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How to get anyone to do anything: four secrets to never feeling powerless again

  1. How to get ANYONE 
 The FOUR SECRETS to never feeling powerless again with MARYANNE DERSCH
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  4. Have You Ever Wondered?
  5. Would You Like Me To Share?
  6. You’re About To Discover
  7. Promise
  8. What Is Courageous Communication?
  9. WHY Be A Superstar? Courageous Communicator? Why be a
  10. The Time Is NOW.
  11. Who Am I & Why Listen To Me? •25 years working with, in and for nonprofits •Author of Courageous Communication: How Codependence is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do About It •Speak and write about nonprofit marketing for 
 AFP, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stanford Social Innovation Review and IABC •Creator of Courageous Change workshops •100s of nonprofit clients from around country It’s me! Looking fancy
  12. My Story (The Short Version)
  13. Where am I? Not born yet…
  14. A natural performer And yes that’s my dad
  15. Social justice champion
  16. Drawn to 
 the spotlight
  17. Strategist and resident extrovert
  18. My clients Afraid of criticism Overly dependent on praise
  19. Courageous Communiation= FREEDOM
  22. BIGGER Reason
  23. What’s Different About Courageous Communication
  24. MYTHS
  25. SECRETS to get anyone to do anything 1 • UNDERSTAND your audience 2 • GIVE first 3 • SPEAK to the subconscious 4 • SET the stage for success 4
  26. AUDIENCE • If you can identify the mindset of your audience, and then respond in a manner that meets the wants and needs at that moment, you will build trust and rapport with your audience. 1. Thinkers 2. Doers 3. Strugglers 4. Achievers 1 STEP Adapted from Mark Leblanc, “Growing Your Business” These are not labels. These are states of being.
 WANT to make a decision NEED information in order to make an informed decision “Let me think about it…” “I need some time to think…” “I was wondering about…” BACK OFF!
  28. DOER
 WANT action 
 NEED your sense of urgency “I’ve made a decision…” “Let’s find someone to…” “I want to run 15 errands today…” GET WHAT YOU NEED NOW
 WANT a quick fix NEED a new perspective “I’m so busy…” “Can you find someone else…” “You want what?” BE EMPATHETIC & 
 WANT teamwork 
 NEED a resource “I understand how much value you bring…” “I want to help…” “It is important to be a team…” DO YOUR HAPPY DANCE!
  31. GIVE • Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. 2Adapted from Bob Burg and John David Mann, 
 The Go Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea
  32. How can I help?
  33. SPEAK TO THE SUBCONSCIOUS • 10 magic words & 
 simple changes you can apply instantly 3 STEP Adapted from Phil Jones: Exactly What to Say Magic words talk straight to the subconscious brain that is preprogrammed to make decisions without thinking. 
 Yes or no, there’s no maybe
  34. 1. Open-minded 2. When would be a good time 3. I am guessing you haven’t gotten around to… 4. If, Then 5. Don’t worry
  35. 6. The good news 7. What happens next 8. What makes you say that 9. If I can, will you 10. A small favor NO BUTS!
  36. SET THE STAGE – Create the expectation of success How to show up as a leader from the beginning 4 STEP
  37. PREFRAME Set expectations Agree upon outcome Deliver what you promise
  38. Climb the 
  39. Speak the unspoken…not in an email
  40. Celebrate 
  41. What questions do you have for me?
  42. Let’s have some fun!
  43. In three days you will have:
 • 90-day jump start action plan with phase 2 and 3 implementation plans
 • A new approach to communications that builds confidence and pride in your human investment company
 • An abundant mindset that allows you to fundraising with joy and ease
 • Tools to implement an overall cultural change that supports fundraising and marketing HOW I WORK… Courageous Change Workshops
  44. Who This Is NOT FOR Who This IS For
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