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Tech for Tracking & Assessment

eWhat are the possibilities & realities of data collection in the digital age? Find out more about learning management systems, explore an option (or several) and evaluate if one might be a good fit for your educational program.

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Tech for Tracking & Assessment

  1. 1. Tech for Tracking: Tools forData Collection andAssessment19 April2013
  2. 2. Presenter:Meagen FarrellFarrell Ink LLC
  3. 3. Today’s workshop will: 1. Whet your appetite for using technology to lead your literacy program. 2. Introduce learning management systems. 3. Explore web-based tracking & assessment tools and think about their implications for your program. 4. Develop a plan for discussing or testing it in your literacy program.
  4. 4. How will we do it? Agenda:9:00 Intro & Greeting9:15 Let’s get motivated!9:30 Tools to track and assess10:30 Small group exploration of Learning Management Systems11:15 Report & Discussion12:00 Go have lunch!
  5. 5. Our activities connect to thefollowing NETS-A Standards:3.d Stay abreast of educational research and emerging trends regarding effective use of technology and encourage evaluation of new technologies for their potential to improve student learning.4.e Establish and maintain a robust infrastructure for technology including integrated, interoperable technology systems to support management, operations, teaching, an d learning.
  6. 6. For Your Future ReferenceOnline Go to: http://farrellink.com/blog You will see Tech to Track & Asses: ◦ Powerpoint to download (at home or work) ◦ A section on each tool to explore with links ◦ Area to comment
  8. 8. What does all this potential meanfor data collection? Sprint: I am unlimited
  9. 9. And what are we doing withit? Parry Gripp: Young Girl Talking About Herself
  10. 10. How do you decide whatinformation to track in yourprogram?
  11. 11. Learning Management SystemsTOOLS TO TRACK &ASSESS
  12. 12. What do you know aboutlearning managementsystems?
  13. 13. Learning Management Systems(LMS) known as: CMS Also Closed networks for (Course Management organizations to Systems) or manage learning enterprise social activity. networks. Users have individual Usually web- accounts to access based, in the “cloud.” and use the system. Learning, data collection & analysis can take place in the same system.
  14. 14. Get into pairs to discuss: What is your main reason for using technology to track and assess? What are the key features you would look for in an LMS? What are the major concerns or drawbacks you anticipate? WRITE DOWN: your main reason, and personal list of questions to answer about an LMS.
  15. 15. What is one personal questionyou have about using an LMS?
  16. 16. Let explore! Free options Google Apps for Education Edmodo Moodle Khan Academy
  17. 17. Paid options (but worth the price)BlackboardAmerica Learns
  19. 19. Decide which LMS to explore1. Which LMS do you want to explore? Get in a group with others who want to try that option.2. Select one person to report back to the large group.3. Take 5 minutes to decide on your top 5 shared questions to answer about the LMS you chose.
  20. 20. Discuss & Explore Online Go to: http://farrellink.com/blog You will see Tech to Track & Asses: ◦ Powerpoint to download (at home or work) ◦ A section on each LMS to explore with links ◦ Area to comment Explore the LMS and discuss your questions. At 11:10am, one person from your group should comment on the blog with the answers to your questions. At 11:15am, report back to the large group.
  21. 21. Report Back!
  22. 22. Discussion: What was your main reason for trying an LMS? Did you get your personal questions answered about the LMS you explored? How could you pilot or test an LMS before making a final decision?
  23. 23. Thank You for Coming! Please complete an evaluation & turn it in. Did you remember to SIGN OUT of everything?
  24. 24. Thank You & Disclaimers This workshop was developed with the support of The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland. All other logos, images, and quotes are fair use for non-profit, educational purposes. They are the property of their respective copyright/trademark owners. Use does not imply sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation of any kind.