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2013MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co.                ABOUT US
PROFILE                                                               At MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services, our...
MAVI DENIZ offers :- 24 hour oil spill emergency response services ( oil spill response at sea /on land / pipelines )- Che...
MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co.
OIL SPILL CASESSvyatoy Panteleymon Oil Spills                                                             A Georgian flagg...
Stronstiy Oil SpillsOn February 13, the Cambodian-flagged cargo ship Stronstiysunk during a storm in the Black Sea 7.5 mil...
MSC ROBERTA Oil SpillsA MSC ROBERTA container vessel and a cargo ship AEGEAN WIND collided 4,5 km off the west coast of Tu...
Mavi deniz profile brochures
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Mavi deniz profile brochures

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Mavi deniz profile brochures

  1. 1. 2013MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co. ABOUT US
  2. 2. PROFILE At MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services, our mission is to protect and preserve the ecosystems of our oceans, rivers, lakes, lagoons, streams and beaches globally through the innovation and development of pollution control to oil spill recovery solutions. Based in İstanbul, Turkey, MAVI DENIZ Corporation, is an aggressive, privately held by management company. In the early years, the main activity consisted of shipbuilding and repair under the BASARAN Group. Due to this beneficial cooperation, the company gained valuable experience and understanding of the strengths and limitations of the existing oil recovery market.Mavi Deniz Environmental Protection Services established in Turkey,our ISO 9001 quality accreditation and our commitment in terms ofthe environment through our ISO 14001 certification, are major factorsthat are appreciated by our customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, MiddleEast and throughout the world.Our equipment and services are currently in use more than 25 differentcountries :Spain, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Bangladesh,Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Cyprus, United Kingdom, USA, Norway,Japan, Greece, Italy, Libya, Jordan, Niger, Netherlands, China,Singapore, Africa.MAVI DENIZ DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLYproducts and systems for all types of oil pollution ranging from smalllocalised oil spills to large spills on the open sea & land .Recognized as a worldwide leader in the manufacture & supply of oilskimmers, oil containment booms, oil storage tanks, beach cleaningequipments, dispersant spray systems, storage reels, absorbent booms /pads / particulates / granules, oil spill kit, incinerators, oily water /sewage separators relating to oil skimming, vacuum vehicles, barges,dredgers, weed harvesters, anti pollution work boats and oil recoveryvessels designed to recover oil, chemicals, debris from the surface ofwater and submerged wastes, solid oils, sediments, vegetations, mudsfrom the bottom of water both in the offshore and inshore.MAVI DENIZ also provides ecological multipurpose response boatsand vessels for garbage collection, oil collection, algae and weedcollection, sediment & mud collection, water oxygenation, monitoring,dispersant spraying, boom towing and laying, equipment/personneltransport, patrol, and fire fighting.The Company is well-established, financially sound, with a longhistory of providing high quality products to a diversified globalcustomer base.
  3. 3. MAVI DENIZ offers :- 24 hour oil spill emergency response services ( oil spill response at sea /on land / pipelines )- Chemical spill emergency response services- Oil spill response & antipollution equipments manufacturing- Offshore logistic and support services- Shore lines/waterways cleanning and decontamination/restoration services- Site remediation ( canals, dams, lakes, beaches, rocky shores and docks )- Dredging services ( mud removal, vegetation removal and sedimentcontroling )- Pumping of oil from grounded or sunken vessels, transfer of oil ship toship, comprehensive diving, marine salvage & towing and wreck removalservices- Tank Cleanning and gas free services- Contingency planning and risk assessment for oil terminals, ports andother high-risk areas and exercises for oil pollution incidents response- Hire of OSR Equipments- Waste management services (collection, storage, transportation, disposal)of collected garbage, heavy residues, oils, sludges and chemicals- Consultancy services- Training coursesMavi Deniz is the biggest specialized company in the region to conduct oilspill response and has a wide variety of state-of-the-art oil spill responseequipment to provide high-quality oil spill response service both offshoreand onshore. Mavi Deniz gives stand-by service 24/7 hour for emergencyreponse incase of an accident.Mavi Deniz gives support services for oil companies includes ; provision ofvessels to support drilling and oil transportation operations, transportationof cargo and passengers by offshore supply vessels, towing of vessels andother floating facilities, provision of fuel and cargo removal services,environmental monitoring and testing, provision of comprehensive divingservices, including personnel, equipment and specialized vessels and otherservices as needed in oil and gas industry.As an oil spill contractor, when an oil spill occurs; MAVI DENIZmobilizes specialized oil spill response equipment, using either its ownpersonnel or personnel under contract, to provide emergency responseservices for both land and marine oil spills.MAVI DENIZ can provide oil spill response training from IncidentManagement to operational/safety training for any given situation frommajor incident to smaller spills. Training can be included as part of apackage or provided on an individual product basis .
