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Darwin bucks party ideas & activities

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Is one of your good mates soon heading off to the gallows? Are you looking to send him off with a kickass party, alongside all of your mates?

At Wicked Bucks, we have Darwin’s party needs covered! Choose from a range of activities, catering to the mild-mannered to the adrenaline fuelled.

Create a bespoke party that best suits you and your Buck, and make his final few days of freedom unforgettable and unique.

For more information on our methods, read on, and contact our team to get started. Wicked Bucks has Darwin’s best Buck’s party options, ready to go!


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Darwin bucks party ideas & activities

  2. 2. DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEAS & ACTIVITIES Is one of your good mates soon heading off to the gallows? Are you looking to send him off with a kickass party, alongside all of your mates? At Wicked Bucks, we have Darwin’s party needs covered! Choose from a range of activities, catering to the mild-mannered to the adrenaline fuelled. Create a bespoke party that best suits you and your Buck, and make his final few days of freedom unforgettable and unique. For more information on our methods, read on, and contact our team to get started. Wicked Bucks has Darwin’s best Buck’s party options, ready to go!
  3. 3. CROC SWIM DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Looking for the perfect prelude to a wild night out celebrating your buck’s last night of freedom? Prepare to get your buck’s heart racing with the absolute purest form of adrenaline… caused by nothing other than the sheer rush of coming face to face with one of the oldest (and deadliest) creatures to walk the earth… prehistoric Crocodiles. This epic buck’s activity has it all; swim with the last living dinosaurs, feed the apex predators and capture the moment forever with a photo memory beside the Crocs. Sure you can take your buck for a few drinks with the boys… or you can scare the living daylights out of him by putting him close and personal with Darwin’s saltwater Crocs. Now THAT won’t be easy to forget and will make an epic story for years to come. The excitement is sure to carry on into the evening, allowing for a beastly night out, including VIP entry to one of Darwin’s most premium nightclubs. 5 REASONS TO DO A CROC SWIM IN DARWIN 1. Everyone loves a good scare every now and then right? Trust us, your buck is going to be over all the support and ready for some good old fashion scare tactics from the boys. 2. How many people can say they’ve SWUM with dinosaurs? Not bloody many! So snap this great package up while you can (see what we did there?). 3. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will make for a great BBQ boast and an even better heroic tale of that time Uncle Buck fought a croc (for the future kiddies storytime pleasure of course). 4. It is anything but boring and that should be the number one requirement for any great bucks event! 5. Almost every little boy dreams of dinosaurs and what a wonderful gift it would make to bring that childhood dream (or nightmare) to life.
  4. 4. GO-KARTING DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile… winning is winning! We are of course referring to Darwin’s number one Karting Circuit and your next unforgettable event location. You can expect hot tracks, beautiful girls and a need for speed. The perfect start to your man of the hour’s last night of freedom. And don’t worry, this adrenaline inducing activity is completely guilt free. Your best mate is getting married and the boys are on for one last night of debauchery. Old scores need to be settled, Mr “Staying Home with the Misso” needs a good bump, the groom is stressed and you need to assert your dominance as the alpha of the group. Rally the boys, put on your best kicks and establish who is getting the next round of shots through a good… old…. fashioned… RACE. 5 REASONS TO DO GO KARTING IN DARWIN 1. You’re Expected To Burn Rubber (and it feels so good). 2. It’s OK To Be a Spectator (though we don’t recommend it). 3. It Lasts Longer Than Five Minutes (every round). 4. You Don’t Have To Kiss The Go Kart (unless you really want to…). 5. You’re SUPPOSED To Finish First (and will be a crowned champion for it).
  5. 5. PAINTBALL SKIRMISH DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Fair warning this one is not for the faint hearted or dim witted. You will require skill, tactic, speed, precision, fast reflexes and teamwork. Separate the men from the boys – watch leaders rise, betas fall and give your buck one last shootout before settling down with the misses. Calling on those guilty of a cheeky Call of Duty Friday night session with the boys! Get in touch with our specialist bucks party planners for a custom package to suit. When was the last time you all got off the couch for something other than the pub? Well get up and get loading, because it is time to face off with your best mates over a friendly (…or not so friendly) game of PAINTBALL! The ultimate send off that is sure to have you in some sort of stitches. Brought to you by Darwin’s best Paintball Arena and your next battle ground. We recommend bringing along a change of clothes… this is not gonna be pretty! 5 REASONS TO DO PAINTBALL SKIRMISH IN DARWIN 1. YOU CAN SHOOT YOUR BEST MATES (surely that is all the convincing you need?)! 2. Bragging rights… what better story to tell the ladies later on at the bar than that you scored the most hits out of all your mates. 3. There’s buck parties that leave a lasting impressions, and then there’s buck parties that leave physical bruises (or badges of honour). 4. It is god damn exciting and sure to get the adrenaline pumping and boys hyped for an evening of fun. 5. Paintball allows a range of movement; diving, ducking, and tip-toeing around your mates (enemies) to make up for all the food and alcohol you are sure to consume for the rest of the evening.
