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  1. Just Desserts by Chef Xiaofei
  2. Overview of “Just Desserts” to parents to kids It’s a course offering art and science along with cooking skills. We expect your kids who are interested in Desserts Making or Decoration to join us. Hey, are you guys hungry? Are you interested in making your own dessert? Would you like to be a world-famous chef ? We are gonna be just the choice for ya!
  3. What We Can Learn From “Just Desserts” 1. Science of Food----Nutrition combination and balance 3. Skills for Cooking 2. Art of Food----decoration
  4. Problems Dessert looks boring Most cooks cook well but no body knows them.
  5. Mission #3. Make a dessert that will make you famous #2. Make a dessert attracts the king of Pluto wanna trade his castle for your dessert #1. make healthy desserts serving for your family
  6. Ways To Present Your Desserts Way messed up The same material as way cool Way cool
  7. General Tools and Materials replace all pictures here Tools will be vary due to different recipes Knives Forks Spoons Bowls Plates
  8. Lesson 1 Banana Green beans Orange Almonds
  10. Lesson-2 Orange Strawberry Cucumber
  11. Lesson-3 Check nutrition facts on Sheet of Fruits Nutrition Facts Name: crab… Have you ever had crab for dessert? What if we make a lobster with fruits, let’s call it crab … Curious? Excited? Let’s get started!
  12. Steps-1 Materials Cutting board Apples Toothpicks Knife Raisins Strawberries
  13. Steps-2 Cut-1 Hold apple and knife tightly, cut from center, leave apple stem on one side. Completely cut, have two halves now!
  14. Steps-2 Cut-2 Choose one half without stem, cut from center completely.
  15. Steps-2 Cut-3 Now you have two quarters! We’re gonna work one both of them. Slice from 0.5” to the edge, cut completely.
  16. Steps-2 Cut-4 The same as cut-3, cut completely.
  17. Steps-2 Cut-5 Have four slices on one quarter, and a big one as a claw. Work on the other quarter, exactly the same!
  18. Steps-2 Cut-6 Get a toothpick, break off from center, pick two raisins with them, they are eyes of lobster. Making claws, carefully cut to have a triangle on the top.
  19. Step-3 Decorate Now you have all parts! Decorate with your own perspective, it is a crab, but looks like a lobster…
  20. Final project? As introduction? Fruits: Apple Orange Cucumber Banana Cherry tomato Decoration: Tooth stick Aloes Tools: Knife plate
  21. Lesson Plan D1. Get to know general acknowledge of nutrition facts, bring your favorite food to table and talk about nutrition facts included D2. Find a teammate, choose one recipe(among step 1)together, accomplish it ASAP D3. Teammate again, choose one recipe(among step 2)together, accomplish and decorate ………
  22. Desserts Views
  23. Decorate Your Dessert
  24. Dessert Show
  25. Final Dessert