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6 pillars of happiness

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How to be a success
How to be a success
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6 pillars of happiness

  2. 2. What is happiness? Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness. The "pursuit of happiness" is something this country is based on, and different people feel happiness for different reasons.
  3. 3. What is happiness? The state of being happy. "she struggled to find happiness in her life” “I just want to be happy”
  4. 4. What happiness is not • It is not something you find • It is not something that you reach • It is not something you achieve • It is not something you own
  5. 5. So what is happiness? • Happiness is the result of your actions. • Happiness requires self discipline.
  6. 6. Pursuit of Happiness? • Happiness is something that you rent • And the rent is due everyday!
  7. 7. My Background? • Therapist for 15 years • Worked with a lot of people • Most people are dissatisfied with life • Tonight my understanding of happiness from a practical perspective
  8. 8. Modern Day Problems  Comparison (Facebook, Instagram etc)  Unrealistic and unattainable lifestyles (The Kardashians)  Lack of human connection (phones, social media)  On demand society  The financial interest of keeping you unhappy
  9. 9. The 6 Pillars to Happiness Responsibility Routine & Planning New Experiences Self Care Investment Being on service
  10. 10. Pillar 1: Responsibility • Take responsibility for your own happiness • Where you are right now in life might not be your fault, however what you now do is your responsibility!
  11. 11. Pillar 1: Finances • Take control of your finances • Debt and poor financial control creates a lot of stress • It is vital that you control your expenses • Action Point Sign up for • moneydashboard.com
  12. 12. Pillar 1: Blame Game • Stop blaming others • We often blame friends and family members for keeping you stuck • Action Point: Write down at least three people you blame for your unhappiness and commit to forgiving and/or forgetting
  13. 13. Pillar 1: Become your own hero • Commit to your own success • No one is coming to rescue you • It is time to put yourself first • Action Point: Write down a commitment to yourself. To make yourself happy, starting right now!
  14. 14. Pillar 2: Routine and Planning • The first step is to use a calendar • Make sure you different colour for different things i.e. work, fun, health • Action Point: Get a Calendar i.e. Google
  15. 15. Pillar 2: Fun Time • Look at your calendar, how much time do you spend having fun? • The more you have to look forward to, the happier you become. • Action Point: Plan to fun things. Get them booked and in your diary.
  16. 16. Pillar 2: Tasks Daily Weekly Monthly Annually
  17. 17. Pillar 2: Tasks Eat & Prep food Gym and/or exercise (10k steps) Check bank balances Update clients Shower Plan my next day Financial review Sort medications Go to cinema or event Food shopping Master mind session Plan my next week Pay rent and council tax Pay phone and gym Book to see friends Review finances and tax Plan to do something different Clear out for charity Set goals for upcoming month Cook a different meal Dentist x 2 Submit and pay tax Update insurance Health check up Contact lenses and eye check Plan the next year
  18. 18. Pillar 2: Tasks  ACTION POINTS  Write down all your daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks  Put them into your calendar
  19. 19. Pillar 2: To Do Lists  Creating “To Do” Lists  Plan your next day, the night before  Write down everything that you need to do, in no particular order
  20. 20. Pillar 2: Productivity For super productivity use these techniques:  Batch Working  Urgent vs Important matrix  Pomodoro
  21. 21. Pillar 2: Routine and Planning  Batch Working  The process of combining similar activities  and doing them at the same time  For example  Paying bills  Chasing up with clients  House work  Social Media
  22. 22. Pillar 2: Routine and Planning Not UrgentUrgent ImportantNotImportant
  23. 23. Pillar 2: Routine and Planning Not UrgentUrgent ImportantNotImportant
  24. 24. Pillar 2: Routine and Planning Remove distractions and focus on to do list
  25. 25. Pillar 3: Trying New Things • Places • Food • Experiences • People • Music • Films
  26. 26. Pillar 3: Places • You don’t need to travel abroad to have new experiences
  27. 27. Pillar 3: Places ACTION POINT: Think of 3 places in London you haven’t been to. Commit to going!
  28. 28. Pillar 3: Food Your diet is a huge part of your identity When was the last time you tried something different?
  29. 29. Pillar 3: Food ACTION POINTS: Try ordering something new rather than the usual Commit to cooking a new recipe each month
  30. 30. Pillar 3: Experiences
  31. 31. Pillar 3: Experiences
  32. 32. Pillar 3: Experiences ACTION POINTS: What have you always wanted to experience? What has held you back? When are you going to now do it?
