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McKenney’s, Inc. bdoc® - Business Intelligence for Buildings

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McKenney’s bdoc is BI for Buildings—an integrated, intelligent software and hardware system for capturing critical information to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs for all facility stakeholders.

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McKenney’s, Inc. bdoc® - Business Intelligence for Buildings

  1. 1. Information is great. Knowledge is even better. Every facility has anabundance of information that can be gathered, analyzed andleveraged for more energy-efficient operations. But you need to knowwhere to look for it—and more importantly, what to do with it.McKenney’s bdoc® Business Intelligence for Buildings, or BI forBuildingsTM, is a next-generation facility intelligence platform thatleverages data generated by building control systems, enterpriseapplications, asset management systems and other associated facilitymanagement applications.The intuitive, easy-to-use interface gives energy and facility managersunprecedented access to critical data so they can make informedbusiness and operational decisions quickly, streamline processes andenhance efficiencies throughout their facilities.
  2. 2. Most facilities have a mix of different systems for energy and assetmonitoring, physical and cyber security and traditional IP-basedautomation and control that are installed over a number of years bymultiple manufacturers. McKenney’s bdoc is your single-sourceinterface to extract data from these standalone systems and integratethe data into a centralized platform for more comprehensive analysis.
  3. 3. bdoc connects to multiple openprotocol building control networks,databases and browsers. With its built-in, “big data” NoSQL map-reducetechnology, bdoc can store virtuallyunlimited information to track trendsand performance over extendedperiods. It offers secure, remote accessfrom any web-enabled device andsimplifies integration with other assetmonitoring systems, from fire alarms toinventory control to utility meteringservices.
  4. 4. Buildings are constructed to stay in oneplace—building operators are not. That’swhy bdoc is designed with proven, well-known technologies to integrateseamlessly in any work setting. Itfeatures a user-friendly, intuitiveinterface and is accessible with a widerange of mobile platforms for convenientaccess anywhere at any time. The systemoffers other advantages, including:• Real-time access to data organized just for you• Current or historical data available in seconds• Drill down menus for easy access to key information with less browsing• Minimal set-up and training
  5. 5. With its open framework design, bdoc can be applied to a wide variety of buildings and environments. The application can be hosted at your facility or remotely in a secure data center. And whether your enterprise is small or large, located at one site or spread out across multiple locations, bdoc can accommodate abroad range of enhancements quickly. Meter and utility cost data canbe obtained from web services or customer portals for real-time datacollection from external sources. These portals can provide current andprojected pricing to determine reduction and consumption curtailmentstrategies during electrical peak periods. bdoc also simplifies futureintegration to other facility asset monitoring systems for fire alarm,elevator operation, access control, video surveillance, inventory controland more.
  6. 6. Media and entertainment corporation. McKenney’s implemented amulti-year, hybrid solution comprising traditional controls,integration and bdoc analysis. The team continues to launch thesedata-driven services for the corporation’s properties division atmultiple locations nationwide.Chevron Energy Solutions. bdoc is the primary data collection andanalysis tool being used by Chevron Energy Solutions for one of thelargest military bases in North America.Cassidy Turley. A bdoc analytics platform was the driving force for acomprehensive automated controls system and energy managementintegration for their 171 17th Street midtown Atlanta high riseproperty.
  7. 7. Atlanta Office: 1056 Moreland Industrial Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30316 P: 404-622-5000Charlotte Office: 3601 Performance Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28214 P: 704-357-1200 sales@mckenneys.com www.mckenneys.com