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Air Cooler by using plastic bottle.pptx

  1. Topic: Air coller by using plastic bottle presented by Md zobair al mahmud id#20107009,bsme
  2. Repertory: Air cooler(Eco coller) Definition Scientific Concepts Materials Making Procedure Uses Advantages+Disadvantages Conclusion 2
  3. Definition of air coller A device that reduces the temperature of the air in a room. 3
  4. Scientific Concepts to making Air coller by using plastic bottles Joule-Thomson effect
  5. “ Materials: 1.Plastic Bottles. 2. Adhesive Material(Glue). 3.Hard Board. 5
  6. Making procedure of Air cooler (Eco Cooler) 6
  7. After completing all steps : 7
  8. Moslty in Rural Area we can use it. how/Where we can use it???? 8
  9. Advantages: Disadvantages: 1. Less costly 2. Easy to make 3. No need to any power supply 4. Suitable for nature 9 1. Less efficiency 2. Not suitable for long time uses
  10. Conclusion: if we use our natural resourses in this way to do our nessities,it will prevent wastes of electricity and fuel . 10
  11. Thanks! 11