  4. 4. MAVI DENIZ Environmental Protection Services Co.
  5. 5. OIL SPILL CASESSvyatoy Panteleymon Oil Spills A Georgian flagged dry cargo ship grounded and broken into two, in Bosphorus Strait due to severe weather conditions. M/V Svyatoy Panteleymon, a 16216 gross tonne dry cargo vessel, caused an oil spill at Anatolian Lighthouse at the entrance of Bosphorus Strait. Oil spill response operation started the operation after 12 hours from the accident. Firstly, sorbent booms were used along the coastal area for the prevention of recirculation of oil spill due to the waves between the shore and sea.All the critical regions were surrounded by sorbentbooms and the petroleum contaminated areas werecleaned firstly.The Municipality of Istanbul and MAVI DENIZdeployed their oil booms around the ship for pollutioncontrol at the nearby bays.All 24 crew of the ship were rescued safely. 268 m3 offuel oil and 220 m3 of marine diesel oil spilled from thevessel contaminated the region.Endeavor Oil Spills In Izmit Diler Port Authority calls MAVI DENIZ inorderto clean – up the oil spill from M/V ENDEAVOR. We negotiate with the ship owner Greece Flag, start to oil spill operation that takes two months to finished the spill area. 400 mt oil booms, 1.000 mt sorbents, hundreds of dispersants, 20 workers, 1 anti pollution work boat, pressure washers used in the operation. 10 m3 fuel oil spilled from the vessel and ports and rocky beaches are recovered and cleaned up safely.
  6. 6. Stronstiy Oil SpillsOn February 13, the Cambodian-flagged cargo ship Stronstiysunk during a storm in the Black Sea 7.5 miles (14 km) fromthe entrance to the Turkish Straits. Two crewmembers werelost in the accident.The ship was battling waves up to twenty feet (six meters)when it disappeared from the Turkish maritime authority’sradar screens, eight minutes after the crew radioed that it wastaking on water. Though the storm of February 13 wasundoubtedly severe in nature, the loss of the Stronstiy cannotbe attributed solely to weather. News reports indicate that the 30-year old vessel began to leak because it was long overdue for repairs. Stronstiy s owners, the St. Vincent-registered marine company Maestro Shipping, had cancelled the necessary repairs multiple times due to cost. Furthermore, port state control records from the Paris Memorandum of Understanding indicate that the vessel’s last three recorded inspections found deficiencies in life saving appliances, navigation, accident prevention, and safety in general, among others. MAVI DENIZ takes the fuel oil in the tanks and deploy the oil booms to protect the eco systems in the region. Granba STS Operation & Oil SpillsFor several days preparations were made by our salvors tolighten the owner of the vessel - BP so that a refloating attemptcould be made, and throughout this time MAVI DENIZcontinued dealing with the oil leaks. Eventually she wassuccessfully refloated by our stuff and equipments although oilwas still spilling out and MAVI DENIZ response operationscontinued.Whilst alongside discharging, the vessel was again surroundedwith oil booms until she sailed, on June 28th.
  7. 7. MSC ROBERTA Oil SpillsA MSC ROBERTA container vessel and a cargo ship AEGEAN WIND collided 4,5 km off the west coast of TurkeyDardanel Bosphorus, resulting in a 50 tonne oil spill. Three people died and five ISO containers falled to the sea in theincident, which happened at 5.40 am, and the spilled oil has drifted to the islands and reach to the coast of the Dardanelmainland.Anti-pollution vessels and barges have been deployed to contain and recover the fuel diesel oil leaked from a tankerM/V MSC ROBERTA on the sea. 100 workers and beach cleaning equipments recovered the oil spill on the land. The North Korean vessel Lujin I ran aground on February 13th as well, with 16 crewmembers aboard at the Black Sea entrance to the Strait of Istanbul. A 38-year old cargo ship, the Lujin I was detained for 24 days in its last Paris MOU inspection. Deficiencies included radio, crew, navigation, and propulsion / auxiliary machinery. The vessel was previously registered under the Syrian flag as the Khaddour I, and was both detained and deficient in its inspections.Lujin I Wreck Removal & Oil Spills