  6. 6. DARWIN IN ROOM POKER A new marriage is a lot like the game of poker. In both there are risks, and in both you can win or lose. No outcome is guaranteed, but the potential rewards are immense, almost limitless – for those who know how to play. So let’s give your buck a night to remember and maybe even begin a tradition of sorts amongst the boys with In Room Poker for your send off! Draw back the curtain, enter the dimly lit room and take a seat at the table. It is time to show off your best poker faces and prepare your buck for an evening of high stakes, great accommodations and sexy dealers. While we encourage you to dress to impress, you can expect a little skin from our gorgeous girls to encourage you to play your best game. There will be excellent food to fuel your high risk moves and royal flushes. Your own In Room Poker experience will be nothing like those rowdy nights at the casino loosing bill after bill, this time you’ll be versing your best mates and everyone’s in with a chance! What are you waiting for? 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE IN ROOM POKER IN DARWIN 1. Three hours of making moves, stacking chips and cashing in… surrounded by beautiful dealers and flowing drinks? Yes Please! 2. Is there any other game that makes you feel quite so, BOSS? We don’t think so. 3. Control the atmosphere of the room and game by taking a shot prior to each play. This is sure to speed up the intensity or even weaken your opposition. 4. It’s not often you get to enjoy a poker night with all the boys free from responsibility and interruptions. 5. Hey who knows, maybe you’ll suddenly realise that your a poker expert and enter the big leagues?
  7. 7. GOLF DAY DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Celebrate your bucks event with a golf tournament like no other! An athletic activity (technically speaking) that allows you to sport your best whites and flashiest speed glasses. Oh and this golf day is sure to be anything but boring when the beers start flowing and our beautiful caddy girls get involved. Tee off in style and enjoy Darwin’s most luxurious course with the lads. Any Tiger Woods or Bobby Jones wannabes amongst your party (hopefully the groom doesn’t take after Mr Woods)? Golf is the perfect way to celebrate your buck’s last night of freedom before days like this become few and far between. Rally the lads, grab your balls and get your swinger ready for this is sure to turn competitive. Arguably golf is not the hardest of sports, but it is the perfect excuse to treat the boys to some much needed male time and uninterrupted chit chat. 5 REASONS TO DO A GOLF DAY IN DARWIN 1. Like sex, golf is one activity you can enjoy even if you aren’t good at it (So the boys are sure to get around it). 2. Have you seen how hot our girls look dressed for a day of golf? We are talking high white socks and mini skirts that might have you purposefully dropping your balls. 3. The grass is greener where the beer is flowing… so you can count on our reliable caddy girl to visit often with her (beer) rack. 4. Beers, nine holes and pristine grounds under the beautiful Darwin sun… need we say more? 5. There are two things you can do with your head down and lets face it… the odds are you’ll be better at golf.
  8. 8. MAN CAVE DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA MAN CAVE MAN CAVE MAN CAVE. Finally, a space for the boys with no women, kids or pesty parents… this is where childhood dreams come to life. The headquarters of your bucks weekend. Fully equipt with sumo suits, a foosball table, a comfortable spot to rest your tooshie and a sexy waitress to cater to all your needs in nothing but a bikini. One exception to the boys only rule we think you won’t be minding too much. Your buck is about to commit himself to a life of pink cushions, flowers beside his bed and Sex in the City over the rugby channel. He NEEDS this, heck, you all need this. Give yourselves a night of sports playing in the background, boyish wrestling in fat suits, smelly socks on the floor and ice cold beers on tap. This is one place you won’t need to look your best as you masterplan your night of debortuary and mischief before the boys hit the town. It’s the perfect chance for your buck to indulge in all things manly before his big day. 5 REASONS TO CHOOSE THE MAN CAVE IN DARWIN 1. A private escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… because let’s face it we are all stressed out and in need of some good old fashioned relaxation with the boys away from distraction. 2. A place to store your gear, because you’ve accumulated a lot of it. We’re talking fishing gear, odd tools and all the other junk (gold) your Mrs is sick of looking at. 3. You need a good spot to display your memorabilia, those old glory day pics on the track and your model cars that have followed you since your childhood. It’s important for men to have a space to express their own tastes. 4. Where else can you drop a sock on the ground and get away with it? Be a little bad and indulge in your worst habits… 5. SPORT! 24/7 uninterrupted streaming of whatever rugby, tennis, cricket event is happening without anyone trying to switch the channel to Masterchef.
  9. 9. BAREFOOT BOWLS DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Move aside Granny and Gramps, the game of barefoot bowls is getting taken over by the young guns. Because after all… who wouldn’t love an afternoon on the green with your shoes off, beers on tap and some light hearted banter with the boys. The perfect start to your bucks party and stress reliever for your groom. Enjoy some old fashioned fun and throw the bucks party every guy will be yearning for. A couple of hours under the warm Darwin sun, dressed in literally whatever you like to impress our gorgeous bowls bunnies or not impress anyone at all! A day that requires no real talent, sporting prowess or soberness… so you can knock back the drinks and might even notice an improvement in your game! Make the game a little more interesting with some stakes involving the purchasing order of drinks. 5 REASONS TO DO BAREFOOT BOWLS IN DARWIN 1. It is literally SO easy! There is no risk of embarrassing yourself in front of the boys with this one. 2. Could you find an activity more quintessentially Aussie than drinking beer and knocking balls with the boys? 3. Did we mention the two sexy bowls bunnies we’ll arrange to keep you company? We did, oops. 4. No need to stress about lining your stomach, as a BBQ lunch fit for a champion will be provided to keep you athletes sustained. 5. There is no doubt the night will turn into a large one after a day of drinking and playing games with the boys.
