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Diversity in Cybersecurity Education - 2016 ICT keynote - M.Rosenquist

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The cybersecurity industry needs more people with greater diversity to fill the growing number of open positions. Intel is very active with internal corporate diversity efforts, establishing strong pipelines, and investing in diverse partners. Additionally, Intel is contributing to the formalization of cyber science degree standards to align educational programs to market demands.

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Diversity in Cybersecurity Education - 2016 ICT keynote - M.Rosenquist

  1. 1. Diversity in Cybersecurity Education 2016ICTEducatorConference Matthew Rosenquist Cybersecurity Strategist Intel Corp Jan 8th 2016
  2. 2. CybersecurityHuman-Resources IndustryChallenges
  3. 3. Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage o 1.5-2 million estimated unfilled positions by 2017 o Job postings rose 74% (2003-2013) o 40% junior and 50% senior security job vacancy o 70% organizations are understaffed o Cybersecurity jobs are growing at 2x the IT and 12X overall job market
  4. 4. Opportunities on the Rise Salaries are significant and increasing Exposure to the Board and Executive levels Ranks in the Best Job categories Competitive hiring and retention practices
  5. 5. Inconsistent and Stale Skills Lack of consistency of skills and experience Huge variance in academia programs Message from the industry: Get better! Rapidly changing landscape of needs
  6. 6. Lacking inPerspectives &Diversity Effectiveness of Diverse Groups: 1. Find Errors 2. Solve Problems 3. More Creative 4. Employee Retention
  7. 7. Women in Technology Wrote the first code compiler, leading to the development of complex computer languages Legendary achievements and contributions. Awarded 40 honorary degrees and the first Computer Science Man of the Year award “A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” “The most importing thing I’ve accomplished…is training young people”- Grace Hopper Admiral Grace Hopper 1906-1992
  8. 8. The Industry Needs… Broader attraction for students and an inclusion of diversity Academia aligning to a standard for cyber programs Relevant and timely skills for the next generation of security professionals
  9. 9. Needfordiversity, inclusion,andgreater interest
  10. 10. DiversityandInclusion “Lack of Diversity Could Undercut Silicon Valley” “2014: The Year Silicon Valley Spilled its Diversity Data”
  11. 11. DiverseTeamsPerformBetter Firms with highest level of racial diversity generated 15TIMES MORESALES on than those with the lowest levels Firms with females in the C-Suite generated $44MILLION MORE in revenue on average 57%INCREASEIN PERFORMANCE against goals Sources: David Rock; Herring, 2009; Dezso & Ross, 2011; CEB, 2010
  12. 12. Diversity&InclusionLiftsTeam Performancein3Ways: Improves problem solving & creativity Reduces conformity & “Groupthink” Raises team intelligence
  13. 13. Intel’sHighTechDiversity Program Intel’s Leadership Journey in Diversity & Inclusion
  14. 14. Role of Diversity “We believe that creating a fully diverse and inclusive workplace is fundamental to how we deliver business results. As technology and markets continue to evolve, building and growing a workforce that is fully representative of the customers we serve and communities in which we operate is paramount to our success” - Brian Krzanich, CEO, Intel ROLEOFDIVERSITY
  16. 16. $300,000,000 INVESTMENT Other brands and names may be claimed as the property of others.
  17. 17. OurJourneySoFar Progression & Retention PipelineHiring Industry Leadership
  18. 18. OurJourneySoFar Progression & RetentionHiring Industry LeadershipPipeline
  19. 19. OurJourneySoFar Progression & RetentionHiring Industry LeadershipPipeline
  20. 20. OurJourneySoFar Progression & Retention Pipeline & Hiring Industry LeadershipPipeline
  21. 21. OurJourneySoFar Progression & Retention Pipeline & Hiring Industry LeadershipPipeline
  22. 22. Learnmore www.intel.com/diversity
  23. 23. Intel’sleadershipin CybersecurityAcademia
  24. 24. Intel’sSecurity Curriculummission 24 Developapipelineofcapable studentswhounderstandtoday’s securitychallengesandhow technologycanhelpsolvethose questions.
  25. 25. Security&PrivacySponsoredCurriculum
  26. 26. Fall 2015- Spring 2016 • Draft accreditation criteria Summer 2016 • ABET criteria review Academic year 2017/18 • Conduct pilot program UndergradAccreditationfor“CyberSciences”
  27. 27. Action is Required… To change the face of high technology, we must strive for inclusion and diversity Cybersecurity must attract more interest, across a broader set of people Business and academia must lead together