  33. 33. Pillar 3: People
  34. 34. Pillar 3: People  Who you spend time with has a massive impact on who you are  You want to associate with people who are doing better than you in what you want to achieve  Some people bring you up, some people bring you down
  35. 35. Pillar 3: People to Meet  You need to carefully choose who you spend your time with. Think of the qualities you want in these people, where they go and what they do.  Action Point: Think of at least 3 people you want in your life and how you can meet them.
  36. 36. Pillar 3: People to Lose  It is time to clear out some people in your life. Who is holding you back?  Action Point: Think of someone in your life that does not serve you well and what you can do to eliminate them from your life.
  37. 37. Pillar 3: Movies and Music We often get stuck in patterns and do the same thing over and over. This can lead to a sheltered life.
  38. 38. Pillar 3: Movies and Music We often listen to the same music and watch the same films/TV. Time to broaden our tastes and listen to recommendations from others. ACTION POINT: Get at least 2 recommendations of films/TV and music that you usually wouldn’t watch or listen to. Give it a chance!
  39. 39. Pillar 4: Self Care
  40. 40. Pillar 4: Health • Prevention is better than cure • ACTION POINT • Book in for a health check up
  41. 41. Pillar 4: Sleep
  42. 42. Pillar 4: Sleep Stick to a sleep schedule Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual Exercise daily (10k steps) Evaluate your room Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meals in the evening Wind down. PHONE OFF! If you can't sleep, do something else
  43. 43. Pillar 4: Food
  44. 44. Pillar 4: Food  A lot of meals are eaten outside the home  We eat in solitude, often at our desk  We go for taste and convenience over nourishment  The less we prepare, the more we react  Food is often used to change emotions
  45. 45. Pillar 4: Food Prepping  Benefits of meal prepping  Much healthier  Much cheaper  Less food waste  Not reacting to convenience food  Batch cooking saves time  You get to experiment ACTION POINT: Try prepping food for a week. Always have the next day’s food prepped.
  46. 46. Pillar 4: Physical Care
  47. 47. Pillar 4: Physical Care  Taking care of your body should be your priority  You should consider the following  Daily exercise (10k steps)  Dentist and hygienist every 6 months  Annual eye test  Annual medical  Monthly massage  Pampering session at least every 6 months. SPA DAY  ACTION POINT: Schedule the above and put them into your calendar
  48. 48. Pillar 4: Mental Health
  49. 49. Pillar 4: Mental Health  We often focus on our physical health, but forget about our mental health.  You should have a proactive approach towards therapy and change work  Addressing issues on a semi regular basis can stop problems building up  I have a number of clients who I see once every 6/12 months  ACTION POINT: Try having a therapy session. You can use free NHS services or professionals. Prevention is better than cure!
  50. 50. Pillar 5: Investment
  51. 51. Pillar 5: Professional Development  Always be building your skill set  Growing and challenges makes you happier and more confident  Proactively seek out what training opportunities there are at work  If self employed, what training can you self fund?  ACTION POINT: Ask your manager if there are any training courses you can attend.  Self employed, research short courses you can take.
  52. 52. Pillar 5: Personal Development  Always be building your personal skills and interests  Growing and challenges makes you happier and more confident  What is you have always wanted to learn? It could be a musical instrument, cooking, photography, dance etc etc  ACTION POINT: Research short courses in your desired subject. Use Groupon, Funzing and Wowcher for ideas.
  53. 53. Pillar 5: Mastermind Group • A mastermind group allows you to share ideas, grow, get support and accountability. • ACTION POINT: Research what existing groups are out there, or consider starting your own.
  54. 54. Pillar 5: Environment • Your environment has a huge impact on how you feel and what you think about yourself.
  55. 55. Pillar 5: Environment • ACTION POINTS • Declutter – throw out and recycle • Do a deep clean • Set a time to clean each week • Invest in what you have around you e.g. bedding, lighting etc.
  56. 56. Pillar 5: Clothes
  57. 57. Pillar 5: Clothes  What you wear have a massive impact on how you feel and how others perceive and treat you.  You should always be making an effort and dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.  ACTION POINTS  Declutter! Give clothes away  Try a new style. See what celebrity styles you like and emulate them  Commit to buying a few new garments and throwing some out each month
  58. 58. Pillar 6: Being of Service • How are you being of service to the world? • How are you using your time, skills and talent to make an impact?
  59. 59. Pillar 6: Being of Service • What is something that is really important to you? • How can you contribute on a consistent basis? • ACTION POINTS • Choose something to be involved in • Schedule it in your diary • Commit to doing it
  60. 60. Recap • Take responsibility for yourself • Plan your time and routine • Experiment with new things • Take care of yourself • Invest in your development • Be of service
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