requirements Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 14 To change X 1000 # Models and Components x Outcome See Appendix II R
  15. MATCH LIST PORTFOLIO 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 15 Match Product List with Infrastructure List and beginning date to end date of each progression. No Volume Assertions
  16. DEDICATE TASK LIST 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 16 Assign Task Types to each data and progression
  17. ORDER PROCESS FLOW ORDER TASK AND SUBTASK • The Need to Order the Process Flow is to subject the componentization to date facts and metrics • The Subtask Arrangement helps to target the 50-year path to key management practice requirements • Bridge and Gate concepts while not our Oversight Task have to meet the dynamic; the interior requirement of Cloud/Star is astride the Bridge and Gate. DATE STRATIFY AND VOLUMIZE • Pushing each Process category into an annual bucket allows for further stratification and volumizing in patterns associated with model progression • Monthly requirements include bridge and gate requirements 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 17
  18. TIMING OF PROCESS 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 18 Timing of Task and Subtask, to be continued This paper is unfinished y = 0.2946x2 - 5.3584x + 62.705 R² = 0.3462 0 50 100 REF GE BU CM ACC ME PT INS MOD PROD PRT Years on Task R, slide 13 No Volume Assertions
  19. GROWTH STRATEGY How we’ll scale in the future FIRST GLASS CAR MODEL: OCT 2034 Roll out product to high profile or top-level participants to help establish the product GLASS HOUSE: MAY 2059 Release of the product to the general public and monitor with release on Ark Media Dimensional Television REMOTE PORTALS: MAY 2069 Gather feedback and adjust product design as necessary 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 19
  20. CLUE TO TIMING 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 20 y = 0.2946x2 - 4.7692x + 57.641 R² = 0.3462 - 10.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 GE BU CM ACC ME PT INS MOD PROD PRT Portals, Instances, Models 1 DG M1 6L M1 2/17/2023 2 DG M2 6L M2 6/3/2027 3 DG M3 6L M3 8/3/2027 4 DG M4 6L M4 11/1/2023 5 LG M1 18L M1 8/10/2027 6 LG M2 18L M2 7/22/2030 7 LG M3 18L M3 11/1/2040 8 LG M4 18L M4 11/8/2027 The functional Key to the widespread propagation of Glass Conveyances and Architectures is the development of portals, instances and progressive models; How much volume does there need to be? What is the Functional Cost of Delivery? See next T&M m^2 0.2946 m -4.7692 b 57.641 53.1664 0.3462 107.0252 53.5126 Related to Legacy Property
  21. VOLUMIZED RELATIONAL MATRIX 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 21 840 x 2 = 1680 – 1605 = 75 (Rate x 10) Supply Chain Factor See Slide 24 Rev Growth
  22. NEW FORWARD 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 22 See Appendix II X 1000 x 100 87.682 Compiled and Configured Pre-Production See Appendix II
  23. DATE MAP FOR PROGRESSIONS There are critical dates within the scope of each subtask that need to be met but the work can continue past the end for the ongoing effort 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 23
  24. TOMORROW’S MARKET: 50-YEAR PATH 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 24 x Likely Supply Chain Market Impact 677,203 Trillion 87.682Trillion Compiled and Configured = FMV x 1000 Production 677, 203 Trillion is the MARKET from the supply chain requirement Only from the Glass System could we resolve the R Factor in this case. R
  25. PRODUCT MAPPING 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 25 Organization Start-ups assembles around dates Product Media Startups Glass Product Startups
  26. FINAL TOPICS MUCH TO DO ABOUT EVERYTHING 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 26 We can not configure an extrapolated market of supply chain events and so the metric figures that portray the overall effect have been studied and are reliable of themselves. Our Forward Statement needs more work to formalize the arrangement. Our top-level Kanban approach helps to differentiate the requirements and to leave some leeway for an approach to other industries. Critical Dates are in the realm of responsible and accountable parties that will fulfill the designs intimated to them Oversight assures that the Plan merits our attention and our efforts and will make a BENEFIT of the PARTICIPATION for the common good of all and not just special interests. Multiple other Industries including Media are not full blown in our study Exceeds Current World Market The Forward is like a check we write on our Line of Credit
  27. COMING NEXT 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 27 Formalization of the Glass Forward Statement and how componentization is likely to prosper glass and all builds according to the 50-year Glass Path and future tables Window: Repair-Maintenance-Upgrade
  28. APPENDIX I: NOMENCLATURE NOMENCLATURE CHANGE NOMENCLATURE ADDED • The timing of product and infrastructure was developed in correlation to new nomenclature for product processes described in earlier papers. The Product is attributed to the start date assigned to each process. But the actual product development is described with high level task assignment to encompass the date cycle. • Site Development is correlated to Architectural Builds SD: AB and Scientific Assets are correlated to Remote Development SA to RD more appropriately as the product depends on the infrastructure and the association is easier to make. 9/21/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 28 • The Nomenclature assigned to the Infrastructure was changed in the last two bucket periods because the descriptive inference chosen is better applied to the assets being built. [SA-SD to SD-SA] • This change impacts two former papers, Glass Cars and Dimensional Building Note: “Dimensional Building in Ark Design Glass Cars and New Product Roadmap Change to Site Development: SD Change to Scientific Assets: SA Now 87.682+