  10. 10. FISHING DAY DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA It’s not how deep you fish, it’s how you wiggle your worm boys! Are you a master bater? Where casting a line can be a relaxing pastime with the boys, the sudden rush of excitement when you catch your first fish of the day is incomparable! Why not do something that doesn’t involve pounding your liver and head out on the open water for your next bucks event! Make lasting memories and maybe even catch yourselves some dinner. We’ll provide the boat, the crew and all necessary equipment. Bring along your party and prepare to take part in the great hunt, otherwise known as fishing. How do you communicate with a fish? Drop it a line! Jokes aside, this day-long event is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can give your buck and is sure to be the envy of everyone back home. If you’re seeking quality time with the boys, relaxing moments on the water and the addictive high that comes with reeling in a big catch then this is the bucks event for you! We’ll set sail across Darwin’s stunning Harbour… full of fish from around the globe just waiting to take a bite! The warm sun on your shoulders, best mates around you and beers flowing…. It really doesn’t get much better than this! 5 REASONS TO DO A FISHING DAY IN DARWIN 1. They are fun to catch (the harder the chase, the better they taste). 2. Fresh is best and more satisfying when you’ve put in the hard yards. 3. Not long after you bring one home, it’s going to turn rotten. 4. They can be slippery little buggers! 5. You can’t take the young ones home or you’ll be in big trouble.
  11. 11. PUB CRAWL DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Get the most bang for your buck with the heart of the Northern Territory’s most promiscuous pub crawl! While your buck may be signing up to a lifetime of loyalty with the misses, he doesn’t have to commit to one pub when he can try them all! Experience Darwin’s legendary nightlife, with drink deals that will have you more than satisfied all night long. Your buck might literally have to crawl back to the hotel after this package! Grab your buck, his awkward cousin, Uncle Ron and the boys because it’s time to celebrate the only way you know how… with a LOT of alcohol. We’re talking free welcome beers, SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS and a particularly sexy host leading you through the bustling streets of Darwin’s nightlife. Perfect for a rowdy bunch of lads looking for a wild night out on the town, surrounded with great music and tasty treats. 5 REASONS TO DO A PUB CRAWL IN DARWIN 1. The Pub Crawl Virgin; the youngest member of your group, freshly legal and approaching the evening with a giddy nervousness or a full blown “Imma get F’d up” attitude. Most likely to be passed out by pub number two. 2. The Very Friendly One; feeling sentimental, confessing his love for you all despite only knowing the buck a mere several months. A tad overbearing and may require tequila shots to better tolerate. 3. The Liability; they’ve already spilled both their own and your free welcome drink, accidentally offended the biggest guy in the room and almost ruined the buck’s secret surprise. But hey they’re enjoying themself! 4. Dream Dad; he must be at least twice the age of every other bloke here, yet somehow just (if not more) as cool. He drinks whiskey on the rocks and after drink number five lets you all in on stories of the wild and wonderful 70s. 5. Austin Powers; Really… he’s just not that much to look at. Yet each pub sees a new wave of females gushing over him, which isn’t half bad as it provides the perfect opening for you to get chatting to the ladies.
  12. 12. BREWERY TOUR DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA “This beer tastes like I’m not going to work tomorrow!” Is what you’ll be saying after a couple hours of premium beer “tasting” with the boys. No rest for the wicked bucks as our sexy ladies escort you to, not one, but four breweries across the day! We can already taste the ice cold beers awaiting your group! Get in touch with our specialist bucks party planners to find the perfect package for you and the lads. Your own private chauffeur, learning about new types of beer, hearing the ins and outs of your favourite brew and well bonding with the boys over yummy bevvies… what more could you want from your bucks event? Did we mention the fact that this activity is a day time one… DAY DRINKING! Be the best man you can and ensure your buck has a day and night to remember with this awesome event! Your bucks event and beer are very similar… chill for best results! 8 REASONS WHY BEER IS BETTER THAN WOMEN 1. Beer is already wet. 2. Frigid beer is good beer. 3. You can share a beer with your friends. 4. You don’t have to wine and dine beer. 5. If you poor a beer right you’ll always get a good head. 6. Beer always goes down easy. 7. You can grab try other beers without feeling guilty. 8. You can enjoy beer every day of the month.
  13. 13. HELICOPTER RIDE DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Want to get your buck like, really, really high? Well then book him in for the Helicopter Ride of a lifetime. Soar well above all of your mates gifts and see the beautiful Darwin from a whole new perspective that will make for some epic highs and world class photos. This is an experience your buck will never ever forget and the perfect final addition to his bachelorhood memories before the big day! Buckle up, sit back and prepare to take in some breathtaking scenery! This is sure to be anything but tame as you fly over some Croc breeding grounds, crystal clear waters teeming with wildlife such as turtles and even Australia’s biggest baddie the Great White Shark. The untouched sandy white beaches meeting the shoreline will be filled with beautiful girls basking in the hot sun and you’ll have a bird eyes view of it! 1000ft up and above Australia’s northern capital provides the sharpest vantage point of this tropical city and all its inhabitants. Fly through and beyond the red rock cliffs while watching your buck rub his eyes in disbelief that you managed to pull something like this off! 5 REASONS TO DO A HELICOPTER RIDE IN DARWIN 1. Have you ever been in a helicopter? It is INSANELY stimulating and an absolute tick off the bucket list. 2. What better way to see some of Darwin’s scariest wildlife than from the safety of above! 3. Not only will you be pumping with adrenaline and rearing to party after this, you will have an unforgettable moment of bonding with your buck before the night gets messy. 4. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views you’ll find yourself remembering for years to come. 5. Get higher than you’ve ever been, completely naturally!
