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Integrated Facility Services & Support

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McKenney’s, inc. ServiceShield is a value-added facility assurance program — featuring customized, dedicated service and support — to extend the lifecycles for your choice of mechanical systems, automated controls and more. For more info visit http://www.mckenneys.com.

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Integrated Facility Services & Support

  1. 1. integrated facility services &support
  2. 2. COMPREHENSIVE,TAILORED PROTECTION As a building owner/operator, you know that improving building systems reliability, providing greater occupant comfort and security, and prolonging equipment life are high priorities. Now you can achieve them with ServiceShieldTM, a comprehensive and custom-configured facility assurance program. Unlike many traditional offerings, ServiceShield lets you choose which services you want covered. McKenney’s will develop and implement a tailored offering that fits your specific needs—from individual services to on-going support for your entire facility. You’ll receive personalized, 24/7 priority response by a dedicated ServiceShield team, one-call support for a wide range of systems and consistent communication from a trusted partner. A dynamic “shield” to guard your investment Seamless integration of your building systems streamlines workflow, expedites delivery and minimizes costs. McKenney’s has more than 60 years of expertise with full-service capabilities to foster more reliable, flexible and sustainable environments at incredible value. ServiceShield is your access point to all of these powerful benefits. Our experienced team of professionals and tradespeople offer extensive system infrastructure competencies to help facilitate faster, more responsive service for every site and engagement.McKenney’s ServiceShield Experiencedis a value-added facility professionalassurance program — support Our tailored ServiceShieldfeaturing customized, program is designed to resolvededicated service and every challenge presented by your facility’s mechanical andsupport — to extend the control systems. From on-going maintenance to periodic servicelifecycles for your choice and inspections, McKenney’s will provide a specific facility assuranceof mechanical systems, agreement to meet your needsautomated controls and more. and back it with a proven, experi- enced team of professionals.
  3. 3. Retrocommissioning (RCx)Assurance ServiceShield Facility A spectrum of services Every building is different. So is every customer. That’s why McKenney’s will work with you to identify your goals and to develop a customized plan to reach them. Our ServiceShield program is the approach we use to help ensure peak performance and optimal protection. It allows us to deliver HVAC service, plumbing service, BMS (DDC) ­ ontrols c service and security services to meet your requirements TM without taxing your resources.24/7 one-call support. ServiceShieldcustomers receive priority service at a moment’s notice—when you need it most—to resolve every issue quickly inone call and to ensure your building is running at optimal efficiency.Responsible, dedicated support teams. From factory-trained, certified primary and secondary technicians to a knowledgeable accountmanager to a reliable administrator, the McKenney’s team comprises specializedexperts who partner with you regularly. Expect the same names, the same facesand the same level of expertise every time.Field operations. With years of industry experience and a knowledgeablesource for technical support, our field operations guide is your contact for the bestresources McKenney’s has to offer.Facility assurance coach. One of our experts will support your engineer-ing team and offer industry-leading and system-specific knowledge to ensure peakperformance for your systems.The choice is yoursBecause we want to find the ideal plan for your building and for your organization,the ServiceShield program offers both preferred and guaranteed facility assuranceagreements (with or without parts coverage). Each can be enhanced with optionalservices, including:Operator coaching. McKenney’s will assist your facility’s personnel to bemore proficient and self-sufficient on day-to-day operations, minor diagnostics andmaintenance for all systems.
  4. 4. Web-based maintenance­management. Cloud-based work order management tools let users access all site maintenance activities immediately. They streamline the work order process—including request generation, tracking and reporting—for cost-saving convenience.Critical system monitoring. Partnered with Diebold®, the industry’s global sitesecurity and monitoring leader, McKenney’s will provide superior 24/7 remote management.ENERGY STAR® certifications. A comprehensive onsite analysis helps you achieveENERGY STAR recognition.Services that workChoose McKenney’s ServiceShield program to meet your critical objectives. We’ll manage yourservice, repair and maintenance needs so you don’t have to—allowing you to concentrate moreon other business priorities. With McKenney’s, you can:  Increase energy efficiencies  Improve systems reliability  Enhance emergency response educe repair costs R rovide better security P eet regulatory compliance requirements M  Enhance indoor air quality McKenney’s ServiceShield Integrated Systems-Based Facility Maintenance Get peace of mind today for all of your service, maintenance and repair needs with McKenney’s ServiceShield. Contact us today and work with our team to choose the customized facility assurance agreement that’s right for you.404-624-8600 704-357-1616serviceshieldatl@mckenneys.com serviceshieldcar@mckenneys.com1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard 3601 Performance RoadAtlanta, Georgia 30316 Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 McKenney’s Building Services Division  •  www.mckenneys.com © 2012 McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. McKenney’s, Inc. and the McKenney’s, Inc. logo are registered trade­ arks of m McKenney’s, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.