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ZADE, Full-Body Collider Editor Readme

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Readme how to use Document on
ZADE, Full-Body Collider Editor.

Included with this Unity Package here

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ZADE, Full-Body Collider Editor Readme

  1. 1. Last Updated in 2.0 ZADE: Full-Body Collider Editor Unit Collider Editor can be use to setup Full-Body Colliders It only works with Humanoid Rig Character
  2. 2. Last Updated in 2.0 Prepare Character Model The Editor can only be use with Humanoid Rig Character If your Character is Optimized, Colliders cannot be attached unless specific Transform got exposed
  3. 3. Last Updated in 2.0 Access Window Editor If you purchased this from stand alone package, Goto Window=> ZADE => UnitColliderEditor To access Editor Window For all other Packages, it is under ZADE => UnitColliderEditor
  4. 4. Last Updated in 2.0 Setup Collider Drag your Character from Game Scene to UnitGameObject Slot Data will automatically get filled if the Character have any pre-existing Colliders attached
  5. 5. Last Updated in 2.0 Collider Type Capsule, Box, Sphere Colliders are available They can be instantaneously switch by editing Collider Popup, Or delete them when selected to None
  6. 6. Last Updated in 2.0 Collider Data Data inside the Collider correspond to the Data from the Collider Component, and they can be edit on the fly
  7. 7. Last Updated in 2.0 Save and Load features Pre existing Setup can be save and load across different Characters by simply pressing Save or Load on each Button **If you Editor Preferences got deleted for any reason, the Data might get delete as well**