  14. 14. CHARTERED BOAT PARTY CRUISE DARWIN BUCKS PARTY IDEA Ahoy hoy matey! Yes you… drunken sailors. It’s time to float your buck and climb aboard the most epic party of the year, that will provoke FOMO in even the biggest of flakes. Expect a hot event and we aren’t just referring to the weather! Our beautiful and professional crew will ensure the drinks keep flowing, music’s pumping and snacks are rolling. Never made it to Sail Croatia? Don’t even stress, the Darwin Boat Party Cruise has you covered at half the cost and double the alcohol . Your mates will be blown away at your event planning skills as they jump aboard your own private boat. Out on the open water your buck will feel truly free for one last time, far away from responsibility and expectations! There’s something about a party cruise that gets the boys going and you can be SURE to be legless in no time. Get in touch with our specialist bucks party planners to find a custom package to suit you. 5 REASONS TO DO A CHARTERED BOAT PARTY CRUISE IN DARWIN 1. Rumour has it you get drunk in half the time at sea (so prepare for a big one). 2. An enclosed moving party with your best mates; can you imagine the stories that are sure to come from it? 3. The Boat Party Cruise might just be the most hedonistic bucks experience you can imagine. 4. No lines, no showing of ID and bartenders that will have your drink order memorised in no time… set your party apart from the rest! 5. Embrace your inner pirate or naval officer and dress up for the occasion!
  15. 15. BUCKS T-SHIRT Whether you’re looking for a simple ‘John’s Bucks Crew’ title or something a little more embarrassing to shame the groom, we have you covered. Personalise each crew members t-shirt or cop a generic ‘Warning, Men Behaving Badly’ Tee for the lot of you. You’ll be hard to miss (or loose) with these matching T-shirts, get in touch with your party planner to order yours before the big weekend! Choose from a range of colours and sizes on that classic T-shirt cut. Save yourself the hassle of what to wear on the town with some goofy but undeniably awesome T-shirts that’ll even attract some attention from the ladies… because who doesn’t love a man who isn’t afraid to take the mickey. We will deliver them to you before your party so there is ample opportunity to snag a cheeky picture before you hit the town. Get started designing your ideal bucks t-shirt today and get in touch with the Wicked Bucks Party Planners. 5 REASONS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR BUCKS T-SHIRT 1. It’s called Fashion baby, look it up. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. And it’ll be hard not to rock matching Tees with your best mates, especially after the help of some liquid confidence. 2. It really doesn’t matter if it gets dirty, that’s the point right! 3. While the somewhat blurry memory of the Buck’s weekend will be hard to retain, this is a physical souvenir you and the boys will always have to remind you of the great time! 4. Think of the practicability of wearing matching Tees on your night out. It will be MUCH easier to spot everyone and rally the team as you location hop. 5. Oh and take the stress off picking with schmancy Ralph shirt you’ll be wearing to the bar (despite always going with the white one) and wear something COMFORTABLE. You won’t regret it.
  16. 16. BUCKS FUNCTION ROOM HIRE With your to-do list being busier than a florist on valentines day, it’s no surprise that tee-ing up the perfect space to hire slipped your mind. Never fear! Wicked Bucks is here to save the day. Our range of impressive hosting options span across plant hire locales, right through to rooftop bars and hidden cottages. Whether you’re looking for a low-key shindig, a final hurrah, a private show or a live music bonanza, we’ve found the place for you. Our venues don’t just look good, they pack a punch too. We can cater for a seated event or a cocktail style experience. Treat your guests to fully-stocked bars, private shows, live music and cocktails galore. The in-house catering can also provide a banquet of bites, delicious foods and salads for any occasion, and we’re warning you now – you’ll definitely have leftovers for the morning after. If there’s anything we love more than a private function room hire, it’s decking out the space to set the vibe. Choose from luxe coastal decor, total chiller retro vibes, lush greenery, a low-key minimalist approach or plenty more. 5 REASONS TO DO A BUCKS FUNCTION ROOM HIRE 1. When you hear someone mutter the words “function room”, you’re probably imagining a drab looking room shoved in the back corner of your local bowl- o. Wicked Bucks isn’t about that. We can bring all the perks of having a private space, without the faded wallpaper, sad looking lineup of pokie machines and sticky carpet. 2. Finding the perfect function venue to hire to impress your party goers is no easy task. That’s why you can leave it to the experts. We’ve got all the connections and local knowledge to make sure your night goes off without a hitch. 3. There are literally so many venues to choose from. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store once we show you some of the options on offer. 4. Feeling hungry? We can line up in-house catering to keep the lads fuller than a fat woman’s boot. 5. No meal is complete without a drink – or 10. Wicked Bucks will keep the drinks flowing until you say no more.
