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SME Content Marketing: Big Results with Small Budgets

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My presentation at the 2015 Learn Inbound Conference in Dublin.

SME Content Marketing: Big Results with Small Budgets

  1. 1. SME Content Marketing: Big Results with Small Budgets. Matthew Barby
  2. 2. The process. Define your content marketing campaign objectives Develop your content marketing strategy Build your content delivery team Measure the success of the campaign @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  3. 3. Setting objectives. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  4. 4. What do you want to achieve? Brand awareness Social engagement Lead generation Search engine visibility Brand identity (e.g. thought leadership) Data collection Web traffic generation @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  5. 5. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  6. 6. Formulating a content strategy. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  7. 7. Content strategy development. Conduct a full audit of your competitors Run an audit of your own presence and benchmark against competitors Analyse the top performing content within your industry Develop specific content ideas and themes that form the basis of your content strategy @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  8. 8. Competitor analysis. Web traffic/search traffic (SimilarWeb/SEMrush/Quantcast) Backlinks/mentions (Majestic/Ahrefs/Moz) Social media following (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/etc.) Content volume/frequency (look at their website) Top performing content (BuzzSumo) Top online mentions (Moz/Mention.com) @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  9. 9. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  10. 10. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  11. 11. Auditing your own presence. Web traffic sources (Google Analytics) Search engine queries (Webmaster Tools) Mentions (Mention.com/Fresh Web Explorer) Backlinks (Majestic/Moz/Ahrefs) Social engagement (Sprout Social/Buffer) Content performance (BuzzSumo/Social Crawlytics/ Google Analytics) @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  12. 12. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  13. 13. Types of content. Text articles Infographics Videos Mobile/web apps Interactive graphics Tools/software Quizzes/surveys eBooks White papers Memes Reviews Lists Case studies Interviews Checklists FAQs Tutorials Podcast Illustrations Contests Newsletters Webinars @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  14. 14. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  15. 15. Building a content delivery team. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  16. 16. Why build a content team? Tap into a diverse set of skills and knowledge Access to the social channels and audience of the team Accelerate credibility through the team’s authority Leverage editor/blogger connections of the team You’re building a delivery team as well as a creation team @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  17. 17. Example: BuildFire. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  18. 18. Quick overview. BuildFire are a new tech startup from California The company had no existing content or presence online Needed to dramatically raise brand awareness for their product Looking to rank for some extremely competitive keywords (e.g. build an app) Most of their competitors have established themselves within the marketplace already @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  19. 19. Blog Title Author Social Shares 11 Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free Umar Khan 196 7 Ways to Generate Awesome New App Ideas Christopher Meier 28 7 Ways That Your Small Business Can Win on Pinterest David Lewis 74 How to Get Your App Submitted to the App Store Shaun Quarton 45 An App Promotion Checklist for Small Businesses Umar Khan 210 @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  20. 20. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  21. 21. Results. Increase in traffic from <1,000 monthly visits to >25,000 visits within 3 months Features within Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, TechRadar, CNN, Moz, Tech.co, Business News Daily and more Conversion rate of just under 15% from traffic generated via our campaign Increased engagement across Twitter and Facebook Widened visibility within the search engines for relevant search terms Relationships built with key industry influencers @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  22. 22. Measuring success. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  23. 23. Measuring success. Understanding the true value of a website visitor Monitoring social shares on content and online reach Brand awareness monitoring through branded searches New brand mentions and link acquisition Web traffic and content engagement Online/offline conversions @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  24. 24. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  25. 25. Remember. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  26. 26. The process. Define your content marketing campaign objectives Develop your content marketing strategy Build your content delivery team Measure the success of the campaign @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  27. 27. Extra reading. http://bit.ly/1Km1FqM http://bit.ly/1tJWTZN http://bit.ly/1yB10OD http://mklnd.com/1yB1tAo http://bit.ly/1w14Vxh @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  28. 28. Questions? @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound
  29. 29. We are vision makers. Content creators. Brand builders and strategic storytellers. Drawing on an integrated, intelligent offering, we devise and deliver deep, meaningful and original thinking to help transform businesses through brand-led, content-driven programmes. We do this on every level, inside and out – from employees and internal stakeholders company wide, to influential business audiences and customers worldwide – online and offline, nationally and internationally. And we’ve been doing it since 1964, making us a true original and proven expert in game-changing communications. We are Wyatt International. @MatthewBarby // #LearnInbound www.wyattinternational.com hello@wyattinternational.com @WyattIntl