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Dear sponsors and supporters:
The New Brunswick East Bantam AAA Hawks are seeking your support during our
Third Annual Gol...
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Sponsorship: Golf Tournament and Auction

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October 5th 2016: Golf Tournament and Auction

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Sponsorship: Golf Tournament and Auction

  1. 1. Dear sponsors and supporters: The New Brunswick East Bantam AAA Hawks are seeking your support during our Third Annual Golf Tournament held on October 5th at the Lakeside Golf Course. We would extend an invitation to join us for golf in the afternoon, for dinner or to just attend the Auction in support of the team. We would graciously accept donations or prizes to auction off during the evening or to Sponsor a Hole during the Golf Tournament. The Bantam AAA Hawks hockey club is comprised of “elite” players born in 2002 and 2003 from all over Southeastern NB including Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe, Sackville, Shediac and Petitcodiac. The Hawks compete at the highest level of hockey in the Province and also participate in other Maritime Tournaments. Our Elite AAA Teams in New Brunswick are run as independent teams with no local support or subsidies from our Minor Hockey Associations. Our total operating budget must be fulfilled by parent contributions, generous donations and sponsorship from our local business community and other fundraising events such as the golf tournament. The average budget to operate a team in the Greater Moncton Area playing and practicing out of the Superior Propane Centre throughout the 2016 -2017 season will be in excess of $55,000.00 (with the majority of these costs being related to ice time and tournaments). As a team we have taken on the task of fundraising to help minimize the individual player’s costs. Our focus is to ensure that every player has the ability to play at the highest competitive level as possible regardless of their family background or situation. We appreciate your consideration to help support our youth. Yours in Community Youth Sports, Ken Menchions Gary Hynes Manager Head Coach East Bantam AAA Hawks East Bantam AAA Hawks