  17. 17. BUCKS GROUP BREAKFAST Bucks parties are pretty much synonymous with having a big night out on the town and getting out of bed the next morning is never easy. But before you shove a pillow over your head, roll over and groan – hear us out! We promise this group brekkie deal will make it just a smidge easier. A group breakfast is the best (who are we kidding – the only) reason to kick start your morning after. You don’t need to wake up with the sparrow’s fart, Wicked Bucks understand that some sleep still is important. We can arrange your group breakfast for a time best suited to you. There is also no better way to debrief your night than with a yarn over breakfast. If the boys aren’t willing to spill the beans, you’ll be able to work it out based on their appearance. You won’t need to worry about being judged for rocking up in last night’s shirt either because strength comes in numbers. We can cater to every budget, taste bud and interest to make sure you receive exactly what you’re craving. Whether it’s a big fry up, a fresh green juice, the strongest coffee on offer or a plate of maple syrup waffles, we can make it happen. All you need to do is round up the lads and we’ll take care of the rest. 5 REASONS TO DO A BUCKS GROUP BREAKFAST 1. The morning after debrief is almost the best part of a night out. Whether you got so drunk you can’t remember it, you live snapchatted the entire night or you just spent the evening taking the piss out of your drunken mates, there will be plenty to laugh about. 2. A big cook up is the perfect hangover cure. We’ve got bacon, eggs, a few cheeky hashbrowns and even a strong cuppa coffee tee-d up just for you. Don’t worry, you can thank us later. 3. Every man has got to eat. Why not make an event of it and share the meal with your buddies. It’ll make rolling out of bed all the better. 4. Once you’ve got some food in the belly, some caffeine in some system and you’ve debriefed last night, you’ll be roaring to go for
  18. 18. BUCKS GROUP LUNCH If food doesn’t get you excited, then you must be lying. According to us, there really is no better way to spend time with mates than with an afternoon of eating and drinking and eating some more. Once you’ve emerged from the hibernation of your night before and you’ve strapped your party pants on, we’ve got a feed for you. Being in a big group, you may be concerned by the challenge of pleasing the masses. Luckily for you, Wicked Bucks has dealt with every fussy eater, dietary requirement and taste bud preferences before. We’ve taken the liberty of researching (read: eating) our way around every destination to uncover the perfect group dining locations. These are the types of venues that cater to long lunches that turn into late afternoon drinks that roll into a manic night on a dance floor. Group orders can be stressful enough. Throw in the final bill and your attempts to recall your high school maths while you try to split the costs – it’s a migraine waiting to happen. Save yourself the unnecessary headache and let us whisk you away to the magical land of restaurants with split bills. Even better, you can pick a set menu prior to the day and arrive at the restaurant with your food waiting for you. You can thank us later. 5 REASONS TO DO A BUCKS GROUP LUNCH 1. Big boys gotta eat. Before you head for a maccas run, try to scrounge through the leftovers from last nights pre-drinks or raid the mini bar at your hotel, why not make an occasion out of the meal. With all your best buddies around a big table, you might almost forget about that throbbing headache. 2. You won’t even need to lift a finger. We can make it all happen. You can name the restaurant, the budget and the time. We’re just here to make sure it meets your needs. 3. There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after a big night and trying to piece together what the heck happened. Once you’ve pulled yourself together enough to roll out of bed (let’s face it, it’ll definitely be lunch time by then), join your buddies around the table while you laugh at all the questionable decisions you made. 4. The best way to cure a hangover is to keep drinking. This group lunch is an absolute delight because you’ll have a full-stocked bar practically begging you to dig in. It’s 5pm somewhere, right? 5. Who said lunches need to stop in the afternoon? This is the type of event that will keep rolling until you stay stop.
  19. 19. GROUP DINNER AT RESTAURANT Whoever said eating is cheating, clearly didn’t make it out past 11pm. Contrary to popular belief breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, it’s the one you have before getting on the piss! Save yourself from getting way too drunk way too early and line your stomach with a group dinner at the restaurant of your choice with your best mates! One of our most popular add on, anything revolving around food is typically pretty popular with the men, because why live off Maccas when you can enjoy a hearty meal together! Bucks parties are notorious for being a big night of sinking drinks and getting rowdy with the boys. However how much time do you really get to have a good old chat and catch up before your main man dogs the boys forever. Enjoy some bonding time over a great meal and naturally a beverage or two before you hit the town! We’ll cater to all kinds of budgets to ensure you get exactly what you’re after. Whether that is a BYO Japanese restaurant, a couple of fat steaks or something a little more a la carte! Chuck the buck in the middle and allow some time for him to endure some friendly roastings from the boys regarding his looming big day. 5 REASONS TO DO A BUCKS GROUP DINNER AT A RESTAURANT 1. You’ve got to eat, so why not make an occasion of it with a couple of your best friends around a big table. 2. You pick the restaurant, you pick the budget and you pick the time! We cater everything exactly to your liking, this is a very convenient add on to your Stag do! 3. Save yourself the embarrassment of being the drunkest goof in the room because you forgot to eat something in the rush to get ready. 4. Because when was the last time you all got around a table and had a good yarn? What has Bevin been up to? How was Tom’s wild USA trip? Take this opportunity to have that catch up you’ve all been missing. 5. It’s the optimal debrief. Plan the night ahead as you munch on some mouth watering food and prepare your liver for the beating its about to cop.
