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  1. 1. LIC. MAURICIO GUZMÁN MANZANERA Date of birth: 24/09/1989 Paseo del Río 111 #47, Col. Fortín Chimalistac Home: (55) 5663-22-42 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, 04319 Cell phone: (55) 044 -55 29 19- 72 03 Office: (55) 5387-1000 Ext. 2364 Email: guzmanzanera@gmail.com/ Mauricio.Guzman@Nielsen.com WORK EXPERIENCE The Nielsen Company April 2015-Present Junior Project Developer- Innovation Area  Consultancy for clients and internal teams on study design and timings.  Management of feasibility and field supplier bid requests for the execution of projects.  Questionnaire design and development for a variety of initiatives across a mix of service types and methodologies.  Ensure highest quality consumer data on studies by working close with appropriate Operations departments.  Education to the field team about the project and providing them with problem- solving recommendations.  Management of the test product while it is in field.  Provide generalist support serving as liaison between Finance department and clients.  Primary contact for Colgate-Palmolive account on Latin America region.  Coordination of global projects (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Colombia). ACADEMIC HISTORY Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), November 2014 August 2011-May 2014 Thesis: “VANIDAD ¿ES? ÍNDICE DE VANIDAD Y SUS IMPLICACIONES COMERCIALES. EL CASO DE LOS PRODUCTOS LIGHT” (“What is vanity? Vanity Index and its commercial implications. The light products case”) Business Administration. Field: Marketing August 2008-May 2011 Business Engineering International Language Schools of Canada (ILSC), February - August 2009, Montreal, Canada. Centro Universitario México A.C. (CUM), August 2005 - May 2008, Mexico City. AWARDS  Third place in “Seekers 2013”, Vanity Index for the Mexican youth. Mexican Association of Market Research Agencies and Public Opinion (AMAI)  Engineer Award for best grades (August-December 2010), ITAM  English Business diploma, ITAM.
  2. 2. LANGUAGES  Spanish  English (Advanced)  French (Intermediate) COMPUTER SKILLS  Office (Intermediate Excel)  Stata (Basic)  Microsoft Project (Basic)  Photoshop (Basic)  Indesign (Basic)  Illustrator (Basic) SOCIAL SERVICE  2010 Beca Integral Universitaria. Economic support for students with low income  2011-2013 Teacher assistant for the Economy III for non-economists subject. (40 students) PERSONAL INTERESTS  Marketing research  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Social networks  Traveling, meeting new people, movies, piano EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Member of the ITAM Marketing Club  Economy III for non-economists particular teacher  Graphic Design Course (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)  Member of the administrative office for “El Globalista México” (“The Globalist Mexico”) magazine.