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  1. FULL-DUPLEXMODE bidirectional
  2. Examples of Full – Duplex Mode Telephone Network.
  3. Reference pedia%20Explains%20Duplex- ,What%20Does%20Duplex%20Mean%3F,turns%20sending%20or%2 0receiving%20data evel_ICT_2_14MAY_AB.pdf
  4. Advantages of simplex data transmission : • The full capacity of the communication channel can be utilised during transmission. Disadvantages of simplex data transmission: • The only Disadvantages of simplex is that the communication is unidirectional so it has no inter-international between the device
  5. radio , broadcasting, Television and computer to print the communication. • Reference:Textbook
  6. Full-duplex~ Definition, examples and a video
  7. What is a Full-duplex?
  8. Example of Full-duplex
  9. A video of Full-duplex

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