  20. 20. STRETCH HUMMER TRANSFERS What’s the difference between a Hummer and a porcupine? On a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside! Can you remember the last time you and the boys piled into a large load? There is something about the back seat that gets you going and this experience will have you both tipsy and hyped for the night ahead. Enjoy the disco lights, pumping beats and BYO drinks in our totally pumped out Hummers. Better yet, sweeten the deal by bringing along one of our Wicked Buck Angels or topless waitresses and ensure both your company and beverage consumption! Get the buck utterly hummered… and by that we mean setting him up with an exclusive Hummer transfer to and from your Buck’s activities! Your party will be hard to miss and catching everyone’s attention as your role through the likes of Surfers Paradise, Bondi Beach, Byron Bay or any of our other exclusive locations; Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Wellington or Auckland. Choose from a selection of colours, drivers and beautiful escorts to ensure the wildest ride of your bucks life. This addition to your evening is sure to take it from messy to charged as we get you to and from your destination of choice! Want to take the long route and crank some Kanye or T-Swizzle if that is more your vibe (awkward)? Go for it, plug in your iPhone and make sure you keep the boys happy as you wind down the windows and feel the wind in your hair because THE BOYS ARE ON. 5 REASONS TO GET HUMMER TRANSFERS 1. A bunch of big lads hitting the town? Save yourself the hassle of squishing into the tiny hatchback uber that you’ll usually cop and spread out in one of the biggest rides on the road, a HUMMER. 2. Feel like outright badasses as you tower over the other cars on the road, looking like a party on wheels as you make your way from hotspot to hotter spot. 3. Indulge your buck and show him you care! Because what bloke doesn’t appreciate a good set of wheels? 4. Did we mention, BYO. A ride you are encouraged to drink in, you’ll be arriving merry and ready to party all through the night after this ride. 5. It is a power move that is a dead set killer with the ladies… everyone knows girls like guys with nice cars! Save yourself the trouble of thinking of cute pick up lines and simply catch the girls attention on arrival.
  21. 21. LIMO AIRPORT TRANSFERS We know that it’s a tough competition to win Best Man of the year. You’ve got so many details to think about and so many things to tick off your to-do list. When you’re balancing things like booking entertainment, picking your watering hole and sussing the best place for a parmy, it’s easy to forget about the boring details. Once of the most commonly overlooked items is the transport. We’re not talking about booking the flights and choosing your seat. We’re more worried about how you’re actually going to get the lads to the airport on time and in one piece. It goes without saying that booking a transfer before you leave home will make that job all that bit easier. You can opt for the mini-bus and coach option, but this is a Bucks Party! And you’ve got a title to win! The only way to do that is by upgrading to ultimate luxury – limousine style. Wherever you’re located, wherever your flight leaves from and whatever hour of the day you thoughtless booked your flight for, we’ve got an OTT ride waiting for you. All you need to do is say the word, and we’ll be on standby ready to go. It’s really as easy as that. You’ll get all the credit for your organisation skills too. What a bonus! 5 REASONS TO DO LIMO AIRPORT TRANSFERS 1. There is nothing worse than booking a taxi that doesn’t turn up or banking on snagging one on arrival, only to find the line is hours long. Taxi companies have a pretty nasty reputation for being overbooked or running late, especially around peak times like Christmas or New Year. We get how frustrating this can be, that’s why our limo transfers promises to arrive on time and at the right place. Wherever you are, whatever time it is, we’ll be there waiting for you. We’re just clingy like that. 2. Who carries cash these days?! Paying on the spot is so last year. And trying to split a bil?! God, we have a headache just thinking about it. When you pre-book a limo transfer with Wicked Bucks you can pay anyway you like before you get there. 3. Everyone has dreamt of living a day in the life of a Hollywood A-Lister. You may not have the Hemsworth abs and we can’t teach you the art of an Efron smile, but we can give you this. Rolling up in a limo will leave you feeling glamorous and it’s probably the closest you’ll ever be to receiving the celebrity experience. 4. Along with getting you from A to B, these limos are decked out with some pretty sweet features. The LCD screens, bar facilities, privacy screen and LED lighting are all the ingredients you need for a killer time. 5. Imagine the scene: You’ve just stepped off your flight, you’re desperately trying to hail a cab but there are none to be seen. Your party-goers are becoming increasingly tired, frustrated, and it’s your head on the chopping block. Never fear, Wicked Bucks to the rescue! Just when the gang is at their wits end, this sweet ride will roll in and everything will be good in the world once again.
  22. 22. COACH AIRPORT TRANSFERS Before you go patting yourself on the back and awarding yourself the title of ultimate Best Man, there’s one thing you’ve probably forgotten. When you’re caught up in the excitement of a trip away with the boys and the opportunity to celebrate your Bachelor’s final days of freedom, it’s an easily made mistake. How are you actually getting there? Where not talking about the flight time, the airplane tickets or even your passport. How are you actually getting to the airport? Or home for that matter? Luggage? Check.Lads? Check. Lager? Check. You could probably ask your Missus for a ride but that’ll inevitably result in a month of dishwashing duties or an excuse to kick you off the xbox. Who wants that?! To save you the hassle of trying to arrange it all yourself, Wicked Bucks has you covered. All you need to do is say the word and we’ll have a coach pick you up and drop you to where you need to be. Pre-booking your shared coach transfer will mean you can get all the boys to where they need to be – on time and in one piece. The luxury of your air conditioned, spacious transport will also give you an added sense of luxury to kick start your trip. 5 REASONS TO GET COACH AIRPORT TRANSFERS 1. Grappling with a foreign public transport system is the last thing anyone feels like doing after a flight – regardless of how long you’re in the air. Booking a Coach Airport Transfer will give you the peace of mind that you’re going to get picked up at the other end and won’t need to waste your time trying to decipher an often complex public transport map. 2. Snagging enough taxis and ubers for all the boys is not only challenging, it’s expensive. Pre-booking your coach airport transfer will keep the costs down, meaning you’ll have more dollars to spend at the pub later on. Winning! 3. There’s a chronic overpacker in every group. It doesn’t matter how many times you try, they’ll still bring enough luggage to start their very own op shop. The ultimate benefit of a coach airport transfer is that you’re guaranteed to have enough space for everyone and their bags. Don’t let that be an excuse to bring the kitchen sink though! 4. Every Bucks Parties will be different but the one common theme is always fun. Don’t wait until you’ve arrived at your destination and settled into your hotel to let the antics begin. Start your celebrations from the minute the trip starts by organising a coach airport transfer. With banger tunes, private transport and a pretty sweet driver, you’re in for a wild ride. 5. Late flight? Early start? Still hung-over from the night before? No need to press pause on the party and fight it out for who will be the deso driver. Our Coach Airport Transfer driver will pick you up at any hour of the day.
