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Brighton SEO - September 2016

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My talk on doing content marketing as a publisher during BrightonSEO 2016 the September edition.

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Brighton SEO - September 2016

  1. 1. Content Marketing, Approaching it as a Publisher Martijn Scheijbeler / Director of Marketing / martijn@thenextweb.com / @MartijnSch
  2. 2. Martijn Scheijbeler Marketing Director at The Next Web Former Lead Growth, SEO & Analytics martijn@thenextweb.com @MartijnSch
  3. 3. INDEX.CO 20,000 +160,000 +6,000 visitors startups listed square meters 8,000,000 unique users INDEX.CO Conference
  4. 4. What we’re really good at? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  5. 5. CONTENT!? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  6. 6. Content is King? Really…
  7. 7. Figures Content Marketing Data from August 2016 75.000Articles as of August 2016 PricelessAmounts of fun @MartijnSch ±8Fulltime Editors on Staff NOTA Marketing Trick 150.000Pitches on a Yearly basis 150Monthly pitches misspelling my name @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  8. 8. • How to create better content that people like. • Learn how we approach content marketing. • Great content? Want more people to see it. • How to pitch without pissing people off. WHAT YOU GET OUT OF THIS? @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  10. 10. What is your goal? Awareness. Revenue. Leads. @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  11. 11. How we do, Content Marketing as a Publisher… OUR CONTENT MARKETING: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  12. 12. How we decide
 what to write about? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  13. 13. 1. What’s your ‘editorial’ vision? 2. Do you know what you’re covering? OUR CONTENT MARKETING: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO TNW is a future-proof tech media company that focuses on this cross- generational group and helps them get the most out of technology by informing them through remarkable stories and insights.
  14. 14. Remarkable…
  15. 15. Internet technology, business
 and it’s culture. We don’t care about:
 investments, hardware, rumours. OUR CONTENT MARKETING: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  16. 16. How we come up with what to write about? Where do we find it? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  17. 17. OUR CONTENT MARKETING:Entertain Persuade InspireEducate @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  18. 18. You work with more people? Create style guides, so you know how to deal with ios/iOS, iOs but also what tone of voice you’re using! HOW WE WRITE: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  19. 19. @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  20. 20. How do we measure if content is working out? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  21. 21. Google Hangouts for Android overhauled with new ‘smart suggestions’, stickers and more 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Google has today announced a new version of Hangouts for Android that brings 16 new sticker packs, new video calling filters and smart suggestions. This latter feature will recognize key words or phrases in your chat and make contextually relevant suggestions, like if you type “where are you?” when trying to meet up with someone, it will present a one-tap option to share your location on a map. Alongside new penguins, pirates, koala and cat stickers (among others), the company also introduced a range of new filter.
  22. 22. • 57 Custom dimensions • Examples: • Author • Content Length • # Images in a post • # Videos in a post • Published Date • Companies, Profiles, Topics. Custom
  23. 23. TLDR: Why we do what we do? 1. Know your sources 2. Know your tone of voice 3. Come up with ideas, don’t think too long 4. Measure what is important to you 5. Strategy depends on resources + scale 6. Think off platform @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  24. 24. How does SEO + Growth come into play? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / @GA
  25. 25. AMP does help, a ton!
  26. 26. Title Schema: HELL YEAH!?
  27. 27. FB Instant Articles… Mwah :(
  28. 28. You’re done! But nobody is reading your content? YOUR CONTENT MARKETING: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  29. 29. Figures Content Marketing Data from August 2016 PricelessAmounts of fun @MartijnSch 150.000Pitches on a Yearly basis 150Monthly pitches misspelling my name @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  30. 30. How (NOT) to do Outreach: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  31. 31. Title You need a relationship. Yes you do!
  32. 32. Martijn Scheijbeler Marketing Director at The Next Web Used to be a sh*tty link builder martijn@thenextweb.com @MartijnSch
  33. 33. Dear Martijn… We like to inform you about our press release around the news of the top experts in the cruise line industry on what their favourite ships and destinations are. Bla bla bla…
 Attached you can find our press release. PR & Online Marketing Manager
  34. 34. Hello to all at Martjin and Vince,   I am the Operations Manager at XXX Productions which is a video production company. I’m reaching out to you in regards to our remote-controlled studio called XXX.   The XXX facilitates video production, allowing you to appear on live TV and create HD videos from your office or home. XXX Productions believes our services and the XXX would be a valuable asset for The Next Web.
  35. 35. Dear Martijn… Dear Martjin Dear Martin Dear Marijn Dear Martji Dear {insert name} Dear *|FNAME|* Dear ,
  36. 36. TLDR: Pitching
 & Outreach 1. Make it (not too) personal 2. Keep it short + simple *stupid* (KISS) 3. Find + Don’t misspell somebodies name @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  37. 37. Creating
 & Improving (y)our Content WRITING & IMPROVING: @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  38. 38. How do we improve? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  39. 39. Company @MartijnSch Topic Evergreen or News? Region Person Event? Keywords Author @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  40. 40. Any idea what you’re looking at here?
  41. 41. Creating content isn’t hard!
  42. 42. You just thought about infographics, didn’t you!?
  43. 43. “Our boss is forcing us to play Pokémon GO during work hours” @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  44. 44. @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  45. 45. @MartijnSch 40.000 Pageviews 2073 Shares Coverage @MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO 79 Referring Domains
  46. 46. Take Aways: What, Pitch & Create 1. Create a strategy, a real one! 2. It’s a process, but don’t make it too long 3. Reach out to have your content read 4. Make your pitch personal, we’re humans 5. Have fun while doing it! @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO
  47. 47. Do you have any Questions? @MartijnSch@MartijnSch / #BrightonSEO