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5 (Five) proven Benefits for early Risers

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5 (Five) proven Benefits for early Risers

  1. 1. 5 (Five) Proven Benefits for Early Riser Presented by: Md. Ariful Islam MT-HRM-TRG PRAN GROUP Contact: 01911439583
  2. 2. Benefit-1 Prayer and Meditation
  3. 3.  The Muezzin says during Fajr Adhan that ‘Prayer is better than Sleep’.  When we wake up early, we have time to pray, no matter which religion or belief system we belong to.  Waking up early can provide us the time to read up on religious scriptures or anything that give us peach. Prayer and Meditation Benefit-1
  4. 4. We can also improve our mental health through Prayer and Meditation. Meditation in early morning raises the ENDORPHINE Level in our body which helps enormously to handle a large amount of pressure all the day. Prayer enables us to set our mind on the right works. What better way is there to start our day than by remembering and thanking God and connecting with our spiritual self. Prayer and Meditation Benefit-1
  5. 5. Benefit-2 We Can Enjoy an Hour of ‘Me-Time’
  6. 6. Before the kids wake up, before the traffic and the noise kicks in, before the long working hours begin, we can enjoy a world that is rarely seen or heard of- a quieter, saner one. The first couple of hours of the day are more agreeable and easier. We Can Enjoy an Hour of ‘Me-Time’ Benefit-2
  7. 7. In this hectic world where we have sold our tie to others, waking up early can give us an hour of the much- needed ‘Me-Time’. We really need to look into ways to spend some quality ‘Me-Time, among work, our family, our home and everything. We must not waste our valuable ‘Me- Time’ by over-sleeping in the morning. We Can Enjoy an Hour of ‘Me-Time’ Benefit-2
  8. 8. Benefit-3 We Can Have Breakfast Like a King
  9. 9. Over-sleeping causes hastily get ready and rush to work. Then breakfast becomes the least of our priorities. But, it is said to be a very important meal, one where we should eat generously. Skipping breakfast has many negative consequences, such as overeating later in the day. We Can Have Breakfast Like a King Benefit-3
  10. 10. Taking fresh and nutritious foods in the breakfast give us the energy to do works all day. It’s so bad to take brunch (breakfast + lunch). If we wake up early, we can find that time to have our breakfast properly. We Can Have Breakfast Like a King Benefit-3
  11. 11. Benefit-4 We can get time for exercise
  12. 12. Morning is the perfect time for exercise. Because, after office, at noon or in the evening we are tired so much. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases. We can get time for exercise Benefit-4
  13. 13. Exercise improves mood too. Exercise boosts energy. Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun. We can get time for exercise Benefit-4
  14. 14. Benefit-5 We Will be More Proactive
  15. 15.  Being ‘Proactive’ is controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens.  Early Rising shows us the ways to be Proactive and minimize these situations in the future.  Researches shows that a higher proportion of morning people had agreed with statements like ‘I feel in charge of making things happen’. We Will be More Proactive Benefit-5
  16. 16. To be proactive we need to be clear about our goals in life, and carry out actions to help us achieve these goals. ‘There is an interrelation between being proactive and being a morning person’. --- Christoph Randler (Harvard Biologist) We Will be More Proactive Benefit-5 So we must rise in early morning and be prepared to proactive works. Proactive Person Morning Person
  17. 17.  “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” -----Benjamin Franklin (An American Author, Scientist and Inventor)