  23. 23. MINIBUS AIRPORT TRANSFERS So you’ve booked the flights, you’ve snagged some epic accommodation for your trip and you’ve even managed to round everyone up to be at the airport on time. You’ve practically won the title of Best Best Man, right? But wait… How are you getting from where you land to wherever you need to be? Do you even know where you need to be? Or how you’ll make it home from the airport for that matter? No need to get your knickers in a knot! Wicked Bucks understands that thinking about your airport travel isn’t exactly at the top of your Bachelor Party priorities. In fact, when you’ve got the excitement of an action packed adventure (and plenty of booze, babes and bbqs) waiting for you, it’s probably at the bottom of your to-do list. That’s why we’ve got you covered. With a Wicked Bucks Mini Bus Airport Transfer we can make your journey from the airport as seamless and stress free as it gets. Whether you’re travelling in a group of 20, you’re lugging a truckload of surfboards or you’ve packed like you’re moving out of home, we’ve got space for you. As a pack of keen party-goers, we understand that minimising your responsibilities, will only maximise the fun – and the potential beer consumption. What more could you want?! You can thank us later. 5 REASONS TO DO AIRPORT TRANSFERS 1. Having pre-booked transfers will mean you can hit the ground running from the second you land. On Bachelor trip, Saturdays are not for the boys. Every day is for the boys. Don’t waste this precious time trying to muck around with exxy uber fares or complicated public transport systems. Give yourself a touch of luxury from the beginning and let the fun start now. 2. Keep the gang together. When you’re travelling in a big group, you probably won’t all fit into a taxi. It doesn’t matter how many times you give Mark directions and tell him the name of the hotel, he’s still going to get lost. A Mini Bus Airport Transfer will get the gang from A to B, without any casualties or MIAs. 3. Mini Bus Airport Transfers are the ultimate option for every overpacker. It doesn’t matter if you wear the same black tee-shirt every day at home, there will still be the guy that tries to lug along 6 dress shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 5 different sunglasses and a french horn. Public transport is not an option when you’re juggling all your bags (and potentially nursing a hangover from the duty free grog). Taking the waiting out of the occasion and have a pre-booked ride ready to go. 4. It’s likely that your Bachelor Trip may involve a fair bit of travelling. Once you’ve landed at the airport and successfully made all your flights on time, there is no better way to celebrate than by having something pre-booked and ready to go. 5. Were you the unfortunate soul that got seat in front of the teething kid? Or on the aisle seat next to a guy with the world’s smallest bladder? Or a few rows back from the nail-gun sounding sneezer? Yikes, we’ve all been there! After a long haul (or even short distance) flight, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is carting your poor body onto a public bus, only to find there’s no seats left and the aircon is broken. Our mini bus airport transfer will treat you like royalty and give you a much needed break from the commoners.
  24. 24. VIP STRIP CLUB ACCESS Skip the not getting laid part of the night and go directly to the strip club! Make your buck and the rest of your teenage boy fantasies come true with the VIP Strip Club Access. Sit back, relax and try to keep your hands to yourself as you watch some of the sexiest girls in the business dance, tease and most importantly strip for you. Whether your types blue eyed blondes with massive hoo-haas… or you like an asian doll… maybe the allure of big booty girl… we can assure you’ll see something you like. Order your buck his very own lap dance and watch him try and hide his excitement or do him one better and arrange a private dance. Skip the line you’re VIPs here, straight into the front row and seated below the stage where you can enjoy the relaxed table-service, pre-loaded bar tab and special special show that will feel like it’s just for you. Lose yourself for a moment in the wonder of nudity and snap back to reality as the funny banter escapes your best mates mouths. Oh and don’t worry one of our trusty hosts will be around to keep you out of trouble and insure the drinks keep flowing while you get distracted. Make the age old mistake of falling in love with a dancer as she flirts with you (and every other member of your group) all night long. Visiting a strip club on a Stag’s night out is like a right of passage, watch old Uncle Ron lick his lips in anticipation and the nervous giggles from the fresh 18 year old as you all buckle up for the night ahead at your destinations BEST stripclub with the sexiest ladies any of you have ever seen. 5 REASONS TO GET VIP STRIP CLUB ACCESS 1. It’s a bucks party, SOMEONE is going to organise a stripper at SOME POINT so you may as well go all out and book in for the VIP treatment. 2. These girls are the best of the best and are there to put on a damn good show, you won’t want to miss. 3. We mentioned that there is a pre-loaded bar tab right? Alcohol, sorted. Eyes on the prize boys. 4. Somewhere, deep down inside, there is a 14 year old boy screaming at you to book this. Do it for him. 5. Sex on legs, guilt free and completely professional. Enjoy a dance and the show without crossing any lines before the big day!