  29. FORWARD LOOKING We gained some investment on the critical path for two factors necessary to adjust the production scale: 1. equivalent units of production = 796.8 2. 3 x the tan line = 231.56 x 3 From “Glass Cars” This is considered conversion on the partner branch. Gain Rate Appendix II
  30. 1. Portal Prosperity: An overview of Glass Theory and Ark Design develops property reconcilement for Conveyance 2. Crossover Conveyance: Beginning with Remote Signature, threading the advancing fingerprint with a glass path and integral site management, moving into SIMULATIONS in Real Time 3. Converge- The Remote Build: Tasks to consider the process of converging to the Remote Build Site and what considerations are given to producing a remote service or build out of a productive requirement, introducing sandbox theory. Phase I only considers the Kitchen Tech. Phase II is involved in whole home Media and Tech in Glass. Phase III develops the land and its attributes. This is three separate papers. Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 30 1. Studying T&MM: the requirement for certification of mobility for competent conveyances 2. Portal Projects: the evidence, timing and intelligent use of portals 3. Calling it Green: Components of Green Energy, short review: Calling it Green requires new uses of potential and ^studies in wave glass and graphical relationships can raise up a green energy fluency that will lead to energy self-sufficiency 4. Dimensions in Multivariant Fabrications: Determining Forms and Contents of Green Energy and Blue Wave Cascade; relating elements to current science and future requirements 5. Wave and Lens Assimilation: The means to compile and to build in Glass Systems is described. The use of secant math. 6. Math Solutions for Wave and Lens Assimilations: See also Commentary for Math Solutions 7. Supply Side Portfolio: Timing and Model of Glass and Green events to fulfill path… Does the Tan Line help? 8. Partners in T Pluribus Unum: Measuring with Diacritical Marks 1. Portfolio Wheels: Study of Secants and Wheels in the Dynamic requirement for Media to write and produce in Ark Science and Dimensional Systems, Introduction of the Story “Eru finds a Golden Pen.” 2. Ark Media: The Dialogue of the Story and the Construction of Storyboards, Mix and Remix specifications, beginning crosswalk and encryptions 3. Builds and Simulations: Discuss Matrix Trees, Migratory Patterns and the use of Secants to Build tooling 4. The Corner of Mu Sic: an update of our Digital Paper on Mu Sic to include Ark encryptions and design considerations 5. The Glass House: Magi and Marcus Engineering plans to invest in a Plait Glass facility for building and research in remote Ark Science. Start of Tooling and Secant Design for the Construction Industry 6. The Remote Build: Planning a Theoretical Production for untried Architecture 7. Glass Mix Z-Form: Production Walk-Thru Glass Mix and Forms, leads into the Write Process 8. Bridging the Instance: Now operating multiple instances must bridge the operations, learn about deciduous models and deliberate the outcome of operations for the 2022 Plan of Magi and Marcus 9. Architectural Builds and Designs: Looking into Delivery Mechanics and the Products themselves 10. Pipes and Plaits in Ark Mode Design: How the Plait Pipe System assists with Land Products. See Number Theory 11. Continuous Modeling: Moving away from the Contiguous Model to a strategy of seamless integration of methods and modes of operation. See Number Theory. 12. The Glass Warehouse: From Start to Finish the streamlined operations of the Marcus and Magi Engineering remote architectural process 13. Branch- Sound and Image Construction: Characterizing the branch capability of new applications, appliances and mode[ls] of operations 1. Ark in Glass: Changing the Schema for Ark Mode crossover, beginning study of Secants and Wheels for the “cube-ified glass” engineering of Imaging, sound and motion characteristics. 2. The New Stone: Simulations and Re-instancing to package, confect and view glass media 3. Dimensional Building: Dimensional Arrays, Z strength, Product Media, Interdimensional Matrices. 4. The Dynamic Instance: Product Media Discussed 5. The Glass Build: Base Build and Modules Assembled, considering impact of dimensional systems 6. Glass in the Making: Costing and Loading, Assembly and Assimilation, IP Defined, Logos 7. Art of the Science: What can be made? Assimilation discussed, look at basic product ideas 8. Digital Glass Production: Pipe Transit and RIK Declare, Batch Appliance (Dialogue paper) 9. Imposition of Value Engineering: Establishing and Justifying the Load for Pipe Transit 10. The Digital Plait Position: Engineering Design of the Load and Thruput 11. ^Mu Sic in the Advancing Age: Use of Fingerprint and Encryption for Operational Loads 12. Engineering Objects: The Purpose of this Paper is to Consider the means to raise up a Digital Portal Production System using appliances gained through Plait Object and Gate driven configurations that work with Digital Mechanics. Six-Layer Glass and Appliances 13. Instancing at the Gate: Use of Gates and Instances, bridging of the engineering process 14. Interpolative Scope: Use of a Demand and Production Scope for building and delivery of product, learning to specify material, looking for union of Vector 15. Functional Glass: Fitness for Function and Moral Intelligence, Bayesian Analysis 16. The Glass Wall: This is a very difficult staging of advanced engineering to depict …Motivated by sound it creates a means by sound to cascade light for safe and wireless power 17. The Glass Wave: Learning to Plait Gates, Reconcile Metrics to Scorecard, and load value of Scrum 18. Scrum Costing w/notes (Book It Daniel): establishing scrum standards (Dialogue paper) 19. Gate Plait Green (Mark It Mark): first scalable plait arrangement overcomes bottleneck (Dialogue paper) 20. Scorecard Integration (Map It Ralph): A review of mappings to date, marking old vs. new (Dialogue paper) Motion Projects-8 Remote Theory-5 Ark Model-13 Digital-20 Go to for-wave-and-lens-assimilationpdf 9/21/2022 Roadmap: #47 & #48 & #49 Dimensional Building in Ark Design Glass Cars and New Product Roadmap Calendar Cartography New Remote Theory Ark Model Motion Projects