  25. 25. VIP NIGHTCLUB ACCESS Gather round, undo your top button and put some confidence in your stride because for tonight you and the boys are Very Important People and we intend on treating you as such. The Wickedbucks VIP Nightclub Access goes above and beyond your expectations of a phenomenal night on the town celebrating your lucky lads last night of freedom (and mischief)! The best part? We organise everything, your VIP entry, drinks for the evening, waitresses, private section in the club and all transfers. So sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet life. Spike the interest of the gorgeous ladies lining up as you and the boys jump out of your hot ride, past the line and straight into the club at every venue! Carry on the alluring mystery as you are escorted in to your own sectioned off private part of the club, it won’t be long until the ladies are giving you the eyes and asking to come over. Enjoy the luxury of your own personal waitress that never leaves your cup empty and the taste of premium drinks. Your buck will be blown away with your forward thinking exclusive plan for the evening as he enjoys the attention. Don’t stress about ordering an uber as we get you and all the boys home in one piece. 5 REASONS TO GET VIP NIGHTCLUB ACCESS 1. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling important?! It’s your bucks special night and he deserves to be doted on hand and foot to provide the MOST optimal experience with his best mates. 2. Queuing up literally sucks. By the time you all get to the front of the line, someone’s denied entry and the rest of you are half sober! 3. It’s an absolute killer with the ladies. Watch the way they flock to the booth to mingle with the coolest people in the club. 4. It is greatvalue for money. You won’t begrudge investing in this experience when you get your taste of the VIP life. 5. We take away all the hassle! As the best man you’re bound to have a lot on your plate… so why not offload that onto us so you can get back to what really matters, drinking!
  26. 26. WAITRESSES Take your buck’s experience from basic to extravagant with the inclusion of a few very professional, highly attractive ladies, sure to lift more than the bar. Our beautiful girls will dress to impress, ensure your cups are always full and provide some super sexy entertainment throughout the evening. Your buck will truly feel like a ladies man as he is fussed over by the bustiest waitresses you’ve ever seen. Oh and don’t worry our girls know how to spread their attention so every party member has their moment. Feel like you’re taking part in the next James Bond film, as the most glamorous addition to your bucks do arrives. Adding that boujee element without all the hassle, our ladies won’t let the groom lift a finger as he celebrates his last evening of freedom with the boys. This is one decision you won’t ever regret as you flex some naughty pictures on the gram from your evening with the hottest ladies in town. No bucks party is complete without some sexy ladies to get you through the evening! If you are looking for bucks party activities, bucks party accommodation or bucks party packages we have plenty of options available to suit any budget and group size. 5 REASONS TO GET WAITRESSES FOR YOUR BUCKS PARTY 1. Beautiful girls, serving you drinks and treats all, night, long? Surely that is all the convincing you need. 2. Watching the boyish expression on your bucks face as he indulges in all the super sexy attention coming his way? Priceless. 3. You can check out some absolutely exquisite bodies with our topless or nude waitresses, an absolute game changer with the boys. 4. All your wildest fantasies coming to life with a couple of your best mates and no interruptions. What a delight. 5. No risk of boredom with this bucks addition, the boys will be more than satisfied and a little distracted with these babes hanging out.
  27. 27. VIP NIGHTCLUB BOOTH & BOTTLE SERVICE Enjoy the ultimate VIP Nightclub experience with the Booth and Bottle Service at your next Bucks event! Escape from the sweaty club D-floor to your own private sanctuary where the alcohol is flowing and your best mates are waiting, a booth is always a good idea. Don’t waste precious bonding time waiting in line for a drink at the bar when you can literally be catered to by our extremely professional and super sexy Wickedbucks Hosts. Are you Vodka fiend? Can’t look past a bottle of Tequila to get the party started? Pick your liquid of choice and we’ll do the rest with this epic add on. Don’t stress about who got which round last or when is too soon for drink number seven, this way your cup never has to be empty! Chug down as many as you can without feeling judged, because everyone will be doing it with you! Enjoy two bottles of your choice, all mixers provided and of course your own private server. Take away the hassle and feel like a real baller as you and the boys enjoy your own booth located in your destinations best club. Whether you’re cruising into Airlie Beach’s atmosphere of babes and chill vibes or greeting the hustle and bustle of Melbourne for a big one, ensuring you and the boys are well looked after will not go unnoticed. Expect a flurry of girls lining up for a chance to join you in your booth and see who this VIP party is and what they are doing here. 5 REASONS TO GET VIP NIGHTCLUB BOOTH & BOTTLE SERVICE 1. Get all the boys to chip in and you’re cheering! It’s practically saving you money when you consider how many rounds you end up shouting anyway. 2. There is nothing worse than losing everyone in the club as you drunkenly return from the bathroom, well this way you have a go-to meeting place where you know the boys will be. 3. Bottle Service is an absolute delight and you’ll soon realise why as you’re given the best treatment of your life in a nightclub. 4. Nothing makes a celebration like a VIP booth, up the ante with this wild installment to the evening. 5. Don’t stress about getting kicked out! The clubs noticeably treat those in booths better and this is sure to keep you all occupied and out of trouble (mostly).